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"Bowser Juice Informercial" is a SuperMarioLogan video.


Bowser Juice Infomercial BUY NOW


This commercial is about Bowser selling Bowser Juice, which he claims can give you super energy. It costs $12.99.



  • It's unknown if this is an SML Movie or Short but it is possibly a short since it's 7 minutes.
  • This is Bowser Junior's first ever speaking role.
  • Bowser Juice is actually made from Bowser's own urine. It is also just a lemon-lime Gatorade-flavored bottle with a Bowser Juice label printed on it. 
  • There is also a Bowser Juice XTREME infomercial
  • Charles (Guy in the commercial), is shown to be spitting out the Bowser Juice occasionally when he takes a sip out of it during the song part of the commercial, insisting that he doesn't like it. This can suggest that in reality he was forced to love it by Bowser.
  • The commercial for this episode later, makes appearances in The Call Of Duty Problem, and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?.
  • Charles is very similar to Charleyyy. It is possible that this was Charleyyy, or a some kind of prototype of Charleyyy.


  • At 4:33, the side of Lovell's face can be seen briefly.
  • Since the original drink is Gatorade, the G logo is visible on the cap.


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