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— Bowser to Bowser Junior in The Remote!
— When Bowser watches Charleyyy
— Bowser yelling for Chef Pee Pee
— Bowser to Bowser Jr
"Oh, you want to quit? Then fine! Quit! Quit! We don't need you! You never did anything special for us! Since we treat you so bad and you don't enjoy your life here, quit! Find another home! Find another job! We don't need you anymore, Chef Pee Pee! Oh, you're gonna walk away? Then walk away because you're a quitter! And don't even use me as a job reference because you're horrible! YOU'RE A QUITTER!!!"
— Bowser yelling as Chef Pee Pee as the latter proceeds to quit in Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 1

Bowser Bernard Koopa, Sr. (usually known as Bowser in general, and Robert as his non-canon real name) is one of the two anti-heroic tritagonists (alongside Jeffy) of the SuperMarioLogan franchise. He is also a fan version of the Super Mario villain of the same name. He is Mario's former archenemy and current friend.

He is the strict but kind, caring, and protective single father of Bowser Junior, compared to his Nintendo self, has a liking for Mario, and loves watching a TV show called Charleyyy and Friends, which he loves so much to the point to where he almost strains his relationship with his own son. 

In the First 5 Seasons He was originally the show's main antagonist because he was an evil villain who tried to capture Peach and destroy Mario and take over the world. He also hired a chef named Chef Pee Pee who labors for Bowser and his son under a slave contract to make parenting responsibilities a bit easier for him. He was also the main antagonist in the early generation series, Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures. However, as of Season 9, a former hero and the former police chief, Mr. Goodman took over as the main antagonist. Even though Bowser is no longer the main antagonist, but he still acts as an antagonist on some occasions with him threatening to harm his son and Chef Pee Pee rather than Mario.

In later videos, he is noted for being a caring, kind, loving, and protective yet strict father but sometimes gets driven up the wall with Junior's bratty, spoiled, and bad behavior such as in Bowser Junior's 9th Birthday! but the best example of Bowser's responsibilities of parenting is in Bowser Junior's Broken Leg! where he felt really bad for Junior suffering a broken leg.

There is also a Bowser puppet who appears in The Perfect Plan! as the main antagonist. Unlike the original Bowser, who is an anti-hero despite being a villain, this puppet Bowser is completely evil and was never a hero or an anti-hero at all.


Baby Bowser

Kid Bowser talking to Baby Mario.

Bowser was born on February 21, 1968, As a youth, Bowser had a very stricter parent situation as he was raised by her mother Margaret and locked him in a cage. It was also revealed that his mother did not feed him resulting in Bowser's jealousy over Mario he was also implied to be abused by his Father although he said his Father played catch with him when he was young.  In 1969 He Visted the Mushroom Kingdom When he was just 1 years old Where He Fell in Love with Princess Peach who was a baby at time. he also drafted Crack Bear in 1984 to kill Mario and was promised a Raise but Crack Bear got arrested for eating Crack and Bowser forgot him

He was also know to Rob Gas Stations when he was Young and also had a history with Donkey Kong.

(See Baby Bowser for more details)


Bowser in highschool

  He was in high school during the 1980s when he had a crush on Peach 

He even took pictures of her in Her Prom Night causing her parents to call the cops on him.

Bowser would Graduate in 1985 along with Mario and Peach Kirby and  Luigi.

After  High School Mario  fell in love with Peach, and they later got married  making Bowser jealous of him and would torment him because of that calling him a stupid nerd shortly after his Father would give him a clown car before dying in an unknown war. 

Bowser would later work as a male Prostitute in the late 80s then he met up with Evil Croco who taught him to be evil and use his anger to harm others Bowser would call him Master he Later worked in Nintendo and also kidnapping Princess Peach all the time causing Mario to rescue her and causing Peach to hate Bowser.

