"Bowser Junior's Easter Wish!" is the 115th video of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior wishes that Chef Pee Pee was the Easter Bunny!


SteinbeckstaringatJunior WHAT IS IT?!

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Bowser Junior is sad since Chef Pee Pee isn't letting him do anything for Easter, and Bowser has left for Canada for a vacation due to being upset over losing to Junior in an Easter egg hunt the previous year, so he wishes for Chef Pee Pee to be the Easter Bunny.



  • The reason why Bowser does not appear in this episode was because he left for Canada was because he lost to Junior at an Easter egg hunting contest in Bowser Junior's Easter Egg Hunt.
    • The real reason why Bowser does not appear in this video is because Logan lost his Bowser plush during the move out and was unable to find it prior to filming.
    • This video takes place one year after the events of Bowser Junior's Easter egg hunt because Bowser left for a vacation in Canada due to being beaten in the Easter egg hunt.
  • This was originally supposed to be a huge Easter special like "The Big Thanksgiving", where all the characters were gonna celebrate the holiday, but Logan's busy moving schedule kept him busy from making big videos.
  • In a SuperMarioLogan interview, this video was revealed to be Logan's least favorite video during the move out because the plot wasn't what Logan wanted, and he also thinks the video was rushed.
  • The SML Question is used again in "Bowser's Parrot!".
  • This video marks the final SML Movie to entirely take place on the old house.
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