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"They call me Blue, 'cause I stay depressed,
I'm suicidal and my mom says I'm a mess,
Sometimes I feel like just cutting myself,
I went to rehab 'cause my mom says I need help."
— Blue's section of the Angry Birds' theme song

Blue is one of the Angry Birds that appeared in the Black Yoshi and the Birds series. He is the son of Skittles. He is depressed and suicidal, and is quieter than the other birds. He also has the ability to make two copies of himself. He is based on the Blues from Angry Birds.


In Black Yoshi and the Birds Episode 1, he, along with Big Red, Speedy, and Taliban, broke into and trashed Black Yoshi's room as revenge for killing their mother. They originally planned to kill him as well, but agreed to live with him instead.

Later, when Mario showed up, Taliban got angry that Mario wouldn't let the birds stay at his house. Blue tried to calm him down, but he failed, and Taliban exploded. Blue explained to Black Yoshi that Taliban would be back in the next episode.

The next day, the pigs attacked the birds. Blue used his cloning ability to distract the pigs while Speedy attacked.

In Episode 6, Blue played cards with Big Red and Taliban, although he admitted he had no idea what he was doing. When Female Big Red visited, Blue told her not to insult Big Red, because "he gets emotional." This prompted Big Red to tell him to shut up.

In the finale, Blue was playing Operation with the other birds when Mario asked them to help him fix a leak. It turned out to be a trap, and the pigs attacked. Blue used his cloning ability to attack the pigs, killing two of them. He was last seen bidding Black Yoshi farewell after Mario made the birds leave.


  • In the Angry Birds series, his real name is just "The Blues/Jim, Jake, And Jay".
    • Also despite being 3 birds in the Blues in the real Angry Birds, there is instead 1 bird. This is most likely because Logan on had one plush of Blue.


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