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"Bowser's Dilemma" is the 17th video of SML Movies.


Bowser enters the kitchen only to find a note from Chef Pee Pee that said he was on vacation in Mexico with his family, leaving Bowser useless of getting food without him.

Bowser tries to make cereal for breakfast with help from the kids and he uses the wrong spoon and the wrong bowl which is a banana and plate and he said "You suck kids!!!"

Bowser then sees some donuts but their stale so he puts them in the microwave to heat them up but when he opens the door, it turns into to toast which confuses Bowser who then sees another label on the microwave saying that its actually a toast maker.

He spots an ad for Pizza Hut so he calls them. However it turns out that Bowser called a scammer named Tito (who is later revealed that he borrowed Koopa's car to deliver the pizzas) who sells fake pizzas. Tito gives Bowser the box and runs away with the money.

Bowser gets confused, and looks in the box and realizes that there is nothing in the inside of the pizza box, only a note that says... "You suck, learn to cook!"

An upset Bowser finds a poster with a picture of a cheeseburger from Wendy's so he makes Koopa take him to Wendy's and they order the cheeseburger and Bowser yells about wanting it. After they order the cheeseburger at the drive-thru, they park in front the building. When they get the cheeseburger, the staff member who gives them the burger says their yelling was disrespectful, then the video ends.



  • This episode reveals that Bowser is terrible at making food for himself.
  • This is the first video and SML Movie of 2013.
  • This video was uploaded 1 month after New Year's Day 2013.
  • This is the first time that Chef Pee Pee goes on vacation.
  • The video synopsis is just the video's title.
  • In the beginning, Bowser breaks the fourth wall multiple times to get help from the audience.
  • In the last scene, Logan and Lovell actually got in trouble for yelling in the drive thru, as the woman at Wendy's was not an actor, but a real person.
  • Big Red cameos as a keychain in the car.


  • When the pizza guy enters the door, Logan recorded Bowser's voice that was voiced before the scene came when Tito Brown was giving the pizza. When the pizza guy left, Lovell acted as Bowser again with no voiced recorded before the scene was recorded. This was because it was impossible for Lovell to voice both characters at once as the pizza guy was Lovell himself, while Bowser is a plush toy.
  • When Tito gave Bowser the pizza a label that says "pizza" can be seen


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