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"Bowser Junior's Credit Card!" is the 210th episode of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior gets a credit card!


Chef Pee Pee is opening up the mail he got. Nothing but bills, but he sees a letter with a red credit card inside it that says, 'Goodman Bank & Trust' from Goodman. He sent the letter to Bowser Junior, despite not knowing he's too young to use credit cards. Chef Pee Pee calls to Junior, who comes and sees that he has a piece of mail. Both are excited but are oblivious to know what it is.

It is a credit card and a letter from Goodman that says that Junior has been accepted into Goodman Bank & Trust and has been rewarded a credit card worth $10,000. He wishes Junior happy spending. Chef Pee Pee is shocked and mad that Junior went behind him and Bowser's back and applied for a credit card. Junior doesn't know how to apply for a credit card. Chef Pee Pee agrees since Junior is a child and the fact that Goodman has made a mistake.

Junior is happy to get $10,000, but Chef Pee Pee says that he can't use it since it's the bank's money and he's borrowing it from the bank. He says that he CAN spend it on anything, just as long as it is not over the limit. Chef Pee Pee reminds him that Junior is a child, credit cards are for adults, and that Junior doesn't know what to do in spending credit cards. Junior says that he wants it and that he cannot spend it and that he can brag it to his friends. Chef Pee Pee, reluctantly, allows him to keep it, but still warns him not to spend it on anything.

Junior goes over to the TV with his credit card, knowing he cannot buy anything unless he absolutely needs it. A commercial is shown on the TV about a toy called Spider-Man's Ball Bouncer, which is $29.95 and is exaggerated to say that someone with the Spider-Man's Ball Bouncer can bounce all the way up to the moon. Junior looks at his credit card and...

He buys the ball. After saying he will never use the credit card again, another commercial says that "Thomas wants to have a ride from kids" on the RIDE 'EM Thomas the Tank Engine. It's only for $100. Junior looks at his credit card again and...

He buys the Thomas toy. As he is playing on Thomas and pretending he 'ran over a kid', he says that he has used up $129.95 on two toys. Junior says this time he will never use it anymore unless he absolutely needs something. A second later...

He has bought anything that can equal $10,000. Junior is wearing a rainbow shirt with a white scarf, white socks, and pink sunglasses. In the back of him are lollipops, a Lego space shuttle, iPads, Hulk Hands, Avenger toys, a magic eight ball, phones, a gumball machine with a miniature gumball machine inside, etc. He says it wasn't THAT much, maybe a couple thousand. A knock is on the door, to which Junior goes to answer it.

Joseph and Cody are at the door and question his appearance. Junior says it's his 'Ehhheehheh', where he goes to show them the rest of his stuff he used with his credit card. Joseph and Cody are amazed. Junior says that he got it with his credit card he won from Goodman. Cody warns him that he might run to the limit if he keeps spending money and that Goodman would want to get the money back. Junior, at first, listens to Cody and stops using the money, to Cody's delight, but Joseph tells Junior to buy a trampoline with the card. Junior decides to...

Buy the trampoline. The trio starts bouncing on the trampoline. Joseph starts to get hot. He asks Junior to buy a swimming pool. Cody doesn't believe it because Junior lives in an apartment. Junior refuses to listen to Cody and buys a swimming pool with bubbles and swan floated. Joseph does a dive into the pool via trampoline. Cody, again, warns Junior that he will run out of money and he will get in trouble with the bank if he doesn't repay them soon. Junior and Joseph tell him to shut up. Joseph and Cody start to get hungry. Joseph could eat 10 pizzas. Cody warns Junior, trying to snap sense back into him, but Junior and Joseph go, "Ehhheehheh!", and they buy the 10 pizzas.

Junior has bought 10 pizzas for everyone. Some of the pizzas are in the pool, sogging up. Cody is unhappy and disgusted that he is being treated with a soggy pizza. Joseph likes it, though. They say that Cody's 'jealous' because Junior had paid with credit and go, "Ehhheehheh!". Cody says he is, potentially, in debt right now and suggests paying to the bank. Junior says that he will not buy anything anymore, much to Cody's delight, saying that he has to pay the bank back now or he will get his toys taken away. Joseph is unhappy and says Junior could buy a bounce house. Cody tries to snap sense into Junior again, but yet again...

Junior buys a bounce castle, making Cody say it's Junior's stupidest idea yet. The trio bounce in the bouncy castle. Cody stops and asks Junior how much did Junior pay, to which Junior says he paid 'a few grand'. Cody, worried about Junior and a little angry as well, asks how much left he has on his credit card. Junior says he doesn't know, but he had $10,000. He and Joseph go, "Eh heh heh!" again. Joseph suggests getting a slushie from the gas station.

Junior, Joseph, and Cody go to the gas station. They give their slushies to the cashier. But when Junior gives his card to the cashier, the cashier says he can't accept it due to the fact he maxed the card out and ran through the limit. The cashier proceeds to cut the card, much to Junior's shock. Outside the gas station, Junior and Joseph complain about how rude the cashier was, but a furious Cody, states Junior that he has run to the limit and told him that Junior's screwed and storms home, but not before telling him he will not help him repossess his stuff. Joseph tells Junior he's not a very nice friend and they go home.

