• Supertastic Animal Land

    My is still not responding to the messages she received

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  • Angelgreat


    May 11, 2019 by Angelgreat

    Want the badge.

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  • Motleycat74

    Okay, as an irate viewer of SuperMarioLogan's videos since December 2015, I think it's time I got this off my chest. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my retrospective on SML Movies today!

    When I first began watching the series with "Bowser Goes To The Movies!", I started watching Logan's videos on and off for up to 9 months, up until August when I stuck around for as long as new videos were uploaded to the main channel.

    I believe it was in April when I officially subscribed to the channel, and in personal taste, I found the videos to be genuinely enjoyable, namely "Bowser Junior's Happy Meal 2" and "Bowser Junior's Cookies!".

    I daresay even some of the more hated videos I got a decent amount of entertainment from. Back in the day, SuperMarioLog…

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  • Matteso586

    Bowser Jr. and Jeffy take challenges requested by viewers. In other words, doing a parody of SMG4's War of the Fat Italians videos. Personally, I like to see these challenges.

    1) Who can get Black Yoshi a job?

    2) Who can survive in a fight with Bully Bill's dad the longest?

    3) Steal Shrek's cheesecake without getting caught.

    4) Who can cook a better meal for Bowser?

    5) How far can you go in Kingdom Hearts III Critical Mode without dying?

    6) Who can scare Joseph's undead dad?

    The two then have a rap battle. Afterwards, the characters present break the fourth wall by giving special thanks to SMG4.

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  • PCSWtheNumber1ToadFan

    After nearly four years, I'm very sad to say that I'll be leaving this wiki. 🙁

    I have been improving SML wiki pages since 2015, then I'm actually not much active to this wiki, leading me to rate SML videos on a scale of 1 to 5. I still like to watch SML, but I still miss some other SML characters such as Toad (although he hasn't appear for a long time, he rarely appears in Cody Plays Tennis in-game only). From now on, I am going to miss you. Thank you for your support!

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  • Gummy Cow!

    Birthday Blog!

    April 17, 2019 by Gummy Cow!

    I am making this blog to celebrate my birthday! According to Wikia's time, it is April 17, despite the fact that it's still the 16th where I'm at...

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  • Buenos Modes 6th Account

    Let's go to Mcdonald's along with Joseph, Mario, Cody and Jeffy!

    We are going to have fun

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  • TheShinyLucarioMaster

    I don't like how Jackie Chu called Spanish "Mexican" and that when Cody said that hola was hello in Spanish, Jackie Chu said that's how you say it in Hawaiian. I also do not like the way he taught them Spanish because it was mostly a repetitive el-(word)-oh and that it wasn't actual Spanish.

    I love that little introduction to Bunghole and Booger who exclusively starred in the episode. But kind of sad when Bunghole died and Jeffy started crying. I liked the part where Bunghole challenged Brooklyn T Guy to a gunfight.

    I don't like the fact of how Junior fell in love with Cody's mother.

    I love the introduction to the Shelby and how she became Junior's mother. I loved the end where she agreed to stay with Junior and Bowser.

    I'm not a big fan of di…

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  • CrimtheMonkey

    Uh hi, i'm Nightmare Face. I got more than 1,100 subscribers in YouTube. I remember SML in 2017 and 2019

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  • SwagMaster12345

    Hello guys and its SwagMaster12345. I haven't been here for a while. The reason is school. I have a lot of schoolwork to do. I also have free time but when I have a lot of schoolwork, the last thing I would do in my free time is watch plush videos. Since I have a lot more free time now, I will edit more. Another update is that I'm changing my username since its outdated. Anyways, goodbye.

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  • Gummy Cow!

    Guess what?

    March 19, 2019 by Gummy Cow!

    March 19 is my 1st wikiversary, which is today! So, I am creating this blog to celebrate my 1st year of Fandom!

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  • Chorus Kids

    Bowser Jr. Spoke the most at 566 lines.

