"Bowser Junior's Game Night" is the 67th video of SML Movies, and the first installment of the Bowser Junior's Game Night series.


Bowser Junior plays Jenga, Monopoly, and Operation with his friends!


The episode starts off with Joseph trying to figure out a Rubik's Cube, and Bowser Junior says that no one can figure out a Rubik's Cube and Joseph agrees that it is impossible. However, Cody says that he can do it. Junior and Joseph don't believe him, but he gets it right in a just a few seconds, to Junior and Joseph's surprise, though they called him a liar and said that it wasn't impressive and call him stupid, just to be mean.

They start trying to decide what game they want to play first, they're choices being Jenga, Monopoly, and Operation. Cody says he wants to play Monopoly, but Junior says that they will play that second.


They decide on Jenga, and Junior goes first and succeeds, followed by Joseph, who also succeeds. Ken, Cody's doll, goes next.

Junior and Joseph argue that it is getting ridiculous, so Joseph does it for him and told Cody that Ken moved it telekinatically (considering Ken can't move).

Cody goes next, and pulls out a blue print for the game, despite Junior. and Joseph says he doesn't need one. He finally picks one, but shakes his hand too much, causing it to fall, ending the game.

After Junior. and Joseph finish calling him a loser and saying he sucks with his stupid medical disorder that makes him shake but Cody ask if they can just play Monopoly.


They start the game of Monopoly. After choosing their pieces,(Junior. a racecar, Joseph a boat, and Cody a cat.) they see a lot of pieces left. Junior. decides to ask Chef Pee Pee if he can join.(Although he really didn't leave him a choice.)

Chef Pee Pee, who is enjoying a McDonalds Apple pie, gets upset at Junior. for running in yelling his name, (as usual). He says he doesn't want to play and he asks if he could ask his dad, Bowser, to play instead, but Junior said he takes Monopoly too seriously.( He said he thinks last time Bowser played, he had a stroke.) Chef Pee Pee finally gives in, agreeing to play only one round.

He says he doesn't like the game, because his parents got a divorce over it. Everyone forced Chef Pee Pee to be the thimble piece, although he didn't want to be. They start to argue over who should be the banker, but Cody decided that Ken was the banker, even though nobody else liked it, especially Chef Pee Pee.

However, Chef Pee Pee gets upset when he gets sent to jail, (in the game, of course), and quits. Everyone called him a sore loser, but he didn't care.

Junior. goes next, and he rolled Oriental Avenue which means that he can buy all the Chinese food he wants, but nobody has any money because Ken didn't pass out any money. So next it's Joseph's turn, but Cody said that Ken said it was his turn. Joseph didn't like it, but Cody went next, anyway.

He rolled Connecticut Ave. but Cody said he had to check his stock port folio. Cody says that Ken said he should buy it, but Junior. and Joseph said that he has no money. Cody asks Ken and says that Ken said he won the lottery, which made Junior. and Joseph upset.

Joseph rolled next and got Redding Railroad, but he can't buy it because Ken said he only has $1. Ten minutes later, Cody has all of the money, all of the cards, and most of the places. Cody says Junior. owes him $5,000, but he only has $4, so he has to give Cody 5 spankings. Then, Junior and Joseph quit the game, and start Operation.


Cody goes first, under the deal that he has to shut up about Ken. Cody runs off to get supplies for the patient. First, he checks his heartbeat, and says he has no pulse, so he has to operate immediately, but when it buzzes, he says he killed him, and starts yelling why, that he's so sorry, and that he had to contact his family and make funeral arrangements. Junior and Joseph leave Cody annoyed with him being upset over the man on the operation game.



  • This is the Game Night episode with the least games featured, with only three.
  • This is the only Game Night video where they only played 3 games.
  • This is the third Bowser Junior and Friends video not feature Toad.
  • The video reveals that Cody takes board games seriously.
  • It is revealed that Chef Pee Pee's parents got a divorce over Monopoly.
    • This may be true as in Chef Pee Pee's Family the only people that came was his dad, Stacy, and a nameless sister.
    • Also, Chef Pee Pee's mom has only been mentioned several times and never made an appearance.
  • This is the only Game Night video that takes place in Logan's old house before moving to the apartment & the new house.


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