He was Crowned the King  of Koopa in the late  90s and recruited many henchman like Kamek Goomba Koopa Troopa and Shy Guy to kidnap Peach in his plan but often got foiled by Mario

During the Early 2000s Mario moved away from the Mushroom Kingdom to Florida to hide from Bowser

In 2008 Mama Luigi offerd Bowser 20 dollars to kidnap Peach which he accepted he tried multiple times but failed then he got stuck in a Grill which Goomba freed him and then he killed Mama Luigi

right after he killed Mama Luigi, his son Bowser Junior was born. He later dated Shelby but she would left him leaving Bowser heartbroken. He would later become an anti-hero, and started to like watching a TV show called Charleyyy and Friends. He still continued to do some evil acts but not as much as he did in the past.

Now Bowser has retired from villainy and spends his days staying in his bedroom watching his long-running show Charleyyy and Friends, telling and abusing Chef Pee Pee to cook him what he wants and being a great father to Junior.


Bowser has quite a personality. He has multiple (not Multiple Personality Disorder) types of personalities he generally follows throughout the channel.

On most occasions, Bowser has shown to be evil, cruel, sadistic, impatient, demanding and easily tempered. and also gets into his angriest side over little things. In later videos, he seems to take pleasure in torturing his slave, Chef Pee Pee and is sometimes driven up the wall with Junior's bratty and spoiled behavior yet still loves him just the same.

Despite being evil, Bowser is sometimes an anti-hero.

This is to the point of deliberately causing pain, misery, torture, and extra work for Chef Pee Pee just so he can't be happy. Though an very caring father In Switching Bodies!, it is revealed he literally gives Bowser Junior beatings almost every day for no reason whatsoever other than his enjoyment. This was never spoken of or done again in later videos. He can also be bent on revenge, such as when he outright murdered Mama Luigi for defeating him.

In earlier videos, Bowser was shown to be a psychopath who is a danger to some people around him. This is best shown in the Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures series, where he is fairly insane. In these videos, he has raped Peach, murdered Mama Luigi, brainwashed Yoshi, nearly killed both Black Yoshi and Luigi, wronged Mario to the point of no longer wanting to live, slit the throat of a Goomba for petty teasing, sent Crack Bear to murder Mario and Mama Luigi, attempted to sacrifice Peach to The Eagle, and more.

Bowser has also caused his family and Chef Pee Pee distress at times this includes videos such as Bowser Junior's Birthday Cake, where he threatens to cut Chef Pee Pee's and feed it to Bowser Junior. Or Bowser Junior's Summer School, where he threatens to murder Chef Pee Pee if Bowser Junior fails his exam. In earlier videos, Bowser has shown no remorse for the evil he committed, and it is easily some of the worst and most evil threats Bowser has ever made in his entire life.

Bowser is a sore loser. This is best shown in Bowser Junior's Easter Egg Hunt, where he cheats by beating up Bowser Junior, having Chef Pee Pee hide the eggs and tell him where they are, breaking his own rules, and yelling at Toad because Toad found more. Eventually, when Bowser Junior found the golden Easter egg, Bowser breaks down crying. This is mentioned and brought up again in Bowser Junior's Easter Wish! when he left the area due to his shame of being beaten by Bowser Junior.

Aside from his reputation as a sore loser, he is also shown to be a hypocrite. This is shown in Black Yoshi's Koolaid when Bowser orders a medium-rare steak from Chef Pee Pee, but once it is cooked claims that he ordered a hot dog since Bowser realized that he did not want steak, leading to Chef Pee Pee complaining, but it gets worse when Chef Pee Pee decides to give up in Bowser's Broken TV after he realizes that he ordered a cheeseburger and not a vegetable casserole. In Bowser Goes To The Movies!, he is somewhat loud and obnoxious during the movie but leaves and complains about how others were loud and obnoxious during the movie.

In earlier videos, Bowser was a well-meaning but problem causing comedic relief character. Sometimes he is used for comedy, and his stupider and nicer side is explored. This side of him is best represented in the Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventures series. This also ties in with the totally insane Bowser with crazy antics from the Bowser Juice Infomercials, and Toad Away.

He has also punished his son with no hesitation on occasion such as in Bowser Junior's Doll! However, there are a few instances where Bowser actually hesitated to punish Junior such as in Bowser's Broken TV, Bowser Junior's 9th Birthday!, The Sticky Situation, and Bowser Junior's Cheeseburger to name a few.

