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"So Guys, what do you want to do today?!"
— Catchphrase for Bowser Junior in intro
"DAD, DAD, DAD!!!"
— Bowser Juniors catchphrase when he sees Bowser.

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Bowser Bernard Koopa Jr. [1] but usually simply referred to as Bowser Junior or simply Junior, is one of the main characters of the SuperMarioLogan franchise. His and Bowser's real names were revealed to be Robert in The Koopa Kids!, however, that video was non-canon as the Koopalings miniseries was a remake. However, their name of Robert might be revealed as canon sometime in the future.

From 2013 to 2016, He was the unbeloved and spoiled son of Bowser, and was usually parented by Chef Pee Pee, who is constantly annoyed by him. However, as of 2017 to onwards, he becomes more mature and now loved by his father and he doesn’t bother Chef Pee Pee as of now, however, the latter still hates him.

In 2013-2016, Toad became his best friend before he lost his main character status as of 2017. As of 2016 to onwards, Junior is now best friends with Cody, Joseph, Jeffy, and occasionally Richard Goodman.

He was also the main antagonist of his debut Baby Mutant Turtles, Black Yoshi The Assistant!, Jeffy's Kids!, Bowser Junior's Prank Gone Wrong!, The School Project! and Shrunken! and the secondary antagonist of the series starting from SML Movies Season 5 to Season 8. As of Season 9 to onwards, he went on to become the deuteragonist.

Since his debut in 2013, he became selfish and annoying, and many fans started hating him around the time until late 2016 when fans started to love him as he matured even more.

In the early years when he was a brat, he was the arch-enemy of Brooklyn T. Guy and Principal Steinbeck. However in later years, he is now the arch-rival of Chef Pee Pee.


Bowser Junior's personality was extremely variant in earlier videos and over time has had numerous different sides to him.

From 2013 to early 2015, He is shown to be bratty, annoying, racist, dimwitted, whiny, demanding, and mindless and most fans hates him.

Junior is known for being an annoyance to everyone around the house, especially towards Chef Pee Pee, and always caused a disruption that usually leads to Bowser yelling at Chef Pee Pee for it or sometimes vice/versa.

Whenever he asks for something, he usually pesters Chef Pee Pee asking for what he wants. On many occasions, he asks for something very stupid such as in Bowser Junior's Midnight Snack! when he asks Chef Pee Pee to buy him a snack at the gas station even though Chef Pee Pee told Junior that there is a mountain of snacks to eat at the house.

He is also a somewhat picky eater especially in later videos and was also a spoiled brat because in Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation, he demanded Chef Pee Pee to buy him all the trains but he only got two from the store. Junior loves his train toy Thomas a lot, so he gets depressed if he loses it as shown in Bowser Junior Loses Thomas!.

He also gets rabies and starts acting weird in Bowser Junior Gets Rabies!. When the rabid squirrel bit him, he turned into a wild animal and was foaming at the mouth. Chef Pee Pee gave him a pill and that made Junior feel better and then he bit him. At the end of the video, Bowser Junior said that "Chef Pee Pee was having "babies" himself.

One of the most notable things about Junior is how he has changed over time. In his first appearances in 2013-14, Junior was portrayed as a spoiled brat who portrayed a general child that age.

As of 2015, Junior started to become smarter and more intelligent, but still was stupid sometimes when he was with Joseph and Cody. Since Bowser Junior has turned 8, he has gotten a bit more mature.

One notable video with this was The Baby Project! where Junior was strongly encouraged to do as good as possible and fighting the retardedness of Jeffy. It is a very unique aspect of how Junior is growing over time since he stopped acting bratty over his early years.

It's pretty apparent that Junior has some serious mental instability, if anything happens that may affect him badly, or something doesn't go his way, he will react in very unhinged and insane episodes.

As seen in Bowser Junior's Punishment! Junior was placed in the corner for five minutes and he was acting all weird, and in Bowser Junior Loses Thomas! he lost Thomas and was sad all day.

In Bowser Junior Needs Glasses! Junior wore glasses and his friends made fun of him so he read a medical book and got smarter and thinks he's smarter than everyone.

