Not to be confused with Bowser Junior's Playtime.

"Bowser Jr's Playtime Problem" is the 26th episode of SML Shorts.


No one wants to play with Bowser Junior, except one person....


Bowser and Junior are outside and Bowser tells Junior that he has five minutes to play. Junior wants to play longer but Bowser refuses because the sun will damage his skin.

Bowser sees Donkey Kong and greets him but DK tells him to not talk to him.

Junior meets Diddy Kong who is playing with a banana. Junior asks if he can play with him but Diddy tells him no because Junior is smelly.

Junior decides to play by himself and sees a guy in a car. The guy offers Junior a lollipop and Junior tries to take it but the guy kidnaps him and drives off.

Diddy notices this and alerts Bowser. While in the car Junior keeps yelling to take him back and the guy then caves in and tells Junior "he's not worth it".

The guy then throws Junior out of the car and Bowser is glad to see his son back.

He eventually rebukes Junior for running off and declares him to never go outside without strong permission again.

Bowser then sees the lollipop and tries to take it but the guy kidnaps Bowser as the video ends.



  • When Junior keeps telling the kidnapper, "TAKE ME BACK TO MY DAD!" multiple times, it sounds like he is rapping it.
  • This is the first and only video where "Junior" is shortened to "Jr" in the title.
  • This video reveals that Bowser is incredibly prone to even the slightest of sunburns, has extremely sensitive skin, and is unable to stay out in the sun for even half of a 15-Minute length of time.
  • This is the final SML Short of 2013.
  • When Bowser Junior annoys the kidnapper, it is similar when SpongeBob annoyed The Flying Dutchmen and took him back because he was annoying also.
  • No Charleyy and Friends episodes were featured in this video.


  • When Junior asks Diddy Kong why he can't play with him, Diddy Kong's subtitiles read "BECAUSE YOUR SMELLY!", but it should say "BECAUSE YOU'RE SMELLY!"


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