He has thrown childish fits at times too such as when Bowser became childishly crazy in one episode when Bowser had a nervous breakdown and threw a childlike fit over missing the Charleyy and Friends Super Special.

Bowser also can be an extremely obsessed super fan of the Charleyyy and Friends franchise. He sometimes puts it over his family and friends, almost straining his relationship with his son. In the first few appearances of Charleyyy and Friends, he was merely fond of the show rather than obsessed with it.

On occasion, Bowser is shown to be racist against African Americans. He accused Black Yoshi of kidnapping Peach because he is a black man. In Black Yoshi's Job, he was reluctant to hire Black Yoshi as a Babysitter because of his African American heritage. He also called Black Yoshi "Blackey" after getting angry over Black Yoshi not letting Bowser ride him (because Yoshi was letting Mario ride him, making Bowser jealous). Ironically, he idolizes Charleyyy, who is black.

Bowser has also been shown to have somewhat sexist views against females. In The Big Thanksgiving, he gets Mario to stop trying to save Peach because "women sometimes just need to be quiet", implying he doesn't think they can contribute to a conversation or be useful like men can.

In some videos, Bowser can also be an extremely irritating person, up to the point that it makes him an unpleasant person to be around. He showed he was almost as immature as his son in the end of Bowser Junior's Happy Meal. However the episode Bowser Goes To The Movies! brings this behavior the most out of him, where he single-handily ruined the movie for the entire room of viewers.

Bowser shows signs of suffering from an anti-social personality disorder. Being cruel to animals is one of the first signs of ASPD, and Bowser shows this. In Bowser Junior's Pet!, Bowser is overly cruel to both the Skunk and the Rabbid beating both to death although this was entirely self-defense. Another sign is not caring about your family sometimes. In earlier videos, Bowser was shown to barely care for Bowser Junior. He also outright states he hopes his mother Margaret will die soon so he will get the insurance money in Chef Poo Poo's Kitchen Disaster!, as well as forgets his mom's birthday and gives her a last-minute Mother's Day gift due to lack of preparation. Another sign is being "sexually deviant". Bowser is in a "smash and dash on occasion" relationship with Peach, but has had multiple ex-wives, watches pornography, as well hiring a stripper named Candy to strip for him. This shows that he isn't very loyal to any of his sources of attraction. And another sign is his remorseless murders in the much earlier videos and his enjoyment of other's suffering. Bowser gets a sense of joy from Chef Pee Pee's suffering although he has decided to change after the events of Bowser Junior goes to Military School.

Bowser can also be considered as a TV personality due to his commercials and infomercials.

Bowser's physical strength also varies from video to video from being barely able to drag a toy box in Bowser Junior's Doll! to beating up a live shark with his bare hands in The Fishing Trip!

Bowser is also shown to be allergic to cherries as hinted in Bowser's Dinner Date.


Bowser is an obese Koopa who wears four spiked bracelets with two on each arm. He also boasts the same red hair and pale yellow skin as his son. He has red eyes, three long fingernails with each finger on the underside and chubby feet. Bowser seems to appear without his penis because he keeps mentioning that he got a vasectomy. His favorite snack is implied to be Nacho cheese Doritos as this was shown in many videos. This could also explain why he is obese.

As a human, Bowser is more creepy-looking, having fair skin, red eyes, sharp teeth, and slight stubble. He also has horns on his head and a scar on his left eye. He wears a white tank-top, green shorts that are similar to his son's, and a pair of pink bunny slippers.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Charleyyy and Friends
  • Mario
  • Charleyyy
  • Bowser Junior
  • Kidnapping Peach (formerly)
  • Being evil (occasionally)
  • Crimes
  • Doritos
  • High-calorie foods
  • The thought of his son getting good grades
  • Abusing Junior (mostly in older episodes)
  • McDonald's
  • Green apples
  • Sex with "Chef Pee Pee"
  • Annoying and terrorizing Chef Pee Pee (This is also why Chef Pee Pee hates Bowser)
  • Being strict
  • Preventing Chef Pee Pee from going on break.
  • Putting peanut butter On Chompy
  • Candy twerking
  • Viewing turtle pornography
  • Joseph's Mom
  • Joseph's voodoo doll
  • Trix
  • His TV
  • Chompy
  • Judy (Love interest)
  • Murdering children (occasionally)
  • Child abuse of any kind
  • Prostitution
  • Being young
  • Joseph
  • Jackie Chu
  • Having sex with Cody disguised as Chef Pee Pee


Murder Victims (Most of these are considered non-canon.)