In Bowser Junior's Flu Shot! Junior was scarred after he got his flu shot and was on a wheelchair and wore a cast on his leg where he got his flu shot and claims to have been "shot" by the Brooklyn guy.

And in Bowser Junior's Cookies! He left a sticky note which had cookies written on the fridge and was hoping for Chef Pee Pee to get him cookies but Chef Pee Pee said that he didn't see it and Junior kept repeating he didn't see it and placed sticky notes all over the house and the car. It's also noted that Junior doesn't have a sense of empathy because he told Joseph to stop crying over his “dead” mom in Bowser Junior Sneaks Into A Movie!

On several occasions, he is found to racially prejudice black people. This is evident in Black Yoshi's Job (Black Yoshi is asked to babysit Junior while Bowser and Chef Pee Pee go to the hospital) when Junior is surprised to see Black Yoshi walk up to him while he is playing with his dinosaurs. Junior cries, "Oh my god! Black Guy! Don't take my money! Protect me, dinosaurs!" Black Yoshi then asks, "Why is everyone in this house so racist?"

There is another occasion in Bowser Junior's 6th Birthday after he opens the door to let Cody and his family inside, not expecting Cody to have a black step-father.

Junior is also known for sharing false stories. For example, in Bowser Junior's Flu Shot!, He explains to Joseph and Cody that a guy came in with a gun, shot Bowser and Chef Pee Pee, and getting shot in the knee.

Also, in No Crust!, he explains to the Brooklyn Guy that Chef Pee Pee used a chainsaw to "kill" his sandwich, in reality, all he did was cut the crust. In Chef Pee Pee The Octopus!, he falsely said Chef Pee Pee wants to be an octopus. In the video Loch Ness Monster! Junior showed a fake video and lied about it for a while. Though he did owe up to it in the end.

He has made extremely poor choices on more than one occasion such as in Bowser Junior gets Rabies and Bowser Junior's Doll like trying to pet a rabid squirrel and trying to throw water bombs in the house respectively and lacks common sense which leads to him being half dumb.

He is also addicted to Doofy The Dragon, similar to his Dad's TV addiction to Charleyyy and Friends, though to a much lesser extent.

However, despite all of this, even Junior is capable of genuine kindness, the shining example of this is when he felt bad for Chef Pee Pee's suffering on his birthday, and as an apology, threw a surprise birthday party for him, with Joseph and Cody's help! He even apologizes for treating Chef Pee pee badly for the entire time they've known each other (although, thanks to the new status quo, this is rendered redundant via negative continuity).

Despite being a generally dumb character, he has shown to act smart on some occasions such as Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 5 where he states that blue stars are hotter than red stars, in Cool Cody! where Bowser Junior figures out how to change Cody back to normal, in Bowser Junior's Bad Luck! he states that superstitions are not real and that all the bad luck he was getting were coincidences.

In Bowser Junior's Piggy Bank! he knows how to stop his dad from getting arrested without getting himself in trouble and in Broken where he has the idea to put the one-piece tuxedo on Ken and give it to Cody so he stops crying. Along with Joseph, Bowser Junior keeps trying to prove to Cody that Ken is a doll and that the Sun is a planet (although he no longer seems to argue this after Bowser Junior Goes To The Sun!). He also uses a bowling ball, a trail of Cheez-It, an oven, a golden watch, and an electrified doorknob as a trap to kill 3 robbers (1 survived but was imprisoned).

As of late 2016 or early 2017, He doesn't act very bratty anymore, as he improved from military school. He's also simply grown up over the past few years, as he was just 4 in his first modern appearance. Despite this, however, Bowser Junior’s brattiness returns at the beginning of Bowser Junior's 9th Birthday! where his father punished him for destroying his flat-screen TV but the best example of this is in Bowser's Christmas Problem where Bowser explained to him that Santa Claus isn't real though this was never spoken of him again. Starting from Season 9 and Onwards, He has retired from being a brat, he became more mature, more good Koopa-being and fans started to love him as a mature, and a good person. He and Joseph both think the sun is a planet because of its spherical shape.


