"Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 2" is the 112th video of SML Movies and the 2nd part of Bowser Junior's 1st Grade!


A lot of weird stuff happens during Junior's second day of school!


The video begins with Bowser Junior doing his Dr. Seuss essay from Jackie Chu. Junior couldn't think of much so he writes a couple of words and went to sleep. Chef Pee Pee then wakes him by hitting him the next morning to get ready for school.

Junior has arrived at school and Joseph said he brought some gum. Junior said he wants some gum until Mr. Winkle; their new teacher walked in and took Joseph's 5 gum.

He introduced himself and tells and the class stuff about him. Winkle also said he is a "convicted sex offender" and is glad to know that his students, due to their age, don't know what it means except Cody because his uncle is a sex offender too.

He then suggests the class to play a game of duck-duck-goose to let introduce them to name address and Social Security Number.

He asks Zelda, Patrick, and Toadette to introduce themselves while playing duck-duck-goose. Link fell in love with Zelda while Patrick and Emily got in an argument during the conference and Toad tell the gang that Toadette is not actually his sister but just another Toadette.

Afterward, Winkle was about to teach something when the bell rang for lunchtime. Bowser Junior brought a Pizza Lunchable but Cody has to get food from the lunch line.

Cody ends up receiving a tub of ravioli and sardines for his lunch instead of the scheduled pizza. Cody doesn't want it and was hoping he could trade with Junior but Junior says he's fine and starts to eat the lunchable. Cody decides to hide in the bathroom but ends up getting sexually assaulted by Winkle.

They then returned to the class from lunch. During class, Winkle teaches everybody the alphabet in which some of the letters may be right while some are completely wrong like calling x, an ex-wife when it is really suppose to be an exit sign.

After Winkle assigned homework for some of the girls, he assigned everyone to add him on Facebook as their homework. Emily tried to explain that they don't have Facebook (for being in the 1st grade) but started to get bullied by Junior. Winkle orders Emily and Samantha to switch seats. Class ends and

Junior asks his friends if they wanted to hang out, but Cody had to go to therapy, Toad needed to finish his album, and Joseph had basketball practice. Junior starts complaining that he lost his "girlfriend" and can't hang out with any of his friends. Then, he goes back home and the episode ends.



  • This video marks the first appearance of Mr. Winkle, Zelda, Toadette, and Samantha.
  • This episode reveals that Bowser's Mom works as the lunch lady at Bowser Junior's school.
  • Baby Mario can be seen in the background while Mr. Winkle is playing duck, duck, goose.
  • This video marks the final 1st grade episode to have scenes filmed in the old house.
  • Mr. Winkle raping Cody is possibly the reason why Cody is gay.
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