Death Count


SteinbeckstaringatJunior WHAT IS IT?!

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Bowser Junior

Bowser Lost Tooth! 3
While Bowser is shown to love his son in most videos, He is shown to punish him and abuse him occasionally in others. Bowser was much more cruel to Junior in earlier videos but he later changed to a kind, caring, and protective but strict father that can be very annoyed by junior but seems to still love and care for him, and even tries to make sure Junior does not get hurt.

Chef Pee Pee 

Chef Pee Pee and Bowser in bed

Bowser and Chef Pepe Watching Charley together

Bowser is very abusive toward Chef Pee Pee, most notably for when he forces Chef Pee Pee to cook, and if Chef Pee Pee doesn't get the cooking right or somewhat messes up, Bowser abuses Chef Pee Pee, he may also be abusive to Chef Pee Pee for no good reason as well. He can also be very cruel to him in other ways such as only paying him with a few coins.

He is however seen to be sexually attracted to Chef Pee Pee, as seen when he has sex with Cody in the form of Chef Pee Pee. He actually thought it was Chef Pee Pee, as he came up to Chef Pee Pee saying something along the lines of "and if you're ready for round two, you know where to look".


Bowser is shown to have a love-hate relationship with Mario. Mario and Bowser hate each other but in some cases, he is seen to have a bit of a friendship with him, like in the Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventures series where he is shown helping Mario in their adventure. But ever since Mario retired from adventuring and Bowser retired from being a villain, They are now good friends, or “frenemies“.

Romantic Relationships

Bowser has not had many romantic relationships throughout the channel. Toward the beginning of the series, Bowser constantly kidnapped Peach so she would become his girlfriend and/or wife. This led Peach to dislike him, and she went for Mario instead.

When Peach became pregnant in season 2, Mario was convinced that she would conceive his child when it was in fact Bowser's child - Bowser Junior. After Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures, Bowser tried to reconcile with Mario and Peach but he never made up for what he did, leading Mario to rival him. In The Koopa Kids!, it is revealed that Bowser may have had five children with his ex-wife Sheila Perkins. In Super Bowl Commercials, Bowser mentions another one of his ex-wives, Sharon, who apparently "left him for a black guy" because he was "bigger and better."

Bowser's most prominent romantic relationship was with Peach. In the earlier days, Bowser kidnapped Peach due to an undying love for Peach (that was not mutual). Their relationship has since smoothed over slightly, with no distinct conflict during the Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventures series. However, in Mario's Beautiful Date!, Bowser and Peach have a "smash and dash on occasion," but aren't exactly a thing yet.

Bowser also hired Candy to strip for him, showing he was most likely romantically (or at least physically) attracted to her.

In Mario's Turtle Problem! Bowser found Pee-wee on the floor, and Bowser wanted to do sexual activity with her, but the relationship failed because Mario killed her before anything happened.

Servants and Slaves

Over the course of the videos, Bowser has had many servants, minions, and slaves. They serve him, making him one of the most protected and served but loveable SuperMarioLogan characters of all time.



(Note: some of these are only in the Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures series.)

  • Revival abilities
  • An ability to turn anyone evil
  • Fire breath
  • lightning strike
  • An ability to make things disappear
  • An ability to give people his powers
  • The Force

Weapons and Artillery


  • Fighting. Bowser has shown himself to be able to beat up most characters, only evenly matched with Mama Luigi.
  • Intimidation. In some videos, Bowser is an intimidating character and startles some viewers. Ominous music plays whenever he interacts with other characters.
  • Shooting. In Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures, he successfully shot, and overall killed Mama Luigi.
  • Explosion endurance. He is shown to survive even the most dangerous explosions, some of those that put him into a coma for 9 months.
  • Singing. In Luigi's Secret, he sang with great talent with Mama Luigi (although he may have been lip-syncing)
  • Fire breathe. Since Bowser is a reptile, he can breathe fire.
  • Speed. In Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures, Bowser Is shown to be an athletic R\runner. He can run a distance of 7.5 miles in 45 minutes.
  • Minions. Although this isn't a talent, Bowser has a whole army of minions at his disposal, to the point where he can kill them because he has so many.