Bowser Junior was born on Late September of 2008, to Shelby and Bowser in Cantonment, Florida.

When Bowser Junior was born, he would start as an evil baby and burn Mario and kidnap Peach until Black Yoshi wounded him. Following the end of MLSDA, Bowser would start dating Shelby, but she would later leave him, leaving Bowser Junior with no mother. Bowser would always choke his son with cotton balls, causing his fears of it. 

Now Junior has retired from being a spoiled brat and spends his days hanging out with Cody, Joseph, Jeffy, asking Chef Pee Pee for something that he wants, and being a good and mature person.

Criminal Record

Despite being young, he has a criminal record. Most crimes are due to a lack of common sense and sometimes he did these crimes as revenge. (But he can't be convicted of the crimes due to his age.)


Chef Pee Pee


Chef Pee Pee and Bowser Junior.

In earlier videos, Bowser Junior always annoyed Chef Pee Pee with his stupid requests, making Chef Pee Pee hate him. Because of this, every time when Junior is about to do something that could be dangerous in some way. In later videos, He would stop brothering Chef Pee Pee and ask him for something, even though Chef PP still hates him.

Chef Pee Pee, similar to his hopes and dreams of killing Bowser, sometimes hopes he kills Junior in the process, but sadly for Chef Pee Pee, this never happens. He also annoys him by asking to play toys with him. Junior loves spending time with Chef Pee Pee but he never showed love back to Junior, There are rare occasions where Chef Pee Pee is nice to Junior, such as at the end of Bowser Junior's Big Vacation!, taking him to Disney World without so much as a complaint. For some reason, he is not angry or insulted from Chef Pee Pee calling him a Brat/Idiot/Slut.

In the SML movie “Bowser Junior’s Doll!”, Junior has made a better hatred for Chef Pee because he thinks that he is a snitch. When Chef Pee Pee goes to Junior's room while wearing disguises, He said “Nah, it’s just me n**ga!” and leaves his room in laughter much to Junior's Fury. As Chef Pee Pee gives Junior a bowl of macaroni and cheese, he was tricking him to give him macaroni and cheese much to Junior's Fury. As Junior has had enough with Chef Pee Pee for pranking him, He gets the voodoo doll and thinks that the voodoo doll is Chef Pee Pee and begins to hit it and send it off to space along with Chef Pee Pee being send off to Space. As Junior tries to apologize to Chef Pee Pee for his selfish behavior, he was wondering where he is. As Chef Pee Pee was suffocating to death in space, He yells to Junior's name.

In "Bowser Junior's New Room!", Junior is now Chef Pee Pee's roommate, much to the despair and annoyance of the latter, yet to the pleasure of the former because Junior's old room was taken over by his father as punishment for eating his strawberry donut. After Junior says he loves him, Chef Pee Pee mutters the same, yet does not say it directly to Junior.

As of Bowser Junior's Prank Gone Wrong!, it's safe to say that Junior has lost every form of respect toward Chef Pee Pee, making him deaf and wishing he never existed. It's also clear that Junior is very hypocritical towards Chef Pee Pee as when the latter has shown to care for him such as in Bowser Junior's Rat Problem, Junior never seems to return the favor.



Bowser hugging Junior

Bowser Junior frequently interrupts his dad while he watches Charleyyy and Friends. Bowser occasionally likes his son, but he hates when he annoys him. He basically annoys him a lot and sometimes it leads to Bowser getting on him and on more than one occasion abuse him. However, this was in older episodes. In later episodes, Bowser showed his good side to Junior, saying that he loves his son even though he still hates when he annoys him. But despite this, Bowser would always protect his son no matter what.


Bowser Junior and Joseph (With his last name being "His friend from school") are friends that mostly meet at school or at Junior's home to play toys. What often happens is, if somebody is cooler than Junior, Joseph is on their side rather than on Junior's side. They have surprisingly made out a lot like in, the Playtime Series.

In certain episodes, Joseph and Junior do not get along such as when Joseph got a new shell in Joseph's New Shell. Joseph started bullying him and even beat him up with his new friends. Junior also invited Joseph over for a sleepover in Bowser Junior's Wings!, when he attempted to break Joseph's wings with a hammer because he was jealous of his new shell.


