"Bowser's Broken TV" is the 52nd video of SML Movies.


Bowser's TV is broken... or the cable is broken... something is causing the TV to not show Charleyyy and Friends!


Bowser was watching the super special of Charleyyy and Friends, when suddenly, the signal just as soon as Charleyyy said "Are you ready?",

Bowser got shocked. He eventually got so angry, he threw a childish fit and bangs on the TV screen and gets Chef Pee Pee while he was eating his yogurt to fix his television, he then hit Chef Pee Pee on the television screen, and then told him that the TV's showing static stuff and not showing Charleyyy and Friends! Chef Pee Pee told him he's a chef and told him NO! Chef Pee Pee then tells him to call a TV repairman to fix it, so Bowser does so.

The TV repairman was Goodman, Bowser asks the TV repairman that can he fix it. He told him he can, so he just hit the Television right side, Bowser told him that the repairman usually supposed to take less time. Bowser becomes angry that he has to wait for him to repair the television, so he went to the kitchen, and told Chef Pee Pee that he's gonna watch him in the kitchen.

Chef Pee Pee told him that's weird, Bowser told him he wants a vegetable casserole, Chef Pee Pee bets with Bowser that he wouldn't probably eat the casserole, Chef Pee Pee told him to watch someone else while he was waiting for the casserole to be done.

Bowser Junior was playing trains, and Bowser came in and told his son that he can watch him, Bowser Junior told him he doesn't always want to watch him, Bowser answers only when he's not looking at Charleyyy and Friends, Bowser told him can he play trains with him, Bowser Junior allows him to play.

Bowser Junior was being mean to his father, by saying he gets Thomas, and Bowser the The Ugly Red One. This makes Bowser angry and makes him wants to play something else. Bowser and Bowser Junior were playing dinosaurs, and Bowser Junior was being unfair again, by telling him he gets the rest of the dinosaurs, and Bowser gets a tiny cat-like animal Bowser Junior was attacking his character even more because Bowser Junior only gave him one, and Bowser told him what was that for, and

Bowser Junior told him because he sucks. Bowser eventually loses his temper and tells him he has his own game Bowser Junior can play. But this wasn't a game, it was a whipping for being unfair to him. He angrily punishes Junior for his actions and calls him a nuisance. Junior was sobbing in pain as his Bowser leaves the room leaving him hurt before replying Humph! I wonder when my vegetable casserole is ready!

Chef Pee Pee unaware that Bowser wanted a cheeseburger finishes Bowser's casserole. Unfortunately this causes Chef Pee Pee to give up after Bowser looks at the casserole in disgust.

Later that night Bowser came to his room to see if the TV repairman was done with the repair, and right when Bowser came in, the TV repairman told him that he needed to pay five thousand dollars, and Bowser replies that's outrageous, and tells him Chef Pee Pee has the money. Which the TV Repairman left In Bowser's room.

The Charleyyy and Friends super special was at the end, and Charleyyy said it will only air once. Bowser then loses his temper and outright throws yet another childish fit before replying "SOMEBODY'S GOING TO HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS!" before leaving angered and annoyed.

Chef Pee Pee was muttering about being right about Bowser not wanting to eat the vegetable casserole he made him. The TV repairman came in and tells him that he needs to pay Five thousand dollars for the cable.

Chef Pee Pee decides to outwit the TV repairman by telling him that the money was in the bushes realizing that he too does not have the money. Chef Pee slams the door on the TV repairman, the TV repairman told him to let him in by knocking on the door, he said if he were a policeman right now, he would arrest Chef Pee Pee and walks away disappointed.

Bowser Junior wasn't in pain anymore, but Bowser came in blaming him for missing the super special of Charleyyy and friends. Bowser then punishes Junior, taking his frustration out on him.




  • This video is similar to the Baby Looney Tunes episode "I Strain", where Petunia runs outside crying and tells Granny that she went in her room to watch TV because Lola and Melissa wouldn't stop fighting, but then the lights and the TV went out, which also happens to Bowser in this episode


  • On the thumbnail, it shows a smashed TV but in the video, it is not smashed, but it does not work.
  • Goodman only pesters Chef Pee Pee for the money, and even wishes he could arrest him.  Goodman should not blame Chef Pee Pee for not getting his money, as Chef Pee Pee neither requested the repairment or even used the TV in the first place.  Despite this, Goodman is still entitled to his money.