Body Switch


Bowser Junior and Chef Pee Pee
Bowser Junior and Chompy
Bowser Junior and Jeffy
Chef Pee Pee and Cody
Mario and Jeffy

First Appearance

Switching Bodies!

Body Switch is a force in the SML universe that lets two people switch bodies.


When the body switch is activated, both characters must either wish in bed that they want to switch bodies, in the next morning, the characters would have switched. The second way is for two characters to have a near death experience at the same time, then they will somehow switch bodies. They can use a method to do this, such as the lightning bolt hitting the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons, or two characters jamming a fork in an outlet.


Junior and Jeffy switching bodies


Episode Who Switched Bodies?
Switching Bodies! Bowser Junior, Chef Pee Pee
Life is Ruff! Bowser Junior, Chompy
1 2 Switch Bodies! Bowser Junior, Jeffy

Chef Pee Pee, Cody

Jeffy's Switcheroo! Mario, Jeffy


  • Bowser Junior switches bodies with someone in all episodes featuring the body switch except for in Jeffys Switcharoo.
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