Bowser Junior and Cody get along pretty well with each other. Like Joseph, he invites Cody to his house regularly. There are times when Bowser Junior is really mean and harsh to Cody. Cody keeps trying to tell him the truth about things (like the Sun being a star, Pluto no longer being a planet or the Earth being round), but Junior never listens and his nonsensical logic and denial make it unfairly hard and stressful for Cody to reason with him. In The School Project!, Cody and Junior got into an argument because he broke Junior's toy. Joseph also took Cody's side as they both told Junior it was an accident.


Before late 2016 Bowser Junior usually hangs out with Toad. They are very good friends, although Toad usually gets Junior in trouble, such as in April Fools!. This was in the older episodes. Later on, their friendship came to an end when Bowser Junior matured more and later moved on to hang out with Cody, Joseph, Jeffy, and Richard Goodman and Toad would later lose his status as the main character as of mid-late 2017.


Even though they rarely interact with each other, they seem to get along quite well in the recent episodes. In Bowser Junior's Game Night 3, They can get along well when yelling at Jeffy. They often get along well too in Jeffy's Birthday! and Smart Jeffy and says that whenever Junior is around, Jeffy gets less involved with him. However, in Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventure, Mario implied that he hated Junior. Despite that, in the recent videos, they often get along well.


Bowser Junior met Jeffy in Bowser Junior's Game Night 3 and have shared a good relationship ever since. In recent videos, the two have played together more and usually have fun doing stupid stuff together, and Jeffy and Junior very rarely have arguments, they usually forget about it and move on.

In Jeffy Loses His Teeth! he caused Jeffy to lose his teeth by using Jeffy's mouth as a tee for playing T-Ball and hitting him with the bat. Junior also somehow dislikes The Bunny Do!

However, in Jeffy Has Kids! Jeffy shouted at Junior for killing Pusshole and Pusshole 2, who were Jeffy's kids.

In Jeffy's Pokemon Card! though, Junior developed a hatred for Jeffy when Jeffy came up with terrible tricks and ideas with a card that Junior desired.

But currently, they've gotten along and appeared in videos such as in Jeffy and Junior's Big Heist, where they're the protagonists of the video, and when the skipped school in Jeffy and JR Skipped School.


Bowser Junior first met Rosalina in Jeffy's Birthday! when he and his friends were about to go on the SkyTubes at Chuck E. Cheese's with Jeffy and found her to be really hot.

In Smart Jeffy, Junior caught Rosalina's attention by calling her "Busty Tits" and told her that Jeffy had an accident on the trampoline that was in his playroom.

But it's unknown if these two characters share a good relationship or not.

Brooklyn T. Guy


Junior and Brooklyn T. Guy

Before Season 9, Junior and The Brooklyn Guy formerly had bad blood against each other. They usually get into big fights in the Home Alone series and they didn’t like each other in the past years.

In Bowser Junior Goes To Military School!, Brooklyn T. Guy, as his full name was revealed, treated Junior and the other students badly, as they went through a dangerous course, as the other students were killed by an explosion, but Junior made it. Brooklyn Gu T.y was impressed. Later, Junior was trapped and ate disgusting things, including nails, and was even forced to watch Big Hero 6, as Brooklyn Guy even burned Thomas. After military school, Junior was not the same.

In Bowser Junior's Package!, he jacked his Gak which caused him to get revenge on him for backstabbing him.

However, this was in the older episodes. Later on, they seemed to get along, but in Jeffy's Kids!, Junior ate Puss Hole 1 and 2, so Jeffy called the cops. Brooklyn T. Guy then arrested him, calling him a “cereal killer”, and he was taken off to jail. But after the release of 2 Tickets, they are now currently friends as their past as enemies are over.


