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"Bowser Junior's 8th Birthday" is the 244th episode of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior is having his birthday at Chuckie Cheese but its Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.


Bowser Junior is turning 8. Cody tells him to that he needs to do Birthday spanking for each year he goes through so he spank Junior 8 times with musics. Then, Cody tell Junior to spank him but Junior refuse so he and his friends want to go to Chuck E Cheese's. Bowser forgot about this so they decided to ask Chef Pee Pee to booked the party in Chuck E Cheese. Chef Pee Pee doesn't have time to appoint a reservation there. So Chef Pee Pee calls the place, but they could not reserve a party.

Brooklyn T Guy said that they can booked in Freddy Fazbear's. When Junior comes back to Joseph and Cody, Cody asked if Junior if he expect a present and Junior told him Joseph can have a pass cause of how poor he is unlike Cody. They scream Chuck E Cheese for a while until they arrive in Freddy Fazbear's where the animatronics "don't work." Brooklyn T. Guy  tells him about the electronics and Joseph send him a Happy Death Day card.

Junior said that this is wrong and Brooklyn T. Guy sent a pizza with eyeballs and fingers and blood. Junior and Chef Pee Pee ask what this is and Brooklyn Guy said this is a normal pepperoni pizza. Cody said he would eat it if butts are there are Joseph said he would eat it since his mother is dead. Chef Pee Pee suddenly disappears, and in his place the Bunny. Junior thinks he went to take a pee pee (not noticing Chef Pee Pee's remains hanging from the Bunny's mouth). Brooklyn Guy and Junior and his friend went to play a game called Roast The Birthday boy which involves someone roasting a Birthday boy which is a Junior. Here are the insults.

  • BTG: Nice hat, you faggot.
  • Joseph: Why do you always wear a bib? Are you a big baby?
  • Cody: Yeah! Are you gay?
  • BTG: Who even celebrates Birthday anymore, what are you 5?

They then decided to play bob the apple. Cody looks and refuse and when Junior looks up, we see that the pot is full of hands and organs. Junior show Joseph this then Joseph said he can build his mom but putting Organs together. When Junior turns his head, Cody is now missing with the Pig sitting where he was (again, not noticing Cody's corpse hanging from the Pig's mouth). Junior tells Joseph this and Joseph said that he didn't know someone invited Cody's Mom.

They laughed and Joseph suddenly disappears. Junior questions where Joseph is while Brooklyn Guy left. He ask what Junior wants and he said he wants to meet Doofy so he dresses up as him. Junior tells Brooklyn Guy dressed up as Doofy to kill himself and Brooklyn Guy dressed up as Doofy refused (both unaware that the animatronics are no longer in sight). Desperate to get out of both killing himself for Junior's entertainment, and worried about the animatronics, Brooklyn Guy tells Junior that he'll kill himself by eating too much cake. Junior agrees and Brooklyn T. Guy leaves . Unfortunately, on his way to escape, he is confronted by the Bunny who kills him.

Bowser Junior is now the only one left, he sadly asks to himself why everyone's is using the bathroom. Then out of nowhere, the animatronics appear with cake and balloons, singing Happy Birthday to him. The video ends as Junior plans on making his wish, only for the Hop Hop Bunny to jumpscare the audience.



  • This is the second appearance of the Hop Hop Bunny in his nightmare version, the 1st being in Jeffy's Favorite Song!.
  • In the video, the Cody's Mom Jokes return (without Bowser Junior saying "Savage!").
  • This is the 2nd SML Video to have multiple SML Questions, first being Bowser Junior's Broken Leg! However, in Toads Mistake 3, there were two SML Questions, but one of them was fake.
  • This episode breaks the streak of uploading on every Thursday & Sunday, since this video was uploaded on a Wednesday.
  • This is the fifth video to end with a jumpscare, the first being Mario's Nightmare, the second being Bowser Junior's Sleepover, the third being Cody's Sleepover, and the fourth being Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 5.
  • It's implied that Joseph is cannibalistic in the pizza scene.
  • This is probably the scariest SML video to date, along with Joseph's House! and Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 5.
  • This is the 4th time Brooklyn T. Guy dies, the 1st being in The Purge!, the 2nd in Pop Rocks and Coke!, and the 3rd in Evil Chef Pee Pee!.
  • This is the first time that Jeffy doesn't make an appearance, and is instead mentioned.
  • Brooklyn T. Guy pretending Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is Chuck E. Cheese's is a reference to Mario pretending Chuck E. Cheese's is Disney World in Jeffy's Birthday!.
  • It's possible that the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in this video is the same one Chef Pee Pee worked at in Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 5 however the series is non-canon to the main SML Series so it's possible that it's either at a different location or this video takes place before the series.
  • The animatronics murdering Junior's friends, Brooklyn Guy, and Chef Pee Pee could be a possible sign that either the birthday boy/girl gets to leave the pizzaria alive or they care for Junior.
  • The Hop Hop Bunny's scream is the same as the jumpscares from Five Nights at Freddy's 2.
  • On 7:57 if you look closely Chef Pee Pee can be partially seen in the Hop Hop Bunny's mouth.
  • the Location they used for Freddy Fazebears Pizza is the new house
  • Cody giving Junior "Birthday Spanks" is similar to that of "Birthday Punches", a type of game that involves running up to someone (usually a friend), and punching them (usually on their shoulder) on their birthday, they will do this the same amount of how old they have turned on their birthday.


  • This episode shouldn't have been made because of the events in Bowser Junior's Piggy Bank!. It's possible that:
    • The series runs on negative continuity
    • Bowser changed his mind and didn't want to go too far on Junior, or he forgot about that.
      • Bowser likely threatened Junior to make sure he does not break his Piggy Bank.
  • In the description, Junior's name has a lowercase J.
  • When Brooklyn Guy brings out the pizza and Junior and Chef Pee Pee question the fingers and eyeballs on it, the camera pans down, and then pans back up to show that the Hop Hop Bunny is gone. Though this was intentional, a brief light flash can be seen when a jump-cut is made to give the impression that the Bunny disappeared from its spot.
  • Joseph was not seen being killed by the Hop Hop Bunny but when Junior tried to tell Joseph about Doofy the Dragon was going to the party the Hop Hop Bunny was where Joseph was at.
  • At 13:06, the Brooklyn T. Guy puppet got pulled off.

Jumpscare Warnings

  • In 9:53, the pig animatronic bursted out with a loud, scary sound.
  • In 11:06, the pig jumped up at the back of Brooklyn T Guy with a loud noise.
  • In around 11:40, the hop hop bunny bursted out.
  • In around 13:01, the hop hop rabbit appeared suddenly.
  • In around 14:01, the hop hop bunny popped up on screen loudly screeching.


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