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( "Bowser Junior's 11th Birthday!") is the 468th episode of SML Movies.


Bowser Junior has a bad birthday!


Junior wakes and yells at Chef Pee Pee because it is his birthday and he will have it at Chuck-E-Cheese. Junior is mad that Chef Pee Pee doesn't care so he goes to his dad. Bowser yells at him about how he always wants things and says he just wants to watch TV and eat cheese balls. He calls Joseph and Cody. They are very excited. Joseph says he was eating bugs like normal and Cody is shocked. Joseph then proceeds to talk about how not everyone has enough money to afford food. Junior asks them if they're coming to his birthday and they excitedly confirm they will. He comes to Chuck-E-Cheese and notices the employee has a doctor uniform on. Junior is sad that his friends aren't there and goes to play skeeball. He gets frustrated that he keeps missing and says he wishes he was never born. He gets hit with a ball and is knocked to the floor. He wakes up in a white room with a white man who claims to be God. God said he's going to transport him to the world where he never existed.

The two appear in front of the old house. Junior is confused because it had burned down. God explains that since Junior wasn't born, Chef Pee Pee never gave Junior the candle that burned down the house, so the house is still in perfect condition. They then go inside to see Junior's father.

In Bowser's bedroom, he is dead on his bed with cheese balls next to him. God explains that since Junior never existed, he never interrupted his father, so he watched TV and laughed until he died, which God admits that sounds like a pretty good way to die.

They then go to a restaurant: A Taste of Pee Pee. God states that since Junior wasn't born and that Chef Pee Pee didn't need to babysit him, he opened a five-star restaurant and made millions off of it. Chef Pee Pee comes in and God orders chicken Parmesan for the both of them and magically puts it in Junior's stomach. They then leave without paying.

We then see that Brooklyn Guy is in a box on the streets. God says he is homeless since his family was the only one who ever called him for his help, he didn't have any money. Junior doesn't believe this and asks him about his other jobs. Brooklyn Guy exclaims his concern that no one calls him every day about their "stupid problems".

Next, they go to the movie theatre. Cody is making out with a girl because he never met Junior and never got a Ken doll, and never became gay.

Finally, they visit Joseph's grave. Joseph died because he didn't get to come to Junior's house for food. Junior realizes that the world is much better with him in it, so he asks God to bring him back to the real world. He says he will.

Then, God starts speaking in Brooklyn T. Guy's voice telling him to wake up. He finally wakes up in Chuck-E-Cheese with Brooklyn Guy in his face, which then was a dream, which God was a homeless man over at the skeeball pits threw the balls at Bowser Junior, but Brooklyn Guy tells God to get out of Chuck E Cheese before he calls the cops. Junior says that he has to tell people he loves them. He goes home to tell Chef Pee Pee how much he loves him and how he gave up a five-star restaurant. Chef Pee is confused and angry. He tells Junior that his birthday is actually tomorrow. Bowser Junior realizes his mistake and goes to Chuck-E-Cheese the next day. He blows out his candles and the video ends with him saying that he doesn't want anything because he already has what he needs. Cody says that is lame.


  • Elizabeth
  • Ken (mentioned)
  • Katy (indirectly mentioned)
  • Jesus (mentioned)
  • The Pope (mentioned)
  • Tom Brady (Deleted Scene)
  • Gisele Bündchen (mentioned; deleted Scene)
  • Dinosaurs (mentioned; deleted scene)


