"Bowser Junior's 6th Birthday" is the 72nd video of SML Movies


It is Bowser Junior's 6th Birthday! 


The episode starts with Bowser getting ready for the Charleyyy and Friends Special Episode. Bowser Junior tells his dad today is his birthday. The scene then changes to Chef Pee Pee getting a tea bag for Bowser when Bowser's Mom appears.

She tells Chef Pee Pee not to worry, gets the tea bag, puts it in her mouth and then she turns into a hat.

Bowser comes and tells Chef Pee Pee to make a cake for Junior's birthday. Chef Pee Pee asks Bowser's mom to make the cake under a warning of not putting es in the cake.

Bowser Junior is in the living room playing with his toys when he hears the doorbell ring. It turns out to be Cody's family. Cody's mom introduces Junior to her husband Tyrone, who beats Cody "for the better."

Junior takes Cody's family to the living room and shows them his toys. Tyrone refuses to play toys, and goes to the kitchen in search of alcohol. The doorbell rings again and it is Joseph and Screwball. Screwball offers Junior a snake balloon, which resembles an erect . Junior gladly accepts it and grabs and pulls it from his crotch area.

Joseph and Screwball come inside, and Screwball takes back the snake balloon when Junior refuses to let him smoke inside the house. After getting annoyed with Cody's mom's input, Junior decides to play dinosaurs with Joseph. While they play, Chef Pee Pee finishes the dinosaur decorations.

He goes to check if the cake is finished, however he sees a piece of chocolate shaped like a , Chef Pee Pee then angrily yells at Junior's grandma, she then tells that the piece of chocolate is not a and Chef Pee Pee sees a toy without arms and that is naked. Junior's grandma claims she thought that Bowser Junior was turning 16, not 6. Despite this, Chef Pee Pee takes the cake to the dining room. He then calls the kids.

Junior gets really excited when he sees the party put together, but his mood changes when Chef Pee Pee tells him that it was he who organized the party, not his dad (who was, of course, watching Charleyyy and Friends).

After Junior, Cody, and Joseph all get new snake balloons from Screwball, Chef Pee Pee hangs a pinata. The kids take turns swinging the bat but end up hitting Chef Pee Pee every time. Chef Pee Pee then shows them the cake.

Junior then questions the piece of chocolate shaped like a . Screwball tells him it looks like a snake, although Junior thought it was Mickey Mouse. Chef Pee Pee then lights the candles, Junior wishes to be transformed into a dinosaur and he eats the entire cake.


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  • This video reveals Bowser Junior was born in September 2008 in the SML universe.
  • Thomas speaks for the first time, saying "Today is your birthday, Junior." The second time would be Bowser Junior's Breakfast.
  • There are no smoking areas in Bowser's House, referring to Smoke banning PSAs.
  • It is revealed that Tyrone is Cody's stepdad.
  • This video marks the second appearance of Dinosaur Bowser Junior, and the second time Bowser Junior turns into him.
  • Even when the events of this video were true, Junior later says he's 5. This means that the series might use a floating timeline just like shows like The Simpsons, SpongeBob SquarePants, The Fairly OddParents, etc.. This could mean the events are non-canon or to happen in the future.
    • Or Junior forgot his age.


  • Bowser says "Charleyyy and Friends special video" instead of "Charleyyy and Friends special episode".
  • The Bowser Junior plush can be seen on the table after Junior transforms into a dinosaur and looks at Cody.
  • When Screwball walks in the house with Joseph, Lance's face can be seen on the side wall.


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