Criminal Record

Kidnapping: In older videos, Bowser has kidnapped Peach a lot.

Child Abuse: Bowser beats up his son most of the time in older videos.

Death Threats: Threatened to kill Chef Pee Pee, Junior, and Mario.

Attempted Murder: Tried to kill Mario and Mama Luigi.

Murder: He sometimes kills people.

Necrophilia: In Joseph Moves In!, Bowser is about to tell Joseph that he can't stay with Junior when he notices the dead body of Joseph's mom and immediately falls for her. Bowser tells Junior that Joseph can stay as long as he gets to hook up with Joseph's mom. In the next scene, Bowser is having dinner with Joseph's mom, talking about how much he loves her and decides he wants to "smash". After Junior and Cody give Joseph $20,000 to buy a new house with, the scene then cuts to Bowser's bedroom where Bowser is in bed with Joseph's mom, showing that he did have sex with her.

Although Joseph's Mom was revealed to be alive and that her skeletal corpse was just a Halloween prop in one episode, it is no doubt Bowser might of commit a legit crime if her corpse was real and might serve two years in prison for his sexual interest in dead bodies.

Theft: In Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures (season 3), he stole Mario's hat.

Child Abandonment: In Home Alone, he abandoned Junior by leaving him home alone.

Animal Cruelty: In Bowser Junior's Pet!, Bowser has killed and abused a few animals.

Armed Robbery: In Black Yoshi's Money Problem!, he helped Mario rob a gas station.

Assault: in Pinch! Pinch! Pinch!, he hit Chef Pee Pee with a baseball bat. He punched Chef Pee Pee in the face in The Restraining Order!. He also punches Mario in The New House!

Vandalism: in Bowser's Mistake! he destroyed both Junior's and Chef Pee Pee's phones in an attempt to stop them from seeing the picture he accidentally sent.

Workers rights violations: He hits and harasses Chef Pee in numerous episodes.

Eating/Buying Trix: In the episode Fountain of Youth, Bowser was caught with a Trix bowl when answering the door to a cop, and trying to buy a box of Trix, and both were offenses due to being over 12 years old.

Workers rights violations

Bowser is a good example of an abusive boss, especially with his servants.

Death threats - He threatened Chef Pee Pee into being killed if he didn't make a hot dog in Black Yoshi's Kool Aid!

Physical abuse - In many episodes, especially The Restraining Order!, He punches Chef Pee Pee a lot of times and tends to hurt him in other ways.

Minimum wage violation - His paying is always a low amount such a 25 cents a week, 3 dollars a day and so on. According to Florida, the average minimum wage is 8.46 USD per hour. But due to Chef Pee Pee's poor cooking, it does seem quite reasonable.