    Wait you want to know everyone else’s totals? Fine

    24th. Pink Yoshi/Dedilia - 0 lines

    23rd. Logan - 2 lines

    22nd. Shrek - 2 lines

    21st. Paul - 7 lines

    20th. Charleyyy: 8 lines

    19th. Pixie Goblin - 8 lines

    18th. Nurse Tammy - 10 lines

    17th. Bubbles - 14 lines

    16th. Jorge - 15 lines

    15th. Cecilia - 16 lines

    14th. Chris the Cucumber - 16 lines

    13th. Paulina - 16 lines

    12th. Black Yoshi - 17 lines

    11th. Tanner - 25 lines

    10th. Brooklyn Firefighter - 27 lines

    9th. Principal Steinbeck - 47 lines

    8th. Goodman - 53 lines

    7th. Cody - 89 lines

    6th. Toad - 107 lines

    5th. Joseph - 108 lines

    4th. Bowser - 145 lines

    3rd. Jackie Chu - 174 lines

    2nd. Chef Pee Pee - 288 lines

    1st. Bowser Jr. - 566 lines

    Per episode too? Fine

    Bowser: 30


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  • Chorus Kids


    March 13, 2019 by Chorus Kids

    Now, here’s a place I haven’t been in a while!

    I’m Chorus Kids, And i’m here to ask a simple question.

    I was going to do something with a certain SML series cough cough Bowser Junior’s Summer School cough cough, but then I remembered "Hey this thing would be easier with transcripts on the SML wiki", and right when I come here, they’re gone.

    Any reason why they were removed, or it was even suggested by the community?

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  • Trikkiboy


    March 1, 2019 by Trikkiboy

    Goodbye everyone.

    Thank you all for an amazing year.

    I wish you all luck for whatever life brings.

    - Jamie

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  • 2epicworlds

    Press F to pay respects

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  • 2epicworlds

    Hi everyone i’m Making this because User:Trikkiboy is leaving on March 1st so I want to make this for him and User:Agonzo7988 to hopefully help them with the staff positions (mostly admin)

    1. Me (this is a joke but if you want me to I would be happy to help this wiki)

    The real 1. Mariofan2009. I know he just got the content mod position but there are already 2 other ones on this wiki and I believe he has already proven that he can be an admin. I would also suggest replacing him with a rollback to balance out the staff positions (I would like yogurt&cheese to be the replacement)

    2. Internet problem. I think having the number 1 ranked User being an admin since he is probably one of the easiest users to get in contact because of it but there is …

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  • Slappybeef123

    School difficulties

    February 19, 2019 by Slappybeef123

    Some days I like to derp around until I miss assignments. Everything goes haywire! Give any advice you can.

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  • 2epicworlds

    2,000 edits!

    February 18, 2019 by 2epicworlds

    This blog post is my 2,000th edit. I’ve come a long way to get here. I’m not someone who edits a million times a day I usually edit once or twice a day. This may seem like nothing nowadays since about 100 people have made it this far but it’s a big accomplishment for me. I hit 1,000 edits in May and i joined in August 2017 so I think I earned my edits pretty quickly. Also it is very hard to keep up on this wiki since sml has been shit the last year and is like that now this is something very special to me because i’m One of very few users that made it and will make it this far. I’m very happy about this i’ve Worked very hard to get here and I won’t stop and i’m Ready to get to 5,000 edits.

    I’ve finally got to 2,000 edits!

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  • ArthurFistMeme

    So, I just got banned. Why, just why? I'm just miffed. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

    Edit: I got unbanned today. I don't want to make other banned users jealous or anything like that, unless if they are trolls or bad users.

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  • OcelotGuys224

    discord update

    February 11, 2019 by OcelotGuys224

    well i can't go to the sml discord server anymore.

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  • OcelotGuys224


    February 11, 2019 by OcelotGuys224

    what have I done...... :,(

    everybody hates me...

    I have no friends....

    i hate my life.....

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  • OcelotGuys224


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  • ThinkingPostive

    Back to the Original SuperMarioLogan " Show" only the main characters of the super mario games were shown which was good but then it was overtimed which in this case caused bordem to people seeing the same characters so i think that they decided to add more characters which is counted "Excellent!" Currently.

    so that's why i love SuperMarioLogan

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  • 2epicworlds

    For most people in the world fan fictions are banned for this wiki but not me because my timezone is hella late because it’s pacific time. So i’m Going to share my thoughts on this move and more!

