"Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 1" is the 109th video from SML Movies and the 1st part of Bowser Junior's 1st Grade.


This is the newest school series!!


Bowser goes into Bowser Junior's room and abruptly tells him it is time for him to go to school.

After hearing about first grade, Junior freaks out and starts getting scared and nervous. Junior refuses to go but Bowser still tells him to get ready as he leaves his room worried.

Junior goes into the kitchen and gets Chef Pee Pee up from his nap on the couch. When Chef Pee Pee asks Junior why he has to take him to school, Junior simply makes up excuses by saying that school is too far and the people on the bus might pick on him.

They go into the kitchen for breakfast, but Junior turns down Chef Pee Pee's idea of a world-class omelet because "dinosaurs have eggs, and he doesn't want to eat a dinosaur."

Instead, Junior requests a pizza, but Chef Pee Pee refuses to make a pizza for breakfast. Junior then spots two containers of Play-Doh sitting on top of the microwave and considers making a Play-Doh pizza.

After Junior doesn't stop complaining, Chef Pee Pee hands him the Play-Doh and drives him to school. Upon their arrival, Junior finishes the construction of his blue pizza but claims he isn't hungry anymore.

Feeling nervous, Bowser Junior loudly announces his arrival when he enters the classroom. Joseph, Toad, and Cody each argue over who Junior gets to sit beside, but Joseph is able to find a seat close to all three of them.

After Junior questions why Joseph was there (as he clearly failed summer school), he is told that Joseph's mom knows the school principal (and slept with him once). The school bell rings, and the teacher wakes up from his nap on his laptop. Once he walks to the chalkboard, he introduces himself as Mr. Wilfred, which is Mario's grandpa.

Mr. Wilfred begins by calling role, and accidentally calls Junior "Jimmy." After calling out a few students, he throws the sheet down and begins the class. Mr. Wilfred instructs the class to pull out a sheet of paper. When Toad realizes he needs a piece of paper, he bugs Cody for one - and Cody agrees to give it to Toad as long as the latter decided to meet him in the bathroom after lunch. Before the class can begin writing their essays.

Mr. Wilfred suddenly needs to use the restroom after pooping his pants and leaves them unattended. Junior looks ahead of himself and suddenly falls in love with Emily. Junior starts insulting her, although he compliments her on her pigtails, which is followed by another insult. Mr. Wilfred returns to the classroom and starts drawing a pancake on the board. Joseph gets bored and decides to get on his cell phone when it suddenly goes off.

Hearing this noise, Mr. Wilfred confronts Joseph and an incident occurs, leading Junior to go and grab the school nurse. She takes the teacher away and calls the principal's office.

Bowser Junior gets frightened when his old nemesis, Principal Steinbeck emerges from the hallway. Steinbeck informs them that they will have a substitute teacher, who is Jackie Chu. Jackie Chu walks to the front of the classroom and speaks with Steinbeck for a brief second before addressing his son, Jackie Twu, who he believed to be in college.

Realizing his son isn't as smart as he believed, Jackie Chu punishes Jackie Twu by making him solve 2,000 Calculus problems as homework. Jackie Chu also says his son cannot be the rightful heir to the family fortune and also orders Jackie Twu to make 2 iPads as punishment for not doing the assignment.

Disappointed at his son, Jackie Chu lets the class leave early but not before reading "Green Eggs and Ham" (Which he believes is very bad for the class) by Dr. Seuss. After reading a few pages, Jackie Chu stops and insults the concept of the book and says it's stupid. Their homework is a 1,000-word essay on why Dr. Seuss isn't actually a real doctor.

Instead of sending them to lunch, Jackie Chu decides to let the kids go home early. Before they leave, Junior catches Emily packing up her things. Junior tries to get her phone number, but she tells him she doesn't have a cell phone. Junior cites how he and his friends all have cell phones and tells Emily that her parents must be poor. (And Emily says that Junior is "a disgrace to this generation")

After trying to get her Facebook information and her address, Emily is disgusted and goes away from him. Junior tells Chef Pee Pee about his terrible day and demands to take him to Chuck E. Cheese's to make him feel better, but Chef Pee Pee refuses because Junior didn't eat his Play-Doh pizza, which Chef Pee Pee apparently took a bit out of and the video end.



  • Mr. Wilfred's class has a total of 18 students.
  • In Bowser Junior's Summer School 7, Jackie Chu informs Joseph that he failed summer school, yet he is still seen attending first grade. This is an error as Joseph would have had to retake kindergarten for failing summer school. Joseph says that he made it into First Grade because his mom slept with Principal Steinbeck.
  • Jackie Twu has a different voice when compared to his first appearance in The Fly Problem!
  • After the video there was Logan's Big Update that was supposed to be in Bowser Junior's Playtime 2, his big change is that he is moving into an apartment at the end of the month.
  • This is the 2nd time in which Bowser calls Bowser Junior an angel. The 1st being Bowser Junior's Macaroni.
  • Mr. Wilfred doesn't pronounce Junior's name after he calls his name clearly.
  • This is the first time Mr. Wilfred appears without Mario.
  • When the minor character, Timmy Jenkins, is used, he has the same characteristics as Patrick. Timmy is also the dead kid from Finders Keepers!.
  • When Wilfred was shocked that there was Felipe (a brown-skinned child) in his class, he states that there were only Caucasian children in his school when he was younger. This indicates that he may grew up in the 1930s (which segregation is a major thing in that era).
  • Junior is shown in this video to think that chicken eggs are dinosaur eggs, which is technically correct due to birds descending from dinosaurs.
  • Jamal is seen sitting behind D-Money, but he didn't have any lines.


  • When Bowser Junior walks into the classroom, "2nd" can distinctly be seen written on the door, implying it is actually a second-grade classroom rather than a first-grade one.
  • When the teacher starts talking the month October can be seen on the board.
  • When Principal Steinbeck comes into the class, He calls them failures (however Joseph was the only failure in summer school).
  • Jackie Chu recalls seeing several familiar faces; however, out of the entire class only four students he taught in summer school (Toad, Joseph, Junior, Cody, and later Pixie Goblin) are in that particular class. His son is also in this class, but Jackie Chu did not have him as a summer school student.
  • After Bowser Junior takes his seat, he tells Joseph, Cody, and Toad that it was the only available seat anyway. But when the class is shown in awe after the teacher poops, two open seats can be seen.
  • When Jackie Chu tells his son that he was in the first grade rather than in college, he tells him that his sister is better than Twu. This was not true, as Jackie Chu had many sons and shows a dislike towards baby girls in the previous episodes.
  • In the early 16 minutes of the video after Junior explains Cody about the homework Toad cannot be seen in his chair.
  • Chef Pee Pee says "you can get sick from eating Play-doh, however, Play-doh is made out of non-toxic materials, thus it is impossible to get sick from consuming play-doh." It is likely Chef Pee Pee did not know that Play-doh is non-toxic.
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