"Bowser's Video Game" is the 63rd video of SML Movies.


Bowser gets Charleyyy and Friends: The Game!


Bowser is watching Charleyyy and Friends when he sees Charleyyy advertising his own video game. He gets very excited and runs to Chef Pee Pee. Chef Pee Pee is making tacos until Bowser comes in and tells Chef Pee Pee to get him the Charleyyy and Friends game.

Bowser can't get it because he doesn't have a driver's license and that the game is rated M (even though he is an adult). Chef Pee Pee leaves to get and it takes 6 hours because there was a long line. Bowser gets mad that it is taking very long.

After giving Bowser the game, Bowser complains why it took so long. Chef Pee Pee calls him an idiot. Bowser then puts the game in the PlayStation 3 and starts playing.

After pressing start, Bowser is thrown into a level where he has to wake up Charleyyy. After turning on the lights, he yells at Charleyyy to wake up.

After that, Bowser starts walking Charleyyy over to the bathroom but Charleyyy hits the wall and camera making lose a heart of health. When he goes into the bathroom he has the option for Charleyyy to either wash his face, brush his teeth, poop in the sink or exit. Bowser picks the option to wash his face. Then he makes Charleyyy brush his teeth but Charleyyy picks up the hair dryer instead, but Charleyyy then brushes his teeth.

After that, Bowser makes Charleyyy get dressed where he can pick a naked outfit, hillbilly outfit or a random outfit. Bowser picks the random outfit and Charleyyy wears a pick robe and asks if its swag.  Bowser picks no, then Charleyyy comes out wearing crutches and Bowser picks no. Charleyyy then wears crutches with a bra and Bowser picks a different outfit and then Charleyyy comes out wearing a standard T-shirt and pants and Bowser picks yes.

Charleyyy then begins to enter the kitchen but Charleyyy trips and loses half a heart. And when he goes into the kitchen, Bowser has the option to pick either Clorox, cereal or doritos. Bowser picks cereal and when pouring the cereal Charleyyy pours too much. When Charleyyy pours the milk, again he pours too much milk. Bowser wonders how Charleyyy will eat it without a spoon so he presses down and Charleyyy dunks his face in the cereal.

After this, Charleyyy is at full health. Bowser then walks Charleyyy to outside and sees a coin and grabs it. Charleyyy then makes Charleyyy check the mail and sees that there is nothing inside which makes Charleyyy lose half a heart. Charleyyy then bumps into the car twice and loses a heart of health. Charleyyy then enters the car the wrong way so bowser tries to make Charleyyy enter the other side but Charleyyy hits the camera and loses half a heart. Charleyyy hits the camera again and again until he has one more piece of heart left.

Bowser finally makes Charleyyy drive the car. While driving, Bowser turns on the music on the car. Bowser is picking up speed and then has the option to text and drive but gets reminded to not text and drive. The car is running out of gas and Bowser tries to find a gas station but the gas runs out.

Charleyyy then gets out of the car, but he realizes that he doesn't have gas in the trunk and dies which causes a game over. This causes Bowser to become really angry. Bowser Junior comes in and Bowser lets Junior play the video game. After 10 minutes, Junior beats the game, and when Bowser finds out, he breaks down and runs out crying.



  • The case used for the Charleyyy and Friends game is a PlayStation 3 game case. Despite this, the PlayStation 4 was already out.
  • Logan said this video took the most amount of editing out of all his other videos.
    • This video used to be the most edited SML Movie until it was beaten by Sunken!
  • This is the 3rd time in which Charleyyy and Friends betray Bowser in several ways. The 1st being Bowser's Broken TV, and the 2nd being Bowser's Depression.
  • The title card has an 8-bit Mario, Link, and Megaman.
  • The Charleyyy and Friends video game can be found on the Scratch website. The link is:
  • Lovell was mostly the only character because he voiced Charleyyy, Bowser and Chef Pee Pee in the video.
  • Many people thought Charleyyy and Friends video game was real, as Logan said in the reaction video.


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