In Bowser Junior's Stinky Friend, Junior was shown to be very sympathetic for Hansel (or "Stinky" as he calls him.) He snuck Hansel into his home and provided him with Chef Pee Pee's bed, as well as cheese balls, earning him the nickname "Cheeseball Man." Later on in the video, he'd try to get Hansel a job as an anesthesiologist, which didn't last very long. Eventually, Junior reluctantly had to kick Hansel out. Hansel stated that he loved Junior and that he'd never forget him before disappearing.


Junior has dark black eyes with white pupils on the underside. He wears a large bib and four small bracelets with two on each arm. He has skinny arms and legs and slightly long fingernails. He also inherits his father's red hair and pale yellow skin.

In his human form, Junior has fair skin, black eyes, short red hair, and horns. He wears a white bib that reads "JR" in black, an orange t-shirt, his black wristbands, green shorts, and orange shoes.

Powers and Abilities

  • Red Button: In the episode, The Magical Button! Its seen that junior can wish for anything at any given time at the cost of a humans life, only 7 billion, chances
  • Flight: In Joseph's New Shell! Joseph states that he can fly and junior can’t the hand holding junior flys him, showing he can fly as well.

Temporary Powers

  • Electrokinesis: In the episode SuperPowers, Junior and his friends get struck by lightning which gives them superpowers. Joseph and Cody get cool superpowers and Junior gets a lame one:  Superhuman Flatulence, But, Junior touches them and he shocks them making them realize that he can zap people by touching them. Cody and Joseph and still make fun of him because his power was still lame, So then Junior cries loud and he then zaps a giant wave of electricity which makes them all lose their powers thus ending the episode.

    Junior using his Electrokinesis

  • Super Flatulence: In the same episode, junior gets super farts which is lame at first but it helps Chef Pee Pee when he needed to throw up.
  • Legilimency: In the episode SuperPowers 2, he and his friends went in the microwave to prank Chef Pee Pee. They end up failing and Junior could read people's minds in an instant.
  • Heat Vision: In the episode, SuperPowers 2, Junior also got the ability to fire hot lasers out of his eyes.
  • Flight: In Bowser Junior's Wings!, he had the ability to fly after wishing he had wings.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Toys
  • Making fun of Joseph's "dead mother"
  • Making fun of Cody's mother by calling her a pig,cow or a whale
  • Jeffy
  • Fidget spinners (sometimes)
  • Hot girls
  • The Bunny Do! (possibly)
  • Annoying Chef Pee Pee and Cody
  • Thomas & Friends
  • The Koopalings
  • Being a spoiled brat (formerly)
  • Dinosaurs
  • Messes (sometimes)
  • Doofy The Dragon
  • Hanging out with his friends Joseph and Cody (mostly) 
  • Chompy
  • Pets
  • Theme parks
  • Video games
  • Birthdays
  • Puppies
  • Holidays
  • His Had
  • McDonald's Happy Meals
  • Coca-Cola
  • Pepsi
  • Sprite
  • Mountain Dew
  • Sunkist
  • Hawaiian Punch
  • Caprisuns
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Tootsie Rolls
  • Sandwiches with crust
  • Junk food and snacks
  • Chuck E. Cheese's
  • Chips Ahoy brand Cookies
  • Pizza
  • Soda
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Eating caterpillars
  • Microwaving butterflies
  • Corn Dog (in Bowser Junior's Bodyguard!)
  • Walt Disney World
  • Rosalina
  • Joseph (Best Friend)
  • Toad (former best Friend)
  • GoGurt
  • Throwing stuff
  • The color pink
  • Insulting Cody and Judy (Cody's mom)
  • Ice-cream
  • Doofy-O's
  • Winning (sometimes)
  • Go-Karts
  • Drawing Jeffy
  • Friends
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (possibly)
  • PS4
  • Board games
  • Having Game nights with friends
  • Discovering mythical creatures
  • Watching Dr.FinkleShitz
  • Cartoon Network
  • Mickey Mouse
  • The Flintstones (Chef pee pee Quits series only)
  • Cookies
  • Cupcakes
  • Minecraft
  • Roblox (possibly)
  • Fortnite
  • YouTube
  • Spider-Man
  • Desserts
  • Cool Stuff
  • Being a grown-up
  • Hubba Bubba gum
  • Gummy Worms
  • Being a T-Rex
  • Fireworks
  • Nick Jr.
  • Playtime
  • Xbox
  • Root Beer
  • Pinching Someone
  • Poliwhirl (favorite Pokémon, he is later revealed to love the whole evolution line)
  • Politoed EX
  • The New House
  • Gak
  • Getting superpowers
  • Candy bars (such as Hershey's)
  • Brazzers
  • His Dad's Clown Car
  • Twizzlers
  • Milk
  • Karaoke Machine
  • Toys "R" Us (formerly, due to bankruptcy in 2018)
  • Credit Cards
  • Jokes
  • Jeffo
  • Codo
  • Water Balloons
  • Grits
  • Cheerios
  • Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Saying the N-word
  • Calling the Sun a planet
  • Starbucks Coffee
  • All-star by Smash Mouth (Favorite song, though he doesn't know all the words in American Idol: Season 2, Episode 1)
  • Target
  • Orange juice
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Mechazoid
  • Cheese sticks
  • Pouring the milk
  • Donald Trump
  • Republican
  • InfoWar
  • Clown Car
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Parties
  • Meeting His Mom
  • MC Bloodstain music
  • Playing Playtime
  • Gas Station
  • Midnight Snacks
  • Being a brat (formerly)
  • AirPods
  • His Pokemon backpack
  • Hello Kitty
  • CoolMathGames
  • Dominos Pizza
  • Pepperoni pizza
  • Precious (in Precious the Rapper!)
  • Making Chef Pee Pee mad
  • Brandy Harrington (of the Florida Harringtons)
  • Pool parties
  • Annoying Cody
  • Chef Pee Pee
  • Having wings (in Bowser Junior's Wings!)
  • Canada
  • Canadians
  • Licking rides at Disney World
  • Peppa Pig