    Overall I kinda think it’s a good idea but also not i’m Not to sure if I like this or not (some people might be surprised because of the message I made on Trikkiboy’s newest forum post) I will explain why I like and hate this move

    Why I like this idea: I like it because it cleans up this wiki and that’s probably a good because all of the vandalism stuff is also a mess right now. I also think that this can make users who do a lot of story’s actually make edits for once because some users have about 3000 of there edits from story’s. Also i’m Not one o…

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  • I8AJ


    January 27, 2019 by I8AJ

    My name is I8AJ, and I enjoy watching many SML videos. I've been a fan of SML for a long time, and I still am. I am making this blog to introdeuce myself, that's all. So, hi.

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    Welcome again friends now a few ask me on me feeling on rehashes on SML I Okay if the original video didn’t do the idea justice than eh I be fine and just want that out of the way now the 5 categories Jokes,Characters,Actions/Reputations,The plot(not important but just adding it),And Which was more worth watching now the 2 videos The Old (Elevator)And The New (Stuck) Let’s begin

    Ok both are similar with the trio getting trap in either a couch or a Elevator but I prefer Stuck due to a few things

    The Elevator ending was a slap to the face while Stuck have them get trap by Hansel so in the end Stuck Plot was just the better one

    The Elevator: 0

    Stuck: 1

    Ok the minor characters like Chef Pee Pee was decent while stuck was better with a bit knowledg…

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  • Flasty Jam

    So here's how the story will go: Joseph was really depressed that he doesn't have anybody to hangout with at his house (or in a bush). He complains that his friends have family but he doesn't. So Junior and Cody are tired of Joseph's whining, so they called a doctor (Brookyln Guy) and he suggested that he does an ancestry test. And they did the test and Joseph has a long lost brother named Joshua. (I'll figure out the rest later).

    This will be moved later.

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  • OcelotGuys224

    Rubo Returns Banner.

    January 11, 2019 by OcelotGuys224
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  • OcelotGuys224

    (Note: Culdee, If you are reading this. I really need a banner for this blog post and also for The Otamatone and The Dangerous Rubik's Cube.)

    Hey guys, so RH and MarioFan made one of these Collections of 2018, so i decided to do by myself. Also, which one is your favorite?


    Cody: I am not gonna say it!

    Junior: *yells really hard until he rages* WHAT THE F$%K DOES THE MOTHERF%#$ING KITTY SAY!?


    Junior: THAT'S IT! *punches Cody in the face plenty of time until his dad comes*

    Bowser: JUNIOR! It's time to get your friend- OH MY GOD! JUNIOR, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?




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  • Angrybirdsfan2005 MVGP

    Jeffy Goes To NikkyBoi's House is an Idea by Angrybirdsfan2005

    Jeffy seeks revenge on Skipdip when he flags SML.

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  • Rh390110478

    Hey, everyone! It’s RH! Since this is 2019, I will be uploading EVERY single SML Idea, Alternate Ending, and Story I’ve ever made in 2018 on the SML Wiki! I hope you enjoy them! Let me know in the comments which ones were your favorites!

    RH Studios Presents

    The Golden Collection of RH! Volume 1 (2018)


    1. Cody the Vampire! Alternate Ending. (My first contribution to the wiki!)

    Junior: Let’s call the doctor so we can make sure he’s dead!

    Joseph: Yeah, Let’s do it dude!

    (Brooklyn Guy rings the doorbell)

    Brooklyn Guy: Hey, did somebody call a doctor?

    Junior and Joseph: Well, We did! Because, we just killed somebody!

    Brooklyn Guy: Wait, Wait, Wait! Hang on, you …

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  • MarioFan2009

    Hello everyone! It's MarioFan2009 and today I have a collection of stories that will be put in this section. This envolves all of my pervious stories from December 8th 2018-January 6th 2019. Hope you all enjoy!

    WARNING: This story has swearing and may include violence

    (Jeffy sleeping in bed)

    Jeffy: Huh, oh it's morning! I'm gonna go see daddy!

    (Jeffy enters the living room)

    Jeffy: Hey daddy!

    Mario: Hey Jeffy, what would you like for breakfast?

    Jeffy: Chocalate cake!

    Mario : No Jeffy! You will get dessert after! Guess I will have to feed you green beans!


    (Mario however ignores and goes downstairs and enters the kitchen)

    (Mario opens the fridge)

    Mario: Alright let's s--…

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  • Trikkiboy

    Automatically Blocked

    January 4, 2019 by Trikkiboy

    You are most likely here due to the fact you have been blocked due to a new automated system, or by a member of Discord staff.