  • Compared to his Nintendo self, Bowser is a pretty hyper guy himself, but it was made for SuperMarioLogan.
  • In Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures, Bowser was the main antagonist and was mostly seen as Mario's arch-rival until Bowser's Biggest Fear, when he started watching Charleyyy and Friends non-stop.
  • In earlier videos, Bowser hardly spends any time with his son but still forces Chef Pee Pee to carter to him instead. However, in The Fishing Trip!, he realizes that he's becoming a bad parent and decides to do better.
  • He is the 1st character to be mentioned a lot in videos and is usually mentioned more than he appears.
  • Bowser is addicted to soap operas, as revealed in Bowser's Biggest Fear.
  • Although Bowser and his son are both turtles, Bowser's mom is in fact a human, however, it is revealed in Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures Season 3 Episode 3 that Bowser is adopted, this also means that he and the Mario Bros. are brothers, although this could be non-canon.
  • Like Chef Pee Pee, Bowser has appeared in a lot of videos lately, even more than Chef Pee Pee himself, because Bowser has videos of his own, but almost every Chef Pee Pee video he is also in.
  • Bowser is implied to be homosexual in Mother's Day!, SuperPowers!, and 1 2 Switch Bodies!.
    • But considering he is shown to be straight in the rest of the series, it could be construed as a joke or maybe he's bisexual.
  • Bowser has killed 12 characters.
  • Bowser is a very bad chef. Examples include Bowser's Dilemma and Bowser's Thanksgiving, when he has to cook because Chef Pee Pee leaves. He is shown to make huge messes and can't even cook a donut without it turning into toast. His universal counterpart, Chef Bowser, also proves it too.
  • Bowser hates red apples because they remind him of Mario, but loves green ones, as shown in Bowser Loses a Tooth!.
    • It's odd, however, that green apples don't remind Bowser of Luigi.
  • Most of the time when Bowser interacts with other characters, there is ominous and dramatic violin music in the background.
  • He claims himself to be the #1 Charleyyy and Friends fan.
  • On Facebook, near the release of Bowser Junior's Easter Wish!, it was revealed that Logan lost the original Bowser plush.
  • On Facebook just before the release of Pokemon Part 4, Logan announced that he had bought a Bowser plush from a fan.
  • He does not have a driver's license as revealed in Bowser's Video Game.
    • However, he is shown driving his car in other videos.
  • After the events of Bowser's Biggest Fear and its sequel, Bowser is afraid of bananas.
    • If Bowser sees one, he gets extremely scared and tries to get rid of it. This happened in Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventures, when he had to go get a banana, but destroyed it instead.
    • Bowser is also afraid of empty milk containers after watching the horror movie No Milk. Unlike his fear of bananas, this one is never mentioned again.
  • In Bowser Loses A Tooth!, he claims he is 312 years old. This is impossible, because he stated his mom was turning 200 in Chef Poo Poo's Kitchen Disaster!, but if he's her son, he can't be older than her.
  • In Bowser Junior's Flu Shot!, it is implied that he had a history of heroin abuse.
  • In Black Yoshi's Money Problem!, he says that he robbed a gas station as a teenager.
  • In SuperPowers!, it is confirmed that he is bisexual.
  • In Cody's Sister!, it is revealed Bowser sometimes gets drunk and beats Bowser Junior, meaning that he could be an alcoholic although he was never seen drinking in the series.
  • In The Sticky Situation, Bowser Junior says that Bowser does not drink coffee.
  • In Bowser Junior's Clown Car!, Bowser stated he graduated high school in 1985.
  • Bowser's secret wish is to let Charleyyy and Friends make a game called "CharleyyyKart".
  • In Bowser Junior's All Nighter!, it is revealed that Bowser gets welfare checks, like Black Yoshi.
  • In Bowser Junior's Playtime Problem, Bowser is shown to be very prone to sunburns.
  • The Bowser plush used in every video is a rare Mario Party 5 plush, worth $75–130 US dollars on eBay. It is unknown how he got the plushes, but Logan probably bought them when they were still in stock in the Nintendo World Store in 2007.
  • He seems to be one of the more unintelligent SML characters (alongside Jeffy) due to plenty of reasons:
    • He most of the time doesn't care about his family, friends, or anything else, but Charleyyy & Friends.
    • He locked Cody and Joseph in the closet just to make his mother think that he has a good son, while Cody and Joseph probably wouldn't do anything to make her think that Bowser Junior is an awful child.
    • Bowser once mentioned killing a girl named Lindsay Brown when he was at a gas station Because they fought over a key chain. Bowser mentioned this while explaining death to Junior.
    • Lindsay Brown is also Bowser's 2nd confirmed killed victim.