Death Counts

This list shows how many times Bowser Junior dies.

Types of deaths: normal, offscreen, possibly, presumably, debatable.

Revived: Came back to life

Pokémon Team


See /Quotes


  • He attempted suicide twice. The first time was by hanging, but he had a really short neck making him unable. The second time was by laying on the train tracks to get hit by a train.
  • Bowser Junior has saved a life before, In Bowser Junior's Pool Party, he saves Cody from drowning, but ends up drowning at the very end. He has done bad things but he has done very heroic things like saving Thomas from the house fire in Bowser's House Fire.
  • He might have a big butt which is probably why Cody has a crush on him and calls him tight butt. This may likely be Cody saying that as a way to try and hit on him.
  • Even though his name is "Bowser Junior", he's rarely called that but he is mostly called "Junior".
  • In some cases, Junior would represent "Envy", judging the fact that he has been feeling selfish from Cody (including his large box of crayons).
  • Logan has stated in a Chilly vlog that the current plush for Bowser Junior will be retired soon because it has a scorch mark on his face from Bowser Junior's Fireworks! that Logan doesn't want people to notice.
  • In Junior's early appearance, his behavior is somewhat similar to that of Eric Cartman from South Park, most likely due to their spoiled bratty, and antagonistic behavior.
  • Logan has said that Junior is his favorite character because he brings out his inner kid.
  • In his earlier appearances, he was almost bossy.
  • His favorite superhero is Spider-Man. In Bowser Junior's Halloween, Junior and Joseph were both dressed like Spider-Man and in Bowser Junior's 7th Birthday!, his birthday party was Spider-Man themed.
  • Bowser Junior's gamer tag is "GetRektFgtLol", but it was reported because he kept ruthlessly insulting everyone, especially Black Yoshi.
  • Bowser Junior has burned down more buildings than any other character in the series with 2, including the original house, and his first-grade school.
  • If you type "Bowser Junior" on YouTube's search bar, Bowser Junior Gets Sick! is the first thing that appears while Logan's channel icon is the third thing that appears.
  • Bowser Junior has had more birthday episodes than any other character in the series with 7. He's also had the most highlight for aging, showing his birth in Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures, and bringing him back at 2 years old, and now is 11 years old.
  • One time, Bowser Junior locked himself in his closet for a week straight.
  • In one episode, Bowser Junior Needs Glasses!, he is shown that he needs contacts in his eyes to see.
  • In a Dabhdude live stream, Logan stated that the reason Junior is in so many videos is because Logan foind it hard to think of ideas for the other characters.
  • He pronounces "ever" as "evur" sometimes due to his unusual speech.
  • His favorite song is "All-Star" by Smash Mouth.[2]
  • The reason why he got sent to military school is that he got into Bowser's clown car and broke the glass table in the video Bowser Junior's Clown Car!, and also in the video, Cody's Revenge!, he got blackmailed for throwing a temper tantrum after losing a game of Chess, throwing Ken, breaking a bowl of Raisin Bran, screaming and behaving badly, and breaking a jar that was in tribute to Mittens.
  • His theme song is "Get Outside" by Jason Farnham.
  • Bowser Junior's birth sign is Libra.
  • It was revealed in Bowser Junior's Biggest Fear!, that Junior had Sidonglobophobia (fear of cotton balls).
  • Bowser Junior is known to have a hatred towards Big Hero 6, this is done as he is voiced by Logan Thirtyacre, and Logan too hates Big Hero 6. Bowser Junior and Mario are personas of Logan, and often portray his character through these characters.
