"Bowser's Depression" is the 57th video of SML Movies.


Charleyyy and Friends is cancelled! So now Bowser has to do something to make him not depressed.


This episode starts out with Bowser doing his everyday thing, watching Charleyyy and Friends. But right in the middle of the episode, it says that Charleyyy and Friends has been cancelled, and is being replaced by a show called Fishy and Friends. This cause Bowser to become so upset that he threw all the pillows off the bed and ran off yelling that he couldn't deal with it.

Chef Pee Pee, who is in the kitchen experimenting with dinner, gets annoyed by Bowser Junior, who is playing with a toy car and saying that the stove is the highway and Chef Pee Pee had to move. Chef Pee Pee got so annoyed, that he hit his car, which made Junior really upset. So he ran off to tell Bowser. When he went into Bowser's room he couldn't find him anywhere.

At first, Junior thought Bowser had a stroke, then he realized he wasn't in the room and left to go get another toy. Chef Pee Pee was in the kitchen still making food, when Junior came in and annoys him again with a bus. Junior said he thought Bowser snuck out the window to go meet a girl. Chef Pee Pee said he probably was in the bathroom, so Junior goes to check. Before he left, he asked Chef Pee Pee to take good care of his bus, but the second he leaves, Chef Pee Pee hits his bus really hard and flew it off the stove.

Meanwhile, Bowser is in the bathroom, with a rope around his neck, holding onto a shower pole. He lets go and starts to choke himself. When Junior comes in, he asked him what he was doing, and says he's going to tell Chef Pee Pee that he is being weird.

Then, when Junior goes into the kitchen with a bigger car that he is driving, Chef Pee Pee asks if he found Bowser. Junior says he was in the bathroom hanging from a rope, saying he thought he was playing Hangman. Chef Pee Pee runs to go help Bowser and calls Junior an idiot for not helping Bowser. When he got there, he was unresponsive. Chef Pee Pee was kind of happy, but had to save him anyway.

Chef Pee Pee put Bowser on the ground, realized he had stopped breathing and did CPR, and when he revived Bowser, he explained that he tried to kill himself because there was no point in living without Charleyyy and Friends. Chef Pee Pee said that he had Junior and a lot of other things. Bowser said he didn't care about anything other then Charleyyy, and that he was nothing without him.

Chef Pee Pee had Bowser come into the kitchen to eat with him and Junior, to try to cheer him up. Bowser said that he wasn't hungry. Junior tried to cheer him up, too. But he couldn't cheer him up, either. Chef Pee Pee said he should cheer up within a week.

A week later, Bowser was still depressed. Junior said that he was sad, too, because Bowser was still really upset. Junior said that he wanted to make a show for Bowser, to cheer him up. Chef Pee Pee said he didn't want to do it, but he agreed because Junior said he could become famous. So they let Bowser see it, even though he didn't want to.

At first, he didn't think it was funny, but he did after a while. Chef Pee Pee left after he saw that Junior recorded him in the shower, singing, and that Junior used his toothbrush to clean the toilet, and a minute later, Chef Pee Pee used the same toothbrush, commenting that it tasted weird.

Bowser thought it was really funny, but started to cry again after Junior said now he can't cry about Charleyyy and Friends. Junior then tries to tell him to find a good show on TV. Bowser doubt it but since he though that Junior shows were funny he tried to give other shows a chance. Bowser started to look and found Fishy and Friends. He was about to change it, then started laughing at it. Then, it said that Fishy and Friends had been cancelled but Charleyyy and Friends were back. Bowser then said that it was back to his normal life.



  • Apparently, Fishy And Friends only lasted two weeks: it may have been part of an April Fool's joke or just thrown in for comedic effect, but it's never implied.
  • This is the 2nd time in which Charleyyy and Friends betray Bowser. The 1st being Bowser's Broken TV. The next time will be Bowser's Video Game.
  • Chef Pee Pee saving Bowser from committing suicide shows that he really cares for Bowser even though he is treated really poorly.
  • This is the first appearance of Fishy and his show.
  • This video reveals that Bowser can't go even the shortest length of time without watching Charleyy and friends although later videos such as Bowser Junior's 9th Birthday! reveal that Bowser doesn't seem to mind going without Charleyy and friends. It could be possible that Bowser might have gotten used to it at some point after the events of this video.


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This is the error

  • When Bowser is happy to see Charleyyy, The Laugh Box TV logo is still visible.
  • When Chef Pee Pee does CPR to Bowser after the latter hangs himself, Bowser is alive again. Bowser should have died because in real life if a person hangs themselves, their neck will be broken in the process. (unless Bowser’s drop was too low or the noose is in the incorrect position which would cause death by strangulation)
  • The description says on the last 2 words "no depressed when it is supposed to say "not depressed."


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