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"Bowser Junior's Allergy!" is the 48th episode of SML Shorts.


Bowser Junior is allergic to something!


Bowser Junior is drinking soda on the couch and runs out. He runs to Chef Pee Pee to tell him to buy more soda, but Chef Pee Pee refuses telling him he needs to drink something healthier like water. Bowser Junior says he can't drink water because he's allergic to water, and that he sneezes whenever he gets near water. The doorbell rings, and Bowser Junior is met by Joseph and Cody saying that they are going to the new water park, and are asking him if he wants to go. He asks Chef Pee Pee if he could go, but Chef Pee Pee says he can't because of his allergy to water.

Junior goes to his room and starts getting angry at Chef Pee Pee, but his dad and Brooklyn T. Guy skunk Junior for a TV show. He wants to take a bath, but Chef Pee Pee tells him he can't because of his allergy to water. Bowser and Brooklyn T. Guy are still in his room, asking for a release form. Chef Pee Pee asks Junior for help with having fun with water balloons, but Chef Pee Pee "forgets" that Junior is allergic to water. Junior wants to cry but Chef Pee Pee tells him he can't even do that because those are technically considered water.

A week later, Joseph and Cody come over to Junior's house and Cody asks why Junior smells bad. Junior's friends explain that they got hypothermia from the water park, which is why they didn't come over to Junior's house. Junior explains that the reason he smells bad is because he has an allergy to water. Cody says he's not allergic to water and Junior tells him that he can' tell Junior what he"s allergic and not allergic to but Cody brings up the fact that they've been to Splash Mountain at Disney World before. Junior keeps saying that he has an allergy, but Cody asks why he"s allergic to water and Junior tells them that he ran out of soda and he asked Chef Pee Pee to buy more.

He told him no because he needs to drink water and then he said he's allergic to water. Then Cody says that he was being dumb so he wouldn't have to drink water but Junior says that he didn't drink water because he's allergic to water. Cody tells Junior that since 60% of his body is water, he literally cannot be allergic. Due to this, Junior explodes into water. Cody makes a joke about H20, and the video ends.



  • This is the 19th time Bowser Junior dies.
  • This is the first SML Short of 2018.
  • This episode was revealed a back in 2017.
  • The video was formerly known as "Bowser Junior's Allergic to Water" when it was first revealed. It is likely the title was shortened to for simplicity.
  • This video was labeled as a SML Movie until it was later changed to SML Short. This is the second time in a row when Logan made a mistake with the titles, first was "Jeffy The Rapper 2."
  • The allergy that Bowser Junior has in this video is named “Aquagenic Urticaria”. However, since this episode is non-canon and Bowser Junior has came into contact with water before, (Bowser Junior's Bubble Bath, Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World! Part 1, Bowser Junior's Pool Party) this is not true, at all.
  • In the beginning, Junior was seen drinking soda, which actually contains water as its ingredients, which means that every food and drink contains water.
  • This episode was uploded during the ''Oh Yeah! Cartoons'' short: My Neighbor was a Teenage Robot franchise's 19th Anniversary.


  • If Junior didn't drink anything for a week he would die of dehydration.
  • When Junior has the smell of the Skunk, he goes to the bathtub, to get rid of the smell, but the only way to get rid of the smell of a skunk is to put on tomato juice, not to bathe. It is possible that Junior didn't know that.
  • In reality, you wouldn't explode into water if you're allergic to it. Instead, you would just get skin irritation. It's possible Junior suffered so much irritation that the his skin shedded hyperactively from his body.


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