  • His favorite number could possibly be seven, due to him thinking there were 7 pins in Truth Or Dare!, He claims that he can stay up until 7 AM in Bowser Junior's All Nighter!, and there are 7 parts of the Bowser Junior's Summer School series. When he asked for Chef Pee Pee to make food, he said to pick one meal most of the time he'll say "How about seven?" In Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World! Part 1 when Bowser Junior wanted to get a zillion boxes of Doofy-O's to find the knife, though Chef Pee Pee didn't have a zillion dollars he said "Well um... How about seven?" In Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation when Chef Pee Pee denied Junior on getting a million toys he said: “How about seven?”. In The Fortune Cookies!, he wanted 7 Fortune Cookies.
  • In SuperPowers 2, it was confirmed that Junior was adopted by Bowser, but the episode may not be canon, due to one of the characters dying, and reappearing later.
  • Bowser Junior is the 1st person to break world record before Shrek.
  • Despite having the second most death right behind Toad (see List of character deaths, Bowser Junior murdered the most people (22 people) right behind Does Bad Things Guy. (30 people).
  • Junior has the most deaths In the SML franchise so far with 23 deaths.
  • It is revealed that Bowser Junior is one of Logan's favorite characters along with Brooklyn T. Guy in one of dabhdude's Livestream.[3]
  • Like Logan, Junior's favorite Pokemon is Poliwhirl, coincidentally this is also Satoshi Tajiri's (The creator of Pokemon) favorite Pokemon.
  • Out of the trio, Junior is the second oldest of the three due to Cody being born in February and Joseph being born a month after Junior in October.
  • Junior is shown to be athletic at times, mainly when beats up Cody.
  • Junior is stated to be based off Haleigh, Logan, and Lance's younger half-sister, more so in earlier episodes where he was defined more as bratty and bossy.
    • Even though videos made after they move out to the Apartment, may indicate the character's behavior now resembles more the personal life of the creator.
  • It's possible he has Bipolar disorder as he sometimes overreacts and has mood swings frequently.
  • He cries over spilled stuff as shown in Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 1 and in Chef Pee Pee's Restaurant!.
  • Despite that he was born in Late September in 2008, in The Call Of Duty Problem, which takes place two weeks before Christmas, Bowser states that Junior "just had a birthday", which implies that Junior has a December birthdate.
  • Junior's favorite show is Doofy The Dragon, as revealed in Bowser's House Fire!.
  • It is revealed in Jeffy's Taco Tuesday!, that he gets a $20 allowance each week, although he doesn't get it for doing chores, his dad just gives him the money every week for no reason although there could be a possibility that Bowser gave it to Junior for being so good to him.
  • Junior's favorite food is macaroni and cheese, This has been shown in many videos such as Bowser Junior's Macaroni and Evil Chef Pee Pee!. In Bowser Junior Gets Jinxed!, he even chose to have his essay be about how much he loves mac and cheese.
  • Along with Bowser and Margaret, his favorite holiday is revealed to be Thanksgiving in The Big Thanksgiving.
  • Bowser Junior is kept being called a "n***a" by Chef Pee Pee in older Videos.
  • Junior is revealed to be a "Flat Earther" as said in Cody's Sister and The Science Fair.
  • Despite liking Thomas and Friends, he is never seen watching the TV show. It's possible that he only likes the merchandise, or he does indeed watch it, but off-screen.
