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"Bowser's House Fire!" is the 118th episode of SML Movies and the final video of The Old House.


Bowser Junior shouldn't have played with fire! Bowser's family has to move to a new place!


Bowser Junior is watching Doofy the Dragon turn himself into a human birthday candle by pouring gasoline on himself and lighting himself up with a match, thus burning to death.

Junior, being the idiot that he is, goes to Chef Pee Pee to get a match. Chef Pee Pee refuses to give Junior a match, because playing with matches is a bad idea, so Junior makes him light a candle instead. Junior takes the candle into his room so he can admire it.

Chef Pee Pee accidentally spills the Macaroni for dinner all over the stove just as Bowser comes in feeling hungry. Disgusted about the Macaroni, he asks Chef Pee Pee to take him to McDonald's and asks Junior if he wants to comes as well. Junior says "Yes, I do!!!", and happily comes along, unaware that he left the candle on his bed.

The 3 guys drive to McDonald's, where Bowser orders a Big Mac, while Junior orders a Happy Meal. When they get home, they are horrified to see the house on fire and start panicking.

The Brooklyn Guy tries to put it out with the garden hose, and when Junior and Chef Pee Pee come and tell him about it, he angrily says that he doesn't have a fire truck, a Dalmatian, a team or anything else, that he only has a black car next to the burning house, and that he is using their garden hose. Chef Pee Pee asks if the house is going to be fine, Brooklyn Guy says that it’s gonna be gone. Realizing that Thomas is still in the burning house, Junior desperately goes in to save him, which he does despite Brooklyn Guy telling him not to.

What Junior didn't realize was that Elmo, The Ugly Red One, Doc McStuffins and other of his toy friends were burning in the house too and he was too late to save them, and the other toys that Junior couldn’t save were already burned in the house.

Everyone was depressed about the house being burnt. The Brooklyn Guy comes out and finds the candle that Junior left on the bed and says that the house is completely destroyed. Chef Pee Pee, furious that Junior left the candle unattended, takes him to the car and beats him up.

Bowser, Junior, and Chef Pee Pee are forced to live somewhere else until the house is fixed. The Brooklyn Guy takes the trio to their new home at the apartment.

Later that day, they look around their new home and see red couches and a painting of flowers in the living room, which the Brooklyn Guy painted. They go to the kitchen, which a little small, and the dining room.

They go to Junior's room, and since Junior loves Thomas, his bed has Thomas on it, and he gets excited. Junior stays in his new room, while the rest head to Bowser's room, where he watches Charleyyy and Friends. Chef Pee Pee is forced to sleep on the couch and use the walk-in closet as his room, much to his disappointment and he angrily yells at Brooklyn T. Guy to get out of the apartment before he can beat him up.

After Chef Pee Pee takes the Brooklyn Guy out of his new home, he comes to the kitchen, where Junior says he's hungry, causing Chef Pee Pee to angrily tell him to leave and slaps him and call him a fat-a**.



  • The picture in Junior's room is the same picture from "Bowser Junior Goes To The Fair!".
  • This is the first appearance of the new Bowser plush since Logan lost his old house era plush during his move out.
  • During the scene where Bowser asks Junior if he wants McDonalds off-screen, the footage is slowed down until Junior responded to Bowser and left the room.
  • This is the first time a building burns down. The second and third times are in "Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 5", and in "Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 6".
    • This is also the first time that Bowser Junior burns down a building.
  • "F*cking (x3)" is censored.
  • Because Logan and the staff were moving out, he had an idea for this movie and made it before they moved into the apartment with some scenes made after they moved into the apartment.
  • This is the final video in which Logan's old house is seen but it reappears in "Bowser Junior's 11th Birthday!". It appeared again in Jeffy The Pirate!, In SML videos, it was used since "SUPER MARIO GOT MILK", which was made in 2007 and was Logan's very first video.
  • This is the first time Chef Pee Pee beats Bowser Junior up. The second is "Bowser Junior's Broken Leg!" and the third is "Bowser Junior's YouTube Channel!".
  • This is the first move-out video. The second is "The Koopalings! 2".
  • Chef Pee Pee having to sleep on the couch is similar to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force character Master Shake, where one of the crew members had forgotten to give Master Shake a room and that he sleeps on a chair, as much similar to this video.
  • This video was age-restricted possibly due to Doofy burning himself to death and child abuse.


  • At 6:37, Chris' face is shown.
  • At 5:30, Lovell's face is shown.
  • When at the McDonald's part, Bowser is seen driving for a little bit.
  • Doofy states that he was going to make himself a "human birthday candle", but he is not human.


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