"Bowser Goes To The Movies!" is the 144th video of SML Movies.


Bowser goes to see Charleyyy and Friends: The Movie!!!


The episode starts off with Chef Pee Pee going on break, when suddenly an ad for Charleyyy and Friends: The Movie comes on TV; thus causing him to lose his break.

After being dropped off, Bowser goes in the theater to watch the movie; throwing popcorn on several moviegoers and being disrespectful during the previews.

The first trailer shows a movie called Applesauce: The Movie, it shows what would happen if you use applesauce on everything - similar to HowToBasic.

The next movie trailer is from a movie called Headless Love, it shows Lovell Stanton (or Charleyyy) hanging out on the beach with a mannequin head and then runs off after the head falls over, acting like it's dead.

The next movie trailer shown is from a movie called: Explosions: The Movie, it only shows a number of explosions over a black background, and the final one is a horror movie with a girl looking similar to Samara Morgan from The Ring sitting on a bench over a windy scenery, hence the title: The Girl Who Just Sits There...

Shortly afterwards, the movie begins with an Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer version of Charleyyy; he roars like a lion with the MGM backdrop surrounding him and text above stating Charleyyy and Friends.

Bowser shouts again and uses his phone to tweet about it. Someone in the audience yells at him to put down his phone, but Bowser declines. Goodman then comes in and forces Bowser to put away his phone instead. Bowser then turns off his phone.

The Charleyyy and Friends movie starts off by showing Charleyyy sleeping in the bathtub and he greets the audience. Bowser starts being extremely rude and inconsiderate throughout the whole movie, and ruins everything for everyone. He leaves the theater as the movie ends and tells Chef Pee Pee that everyone was being rude and inconsiderate, even though he was doing it and they weren't.



  • This is the third time Lance physically appears in an SML Movie, the first time being Nerd And Bully's and the second time being Toad's Stupid Idea.
  • This is the fourth time Chris Netherton physically appears in person in an SML Movie since Bowser Junior's Summer School.
  • This is the only SuperMarioLogan movie of August 2015 that was uploaded on a Sunday.
  • Logan revealed in a dabhdude livestream that the amount of popcorn they wasted was over $60 worth.
  • The people attending the movie are Tito, The Waffle House Employee, Chilly, Shrek, and Mr. Winkle; the front were Lance, Judy, Craig, and Harold Wilfred.
  • This is Charleyyy's first major role in a motion picture.
  • Out of all the SuperMarioLogan videos, this one has the most humans in it.
  • Lovell appears as the lion from the MGM screen.
  • This is the second time Charleyyy disguises himself as a different character, as a man from the Headless Love Trailer.
  • Chris Netherton possibly broke the fourth wall as he revealed himself portraying Craig.
  • There were tons of bloopers while making the Applesauce trailer and Logan had to wash his hair multiple times.
  • The Charleyyy movie mainly focused on Charleyyy's day in the life of himself and not much of a big event.
  • The trailers that were shown are:
  • Applesauce: The Movie
  • Headless Love
  • Explosions: The Movie
  • The Girl Who Just Sits There...
  • The music of the credits in the  movie and the SML question was "If I Had A Chicken" by "Kevin Macleod".
  • As revealed in the reaction video, Logan filmed the "McDonalds scene" in the movie in the "Applebee's" parking lot.
  • The reaction video also reveals that Chilly rented the whole movie theater for $800 for 3 hours.


  • When Chris is insistent on Bowser during the Apple Sauce trailer, "fuck" is left uncensored.
  • If you look inside, there are still cups in there at 12:18.
  • The MGM logo is in 1:66.1 aspect ratio.