  • Bowser Junior's personality is somewhat similar to how Bowser Junior in the Mario franchise sometimes acts with how both Juniors frequently show a bratty and selfish nature and both Juniors have a bad temper, which has them be often rude towards others. Unlike the Bowser Junior of the Mario Franchise, who is very intelligent and always has a positive relationship with his father, SML's Bowser Junior is often very dim-witted and the relationship between him and his father is on and off.
  • The Junior human puppet went viral on TikTok because a user called felpav which is now private used the puppet to react to famous TikTokers and reused dimetrees sounds when he yelled at a sphynx cat called Lola. Felpav has 692 followers on Tiktok with his latest video of Bowser Jr. Puppet reacting/duetting to Elias Open or Sweden's 6ix9ine as he calls him due to his pædophilic behavior
  • Bowser Junior is shown to like the game Fortnite: Battle Royale, as shown in Bowser Junior's Daddy Problem", in "Jeffy Skips School", "Mr. Goodman's Credit Card", and in Jeffy Goes To The Arcade
  • A minor plothole with Junior is that in Bowser Junior's first appearances, he was 3 turning 4, and the videos took place in 2013-2014, therefore making him born in 2010, but as of "Bowser Junior's 11th Birthday, Which takes place in September 2019, so he was born in 2008.
    • However, Logan could have possibly either forgot Junior's age in his first appearance or his age is misconstrued.
  • If Junior's age being misconstrued by others is the case, then it makes sense why Bowser Junior is in the Fourth grade since 11-year-olds are supposed to be in 5th or 6th grade. This was because of Jackie Chu having the second-grade helding from 2016 to 2018 which pushed back Junior and his friend going to third grade.
  • Bowser Junior's height or weight has never been revealed, but if Chef Pee Pee is 5'11, and bowser junior is half the size of him, then Bowser Junior is possibly 4'10 inches tall.
  • It is not very often when Bowser Junior swears uncensored.
  • Though Bowser Junior's Xbox was shot by Black Yoshi in The Call Of Duty Problem, Junior is seen using it to play Fortnite in Bowser Junior's Daddy Problem, so Junior could have possibly gotten a new Xbox later on or The Call of Duty Problem was non-canon.
  • Though Junior receives wings in Bowser Junior's Wings it was confirmed to be a one-time thing.
  • Junior has the most birthday specials out of all the characters that have birthday specials, the one who has the second most birthday specials is Jeffy.
  • It is revealed in The Prank!, that Junior does not want to go to college, while in Bowser Junior's Girlfriend Problem!, Joseph wants to become a doctor, which requires multiple years of college.
  • Bowser Junior has dated four characters. These characters are Judy in Bowser Junior's Girlfriend!, Ping and Pong in Bowser Junior's Girlfriend Problem!, and Elizabeth in The Redo Button.
  • Before 2015, He was hated by fans due to his bratty, selfish, whining behavior.
    • As of 2015, He is now loved by fans due to his more mature, nice, good, and friendly behavior.
  • In Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 1, it is revealed that Bowser Junior doesn't like hot sauce while Bowser is putting hot sauce on the sandwich he was making.
  • Junior has only made 2 appearances during the Golden era.
  • In the old house and the apartment, Junior would mostly play with his trains and hang out with Joseph and Cody, however in the new house, Junior no longer plays with his trains but still hangs out with Joseph and Cody.
  • In Hurricane Jeffy Junior believes that Hurricane Sally is an attractive woman that is dangerous.


Like Patrick, Bowser Junior has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as supported by these videos. However, his ADHD is not as severe as Patrick's.

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