    Your block will be infinite unless proven incorrect. If an administrator is online right now, please message them on Discord.

    Discords of staff can be found here.

    If you have been blocked automatically, your block message will look something like:

    "Preapproval needed, please check here".

    If you have been blocked by Discord staff, or a trusted editor, your block message will look something like:

    "Blocked by Username. For: "Reason". Please check here".

    Thank you for reading.

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  • Angrybirdsfan2005 MVGP
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  • JamesIFan

    No more fanon pages

    January 3, 2019 by JamesIFan

    There will be no more fanon pages, because this is not a fanon wiki.

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  • TheSquarePancakes

    Note: This is a joke.Oh yeah! Time for dank memes! :p MEMES ARE THE BEST!!I love memes!

    Do you like memes? YES!! Kind of... :/ No!

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  • UnknownlolXD

    Hello, it’s me, UnknownlolXD! Since it’s 2019 now, I will do every SML movie/short from 2018 in 10 words or less! I will not count Jeffy’s BIG Easter and Cody’s Favorite Game as those don’t count as an SML movie/short. Let’s go!

    1. Jeffy the Rapper 2

    A sequel to a popular video.

    2. Bowser Juniors Allergy!

    H2O no indeed.

    3. Zombie Bowser

    Hey, the burger looks like my school lunch!

    4. Robot Jeffy

    Gotta love that Star Wars reference.

    5. Jeffy’s Pokemon Card

    Jeffy is not that smart. Poor Junior.

    6. Jeffy’s Nightmare

    Once again, poor Junior.

    7. Fountain of Youth

    I like how this video focuses more on Bowser.

    8. Jeffy’s Taco Tuesday

    Really Jeffy! You had to kill everyone!

    9. Cody The Vampire

    Really Junior and Joseph! You had to kill Cody!

    10. Jeffy’s YouTube Channe…

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  • OcelotGuys224

    Mario: Happy New Year's everybody!

    Cody: Happy hunky year's!


    Junior: Happy new year's everybody!

    Jackie Chu: I'm going to China on christmas break, and happy new year's!

    (I'm sorry, it was short, atleast happy new year's! :D)

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  • KAPfan9876

    Please go check it out. Here’s a link:

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  • Gummy Cow!

    Have A Happy MOO Year!

    December 31, 2018 by Gummy Cow!

    It is almost 2019, you know what that means... It's New Year's Eve. Who's excited for a new year to start?
    Edit: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! IT IS NOW 2019!! ;)

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  • 2epicworlds

    Hi everyone i’m Going to go through the good and bad things on this wiki this year

    Good things:

    1. User of the month/ user of the year: it’s a nice to see this comeback. When this first went down it was around when I joined the wiki so it’s nice to see it again (and user of the year is a new one)

    2. Story trend: if you don’t know there is a big trend going on that isn’t fortnite or tik tok. It’s making story’s on the wiki. Under forums and under off topic fun and games or ideas and alternative endings is where they all are. And this trend is unstoppable (unless if fandom removes forums)

    That’s all the good things (there is still a lot more but I want to move to the bad things)

    Bad things:

    1. vandals: this is by far the most recognizable thing th…

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  • OcelotGuys224

    Note: This blog post was written on my phone.

    A day in the life of Goodman

    (Scene starts in Goodman Enterprise)

    Goodman: (checks on emails and saws Mario’s house payment price) 800$!!?? I must go to his motherfucking house! (Leaves and go to his car) A few minute later and scene cuts to the red couch with Mario)

    Mario: I’m bored! (Doorbell rings) Who is that? (Goes to the door)

    Mario: Hello? *sigh* My house payment, or else you are gonna do something with my balls or nipples...

    Goodman: Quintuple.

    Mario: WHAT?!

    Goodman: Yep, that makes 4,000$ on your house payment. And you better fucking pay it, or else, I'm fucking taking your fucking house and I'm still gonna cuss until you pay the fuck up! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUC-

    Mario: …

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  • Endlesspossibilities 2006

    As your reading this either you promise stories that have yet came to a valuation and I’m a example of that with my failed projects that yet to be completed

    The One who speak in hands

    A missing poster of Cody is being blown by the wind

    Culdee is on his deathbed

    RH390110478 tombstone is seen

    A old Endless is in his house

    Bowser,Mario,Luigi,Peach,And Cody graves with each having things on I.e flowers but Cody

    Destroyed by one mistake

    Junior taking care of Trikkiboy

    Quint: Junior we need a favor

    Trolls shoot at a users

    A girl enters a abandoned lab

    Am I fading away again?

