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The Blue M&Ms Officer is an M&Ms cop who was the boss of Brooklyn T. Guy, Simmons and Jeffy.


He first appeared in The Pizza Delivery! where he fires Brooklyn T. Guy and Simmons for beating up Elmo by falsely accusing him of stealing the cookies in an episode of CSI Sesame Street. He then appeared in Pinch! Pinch! Pinch! firing Brooklyn T. Guy (or possibly Does Bad Things Guy) for shooting Bowser Junior, even though Bowser Junior wouldn't stop pinching him and Cody and Guy tried to plead not guilty by showing that he was wearing green underwear, but Blue M&Ms still fires him. He later makes an animated cameo in Jeffy's Sleepover! in a flashback story told by Brooklyn T. Guy. In Black Yoshi's Koolaid Problem!, he is assigning Brooklyn T. Guy and Simmons to catch the Kool-Aid Man, who was hiding in Mario's house while being harbored by Black Yoshi . In Black Yoshi's House Arrest!, he was originally supposed to suspend Brooklyn T. Guy for a month for bringing a gun to school, even though Brooklyn T. Guy mistook Jeffy for Black Yoshi, who put the house arrest bracelet on Jeffy's ankle to get a free bucket of KFC chicken. In Officer Jeffy!, he hired Jeffy for stopping a crime at Jimmy John's. However, he later fires Jeffy for tasing Tyrone, who lied that he goes to church.


Blue M&Ms Officer is strict, but also disrespectful as he does not listen to Brooklyn T. Guy's pleads as evidenced in the end of Pinch! Pinch! Pinch!. He has a bad habit of jumping to conclusions, shown in Black Yoshi's House Arrest!, where he plans to suspend Brooklyn T. Guy for bringing a gun to school, where Jeffy was wearing Black Yoshi's ankle bracelet and expressing no concern for Brooklyn T. Guy's injuries. However, he has a change of heart by giving Brooklyn T. Guy one more chance by assigning him to turn in Black Yoshi, who left the premises of his house arrest. In Officer Jeffy!, he obviously falls for Tyrone's lie that he is Christian, when he is actually Jewish and fires Jeffy for tasing Tyrone. He is shown to be very hypocritical and stupid as he believes that police officers can get pinched for not wearing green on Saint Patrick's Day, while in reality pinching police officers can get someone arrested.



Criminal Record

Despite being the police chief, he has a criminal record. Much like Goodman, the Blue M&Ms Officer believes he is above the law.

  • Police perjury - In Officer Jeffy!, he falls for Tyrone's dishonest plead that he is Christian, when he is actually Jewish.
  • Assault - In Pinch! Pinch! Pinch!, he allows police officers to get pinched whenever they aren't wearing green.
  • Wrongful Termination In the end of Pinch! Pinch! Pinch!, he fires Brooklyn T. Guy from his police job, even though he was wearing green underwear.


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