"Bowser's 4th Of July" is the 25th episode of SML Shorts.


The video starts in the kitchen, where Chef Pee Pee is putting ketchup on a chicken.

Bowser calls Chef Pee Pee about the Fourth of July and every other holiday. But Chef Pee Pee tells Bowser that his job is cooking, not an announcer.

Bowser tells him to come outside and shoot fireworks, but he doesn't want to. Bowser brings Chef Pee Pee outside where the fireworks are because Bowser Junior never saw a firework before.

Junior wants to see fireworks in the way that shoots like pistols, but Chef Pee Pee doesn't think so. Chef Pee Pee is going to light a match, but Junior and Bowser interrupted him.

Chef Pee Pee puts the firework on the street to avoid hazards. Chef Pee Pee light the firework and it flew up and doesn't make a sound. Chef Pee Pee lights another firework and it made a little sound.

Bowser and Junior are mad because of the firework didn't go "pew pew". Bowser said that he's gonna kill him if the last firework doesn't make a pistol sound.

Toad came to help, but Chef Pee Pee said no. Then Mario came. Chef Pee Pee lights the firework in the wrong way to Mario's car, then explodes. Bowser and Junior are now excited to see a firework go "pew pew".



  • This video marks the first 4th of July-themed special. It is eventually followed by "Bowser Junior's Fireworks!" two years later.
  • At 1:32, Mario and Toad can be seen lying in the grass in the background.
  • At 1:53, Lovell's voice cracks when he says “pume pume”
  • No Charleyy and Friends episodes were featured in this video.


  • Even though this was a Fourth of July special, it was uploaded on July 3rd.


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