    • He told Bowser Junior to NOT go trick or treating just because of an accident, while Bowser could have just checked his candy.
    • He told Junior to not go outside because there are monsters, which aren't even real.
    • He tried to kill himself just because Charleyyy & Friends got canceled.
    • He didn't recognize Junior when Brooklyn T. Guy asked him if he was his son.
    • He thought that Cody and Joseph were going to kill him and his son during the Purge.
    • He kicked Chef Pee Pee out during the Purge, but however, this was a very bad idea since the apartment was his only home, and if he didn't have Brooklyn T. Guy help him, he could have died. This is possibly due to the video being non-canon or Bowser might have let Chef Pee Pee back in the apartment after the events of that video.
    • He decided to stay in the apartment when it was about to be stink bombed, while the bomb is poisonous. It could be possible that the effects of the stink bomb have worn off.
    • He thinks that Laser Tag is dangerous believing that actual lasers are in the game.
    • He thinks you only have one birthday although in Bowser Junior's 9th Birthday! while punishing Junior for his actions he explained to him that it was a joke.
    • He was a ten time Easter egg hunting champion, but his title was eventually taken by his son in Bowser Junior's Easter Egg Hunt.
  • When Logan lost his original Bowser plush, a fan had donated one to Logan. However, the new Bowser donated by the fan had dark green skin instead of light green skin from the old one.
  • Along with Junior and Margaret, his favorite holiday is revealed to be Thanksgiving in The Big Thanksgiving.
  • He murdered a total of 12 people making him murder the fourth most people besides Bowser Junior, Does Bad Things Guy and Black Yoshi.
  • He went to high school with Mario, it is implied that they did not get along well, as Bowser says he used to hit Mario with a Rubik's cube.[4]
  • Oftentimes when Bowser first appears in a scene, double basses can be heard playing.
  • In Bowser Junior's Christmas Eve!, Bowser states that he is lactose intolerant.
  • Bowser hates country music.[5]
  • Bowser likes his sandwiches crust free.[6] This is ironic given how his own son is the complete opposite.
  • In Bowser Junior's Clown Car!, Bowser states that he's using Weight Watchers.
  • Much like Mario, Bowser could have prosopagnosia, which is a condition that makes people who can only remember people by only paying attention to their clothes. This could also explain why he thought Junior was Chef Pee Pee in Chef Pee Pee Gets Sick! and Pop Rocks and Coke!.
  • Despite having hair as a Koopa, his human puppet form is completely bald.
  • He was disliked by some fans due to sometimes being too strict towards his son Junior.
  • Bowser shares many similarities to his son Junior. Both of which have red hair and have a single parent. Bowser only has a mom while Junior only has Bowser and both have a severe allergy. Bowser is allergic to Cherries while Junior is allergic to water as shown in Bowser's Dinner Date and Bowser Junior's Allergy respectively though the latter video is non-canon. They are also both very bossy and demanding to Chef Pee Pee and sometimes fussy eaters such as in Bowser's Broken TV and Bowser Junior's Midnight Snack respectively. Both are also immature and sometimes have a fond for toys. Both also have disgusting habits as well. Bowser poops on his bed (As shown in Bowser Junior's Bubble Bath) while Junior pees in a fridge (As shown in Bowser Junior gets Potty Trained). Whether this was a coincidence or not is unknown.
  • When Bowser was a baby, he was portrayed by a Bowser Junior plush, except he has no bib. In fact, Baby Bowser appears to be smarter than his older counterpart.
  • Bowser started to hate Mario because Mario lied to him when they were babies.


  2. In Bowser Junior's Clown Car!, Mario and Bowser were in the class of 85. The age of graduation is 17 or 18 in America, meaning that Bowser would have had to have been born in 1967 or 1968
  3. In Bowser's Drivers License!, Bowser states that he's in his 30's. This video was uploaded in 2015.
  4. It is revealed in Bowser Junior's Clown Car! that Bowser and Mario were in the yearbook of the the class of 1985.
  5. Bowser's Mistake!
  6. No Crust!


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One-Time characters Dark Matter in my ShortsChef LuigiThe CrocodileElectrician's SonJoseph's GirlfriendRemySheila PerkinsPopeyeD-Money SeniorThe Cat In The HatDoofy's Ex-WifeBirdoBully Bill's DadPolly The ParrotKidnapperKatyJoseph's DadMr. BonesFeebeeJeff The KillerKiller ClownOther Killer ClownChazJunior JuniorStephen HawkingPee Pee SuckWormyNancy JeffyEaster Bunny GenieRussian SpyPiggieGreen Bean GiantPoofGreg the PigDewey DonediditCatherine CatfishBungholeShelbyKool-Aid ManBearyRichard GoodmanSharkyBabiesBig BwahBoofy the MooseChester the ChickenMore...
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