The duo complains about how rude the cashier was and how mean Cody was abandoning them. They try to go back to the bouncy castle, only to realize that it's deflated. The Loan Dolphin takes full responsibility and tells them he's working for Goodman. Joseph and Junior pretend they have no credit card nor money. The Loan Dolphin knows they're pretending, and says that Junior has to pay by midnight, or else they will be in big trouble, even accidentally clicking, which is natural for all dolphins. Junior asks what will happen if they don't pay the promised $10,000. The Loan Dolphin says they will be ending up like their bouncy castle, as in, hurt. Joseph runs away in fear, with the Loan Dolphin reminding Junior to pay by midnight, following Joseph out the door.

Junior runs to Chef Pee Pee. Chef Pee Pee is more concerned about how Junior got his outfit, before remembering the credit card situation. Junior admits to Chef Pee Pee that he refused to listen to what he said early in the episode about not spending anything on the card, and says that he's gonna become in trouble with Goodman and the bank unless he pays $10,000 by midnight. Chef Pee Pee is discouraged by this, and, like Cody, refuses to help Junior, saying that he should handle it like an adult since he spent all the money which only adults do and walks off, abandoning Junior. Junior reluctantly agrees.

Unfortunately, the only thing Junior could do that seemed adultlike and to see if it can solve his problem is buying three more credit cards all from Goodman Bank & Trust, saying "Eh heh heh!" again. The Loan Dolphin comes and tells Junior that it is midnight and he has to pay, Junior shows the Loan Dolphin and asks if he could have either the gold card, the blue card, or the green card. The Loan Dolphin says it's not how it works. Junior says that the gold card is $50,000, the blue card is $25,000, and the green card is $15,000. The Loan Dolphin compares it to someone asking him $5, then later asking for another $5, when he should be paying him back the first $5. Junior is now in trouble. Having no choice, the Loan Dolphin starts taking Junior's stuff he bought. Junior tries to argue, but Goodman walks up behind him and introduces himself.

Junior is in trouble for using up all of his $10,000 from the limit of the credit card and trying to use others in hopes of repaying it, but only to have to repay more money to Goodman if using any of the other credit cards. Goodman, frustrated and angry with Junior, asks him how it felt to f**k him good (the f-words are uncensored for some reason). Goodman asks him why he f**ked him. Junior tried to respond, but Goodman closes him off and asks the same question to the magic eight ball. The answer was not clear. Goodman asks what does Junior have to say for himself. Rather than an apology for f**king his bank, Junior sadly says one final "Eh heh heh".

The Loan Dolphin has taken everything away, planning on destroying everything Junior owns. Goodman still doesn't have his promised $10,000. The other credit cards are now rendered useless when Goodman cuts them. And Junior cries of pity and defeat. Goodman guilts him more, saying, "Well, no more credit cards for you.", as he cuts up the last credit card, meaning Junior has been revoked from the appliance.



  • From 13:43 to 14:57, the F word is used 27 times, the same amount of F-Word uses in "Jeffy's Homework!", however unlike in "Jeffy's Homework!" which the F-words are censored, it's uncensored at this time.
  • This marks the Loan Dolphin's latest appearance since "Bowser Junior's Lemonade Stand!".
  • This marks the Cashier's latest appearance since "Bowser Junior's Lottery Ticket!".
  • The Loan Dolphin says he can hurt Junior unless he is paid back. But he just takes the stuff away. It's possible he might've lied to Junior, or he didn't feel comfortable hurting a child.
  • Goodman's uncensored swear word rage from "Bowser Junior's Painting!" returns.
  • Running Gag: Junior or Joseph saying "Ehhehh!".
  • The outfit Junior wore is an Our Generation retro outfit from Target.
  • This video contains the most swear words ever in any SML video, with Goodman swearing a total of 30 times (27 of them being the F word), all in less than 90 seconds, which surpasses "Chef Pee Pee's Lottery Ticket," which had 29 swear words in 90 seconds.
  • The bouncy house was reused in "Jeffy's Birthday Wish!".
  • if one is to look closely at the fridge they will see the same drawing from Bowser Junior Gets Rabies!.


  • The episode is based on the movie Scarface.
  • The quote Goodman used at the end of the video "You f**ked me" is a reference from the South Park episode "Medicinal Fried Chicken", where Colonel Sanders says to Eric Cartman "Just remember, I only tell you one time. Don't f**k me, Eric. Don't you ever try to f**k me."


  • Bowser Junior doesn't recognize the Loan Dolphin, even though they met in "Bowser Junior's Lemonade Stand!" It is possible that they forgot who they were.
  • During the bounce house scene and the introduction to the Loan Dolphin, another plush of Joseph lies on the red couch. In the Logan reaction video of this, Logan points this out to Tito.
  • Junior already has a Lego rocket.
  • Chef Pee Pee should have known that there was a credit card in the mail.
  • Even after Goodman confiscated the things bought from the credit card, Bowser Junior would still owe the debt, as he had bought pizza with his credit card, some of which he, Joseph, and Cody had eaten.
  • If you look closely to the right at 8:24, you can see another Joseph plush.


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