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"Bowser's Biggest Fear" is the 22nd video of SML Movies.

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Old: Bowser watches The Man with the Banana.

New: Bowser is scared!


SteinbeckstaringatJunior.jpg WHAT IS IT?!

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The Episode starts with Bowser watching Charley and Friends, The C&F episode is about Charleyy asking where his keys are and he is trying to figure them out in a dumb way, He then gets stuck in the closet. He then figures out that the keys were in his pocket. Bowser Junior then walks in and wants to watch a Scary Movie with Bowser. Bowser at first declines and then Bowser Junior makes fun of Soap Operas. Bowser Junior then asks Bowser if he is scared of Scary Movies then forces him to watch a movie. They then watch The Man with the Banana and Bowser starts shivering, Bowser Junior then tells him that People got thier eyes removed because of them watching the Man with the Banana. The movie starts starring Lovell Stanton seeing a banana and is scared of it and starts hiding. Bowser is hiding under the sheets denying that he is afraid of the movie. Lovell then sees the banana eating him alive and Bowser is freaking out. He then is denying that he is scared of the movie but Bowser Junior does not believe him. Lovell then runs away doing incredible acrobatics, the banana is then eaten by Lovell. Bowser is still denying that he is scared of the movie and Junior still does not believe him. The banana is revealed to not be dead, thus ending the video.


Main Characters


  • This video marks the first season and episode of Charleyyy and Friends, as well as the first appearance of Charleyyy himself.
  • This episode marks the start of Bowser's current personality as an anti-hero and his devotion to Charleyyy and Friends.
  • After the video was uploaded, Logan asked on SuperLuigiLogan if the viewers wanted Charleyyy and Friends to become an actual series. Just like Doofy the Dragon with his own YouTube channel.
  • The title card shows a TV with Bowser Junior and Bowser with his face edited to make him have a scared look, as well as a banana with a face next to the screen.
  • This is the third non-consecutive video with a custom thumbnail.


  • Charleyyy and Friends is not a soap opera. However, Bowser could be dumb and not know what a soap opera actually is.
  • The screen before the movie starts had a main menu. This is not possible, because in real life, Netflix and other streaming apps do not have main menus, only DVDs and Blu-Rays do.
  • At 5:01, you can clearly see Logan pulling Lovell.
  • At 5:26, you can hear Logan snicker behind the camera.


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