  • This video marks the first physical appearance of God. In earlier videos, he was only mentioned.
  • The whole video is most likely a reference to Junior's older immature personality before Jeffy. From around 2013–2016, there was the time where Junior was very bratty and annoying, with the majority of fans hating him, despite the fact the Junior videos were the most viewed. However, as of 2017, Many fans started to love him as he became a good koopa being and he matured more.
  • The Old House reappears in this video.
  • This episode is a parody of the 1946 Christmas movie; “It’s A Wonderful Life”.
  • A Dry Bowser plush was used as the dead Bowser. This is also the very first video where Dry Bowser has been used. Logan showed people the plush back in 2016 in his Mario Plush Collection! video. This plush was sent to Logan from a fan via fan mail and promised to use it in a video at some point.
  • This video mentions both Bowser's House Fire! and Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation and how these two videos have had Junior do a big impact that would affect him in his life. "Bowser's House Fire" had Junior burn down the original house and "Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation" had him be the origin of Cody discovering his homosexuality and having dolls as his kink. A flashback of Bowser’s House Fire is also featured.
  • The part where Chef Pee Pee telling Junior that his birthday is tomorrow is likely to reference when the video was uploaded; September 28, 2019, a day before Junior's Birthday.
  • Elizabeth returns in this video, and she is now wearing a completely different outfit because of how Logan didn't like the outfit she had on when he bought her. This video also reveals she has a sister according to Cody, but that was just a dream so it may not be true.
  • There are other possible unmentioned changes if Junior never existed:
    • Given Brooklyn Guy is shown to be homeless despite Mario also often needing his help, it is possible Mario never met Rosalina (as they met at the apartment which Junior is the cause of meaning Black Yoshi would have brought Mario different women, possibly none being right for Mario) and died from depression due to Peach's break-up in the alternate timeline where Junior never existed, or Mario could have still been with Peach after she attempted to get him back during Mario's Valentines Day Problem! depending on if Mario is still alive or not.
      • If Rosalina never met Mario, she probably never got over the loss of her stars.
      • This also would've caused Shrek, Tony the Tiger, Woody, Mr. Pig and Black Yoshi to get evicted and become homeless.
      • Nintendo possibly would go out of business if Mario is dead or someone else like Luigi, Link, Kirby, or Donkey Kong would become the next mascot.
    • Since Cody never got a Ken doll, it's possible that Toys "R" Us would've gone out of business sometime before 2014 instead of 2018 if Junior never existed and Cody would date a flesh and blood Girl.
    • Along with Bowser and Junior being part of the reason the videos got age restricted. This would also mean that Logan would not have had to move his content to SuperLuigiLogan and then to SuperBowserLogan.
    • Also how in Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 5, Jackie Chu, Principal Steinbeck, and the other students never relocated to "Y U Dumb? Elementary School" because of how Junior never started the fire as of not being born.
    • How Judy didn't fall in love with Chef Pee Pee because of how since he owned "A Taste of Pee Pee", then he never would have met Judy.
    • It is possible that Goodman could still be a good person and a Cop in the timeline where Junior never existed.
    • Black Yoshi possibly died while playing Call of Duty if Mario has been dead since late 2015.
    • The possibility that Woody died from the killer shrimp.
    • Chompy would have never existed.
    • Mario wouldn’t have to register as a sex offender as he never “raped” Jeffy in Jeffy’s Bad Word! since they never met due to never moving to the apartment where Jeffy was abandoned.
    • Shrek dying from not going on a diet in Shrek's Diet!.
    • Shelby never would've gotten back with Bowser, as he died from watching too much TV, and Junior didn't ask Bowser who his mom was.
    • The Mario side of the timeline would mostly remain the same up until Mario's Family Moves Out! which is where the Mario side of the timeline would start to alter as Junior is the cause of the gang moving into the apartment.
    • Pixie Goblin, Chef Poo Poo and the Koopalings never came into existence with Chef Pee Pee owning a five-star restaurant and Junior not have used the cloning machine.
    • Joseph never would've found out that his Mom was never dead given how he starved to death.
    • Nancy wouldn't have gotten arrested.
      • Nancy would also get Jeffy and kept him and abuse him until Jeffy turns 18 gets his $1,000,000 and Nancy takes $1,000,000.
  • This video was thought up by another SML fan, during the time when Junior was hated by many fans from 2013 to 2016 because of his whining, bratty, demanding, and annoying behavior, despite the Junior videos being the most viewed. But as of 2017 when his dad lost his villainy status and him retired from being a brat, Many fans started to love him as he matured more although some fans still hated him.
  • This video was uploaded on Chilly's Birthday.
  • God's voice turned into Brooklyn T. Guy's voice when Junior was about wake up. This is because God and Brooklyn Guy were both voiced by Chris. This is also likely based on when one is about to wake up from their dreams and then they slowly hear whoever is waking them up.
  • It is unknown how Joseph has a phone. It is possible for Junior's or Cody's family pay for it, or it fell out of someone's car or he stole one.
  • In the deleted scene, God claims that he is the cause of the dinosaur extinction, however, this is probably just a theory. He would later reaffirm this in "Mr. Goodman's Revenge!".
  • God saying that the Homeless man throwing the ski-ball at Junior is most likely how in the deleted scene where he was throwing asteroids and he had a bad arm and it killed the dinosaurs.
  • When Brooklyn T. Guy mentions that he pretends to be a Doctor and a Cop, this could explain his greedy actions around 2018.
  • The Old NFL Shield Can Be Seen At 10:22-10:32.
  • This episode was uploaded 3 years after "Bowser Junior's 8th Birthday!", and 11 years after "I GOT 500 SUBSCRIBERS".

Culture References

  • This episode is most likely a parody of "It's a Wonderful Life".
  • Tom Brady makes an appearance in a deleted scene where he prays to God that he will win another Super Bowl game.
  • Cody, Bowser Junior, and Joseph saying Wazzup is a reference to a 1999 commercial that can be viewed here.
    • This was Also used in Scary Movie and Annoying orange. So that People Scream "WAZUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!!!!!!!!!!!".


  • Bowser would have had interruptions from hunger and using the bathroom. Also, Bowser would have to do his own errands if Chef Pee Pee wasn't working for him or he would have hired a new chef who would interrupt him after Chef Pee Pee left.
    • It is possible that someone else in the house like Mario could've been doing all the work for Bowser.
  • God incorrectly states that Bowser died from sitting around watching TV. However, in Bowser's Depression, after Charleyyy and Friends got canceled, Bowser made an attempt to commit suicide, but since he never hired Chef Pee Pee, that's what lead to his death. It is possible he died way before these events, showing he starved from no food.
  • If Junior was never born, it has never been explained how Joseph met Cody, it's most likely that he could've gone over to Cody's house to eat. It is likely that they probably would've never interacted at all given how Joseph was shown to have starved to death.
  • It's unknown why Brooklyn T. Guy is homeless because in Stuck in a Tree, Junior had no involvement so it is very unknown how this is possible. It is possible the Brooklyn T. Guy in "Stuck in a Tree" was one of Brooklyn Guy's brothers or Brooklyn T. Guy got a job in that year.
    • However, if Mario would've died from depression in October 2015, then Brooklyn T. Guy would've had no problems to deal with.


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