"Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 3" is the 116th video of SML Movies and the 3rd part of Bowser Junior's 1st Grade!


It is Picture day at the School but things get weird.


The episode starts with the school bell ringing, so Bowser Junior and Joseph complain about school. Then, Mr. Winkle collects the homework and asks Emily about her homework (bringing underwear to the class) but she tells Winkle she did not bring her homework because her mom told her that bringing underwear was inappropriate.

Winkle tells Emily that she receives an F and tries to calm down then asks if anyone else brought their underwear. Cody did bring his but Winkle didn't want underwear from him.

He then plans on having a picture day today so he tells the class to line up for picture day but really wants the pictures for himself in the library. He took many pictures while moaning sexual stuff. While he was taking pictures of the class using his cell phone, he then gets caught by Officer Goodman and arrested for taking inappropriate images of the students.

Afterward, Goodman explains why Winkle got arrested and that he will be replaced with a new teacher.



  • This episode reveals that Joseph has braces, explaining why his voice has a Sean Connery-esque quality to it.
  • The scene where Goodman uses the terms "faces" and "elephants" is a reference to the lecture he gave in Bowser Junior's Summer School 2. Goodman also states that he has killed lots of people. If he was hiding his jerkish personality we see today, this could have foreshadowed his true colors.
  • When Goodman arrests Mr. Winkle, he tells the students that they'll get a new teacher the next school day. The new teacher was revealed in Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 4.
  • This video marks the final 1st Grade episode filmed before Logan's move out.


  • Cody should've known why Mr. Winkle got arrested, since he got raped by Mr. Winkle in Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 2.
  • On Part 2, Mr. Winkle tells his class about an alphabet test taking place by tomorrow (which this video is set), although it's never implied in this part for some reason (probably since of the class's schedule or most likely because Mr. Winkle only attended school to meet up with the class' boys and girls which is why he decided to take pictures of them).
  • In this episode, Mr. Winkle says that his first name is Daniel, although he said it was David in Part 2, as did Brooklyn T. Guy in The Gun! it is possible he said that so the students couldn't known it was him, since it is possible some of the students saw the news were he was accused of sexual children abuse, so the students couldn't call the police to arrest him.
  • When Mr. Winkle is talking to Goodman, when the former moves his head, Lance is briefly visible.

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