    Junior and the girl runs

    Joseph is seen in a containment unit

    Jeffy is by Rosalina deathbed

    The koopalings interduce themselves again

    Yet I stayed determined...

    Endless end the video log

    To Th…

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  • OcelotGuys224

    Update: Featured in The Golden Age Of MarioFan2009 Entertainment Volume 1: It Starts Here! 

    (This is a sequel to The Little Hijacker! Made by MarioFan2009. Enjoy! :D)

    (Scene translates to the Florida Airline with Rh390110478, MarioFan2009, OcelotGuys224 and the SML characters from the franchise)

    Jeffy: Daddy! What are we doing in this place?

    Mario: We are going to Canada, Jeffy!

    Jackie Chu: I rather go to China because you all are dumb as shit.

    OcelotGuys224: Yeah, we get it!

    Jackie Chu: DUMB!!

    Shrek: I can’t wait to crap all over the stallment!

    Black Yoshi: Man! You dirty shrecky!

    Goodman: Did you pay your house payment?

    Mario: Not yet!

    Goodman: Take your f***ing shirt off right now! AAAAAAAAHHH!!!!

    Plane Pilot on the announcement: Attention passengers…

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  • OcelotGuys224

    SML Movie: Cody’s House 2!

    Chapter 1:

    (Scene translates to the red couch and junior, joseph and Cody comes to the couch)

    Junior: Alright, guys! What do you want to do today?

    Cody: How about we can go to my house!

    Joseph: Hell no, Cody! We are not going to your house ever again!

    Cody: But it will be fun I swear!

    Junior: I’m not going to fall for that!

    Cody: Well I’m going to tell Peepers for that! (leaves)

    Junior: Yeah! You do that!

    Joseph: I don’t want to see her mom puts ass medicine on Cody’s butt!

    (At the kitchen)

    Chef Pee Pee: Hmm, hmm, hmm! I love making me some cheesecake tomato sauce soup!

    Cody: Hey Peepers! What up mah man!

    Chef Pee Pee: HOLD UP! I’m not going to fall for your pepper spray shit that you sprayed me in my eyes.

    Cody: Well, can you …

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  • OcelotGuys224

    Mario: Merry Christmas!

    Jackie Chu: Merry Christmas dumbshit!

    Jeffy: Merry butthole!

    Toad: Merry Christmas! Yo!

    Cody: Merry hunkimas!

    Junior: Merry Christmas! And i have my thomas here!

    Joseph: Merry Christmas! I don't have a home!

    Chef Pee Pee: Merry Christmas assholes!

    Goodman: Merry yummy your nipples! Ah, AH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

    Brooklyn T. Guy: Merry Christmas, my wife is a whore!

    Shrek: Merry Christmas little donkeys!

    Tony The Tiger: Merry Poopmas! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH!!!

    Black Yoshi: Merry Christmasis fo!

    Rosalina: Merry Christmas!

    Woody: Merry Christmas shrimpos!

    Screwball: Merry Christmas kid!

    Luigi: Merry Christmas!

    Me (OcelotGuys224 or Call me TurboAnimations if you want): Merry Christmas everybody! :)

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  • ArthurFistMeme

    Merry Christmas!

    December 25, 2018 by ArthurFistMeme

    It's December 25th! That means it's Christmas! Merry Christmas, every1!

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  • OcelotGuys224

    This is the perfect grammar version! :)

    (harsh language, bad grammar and cringe)

    Chapter 1: A new robot

    (scene begins to the red couch with junior, joseph and Cody.)                                                                       

    Junior: Can we play board games?

    Cody: No, every time we play board games, we get an argument so no.

    Junior: Well you’re a nerd, right?

    Cody: Yeah!

    Junior: Can you make a Rubik's Cube but this time, it's a robot?

    Cody: I can do that!

    Junior: Really?

    Cody: Yeah, but it's going to take a month to do it, so you might wait.

    Junior: Ok.

    (A month later)

    Cody: Alright guys! Meet Rubo The Rubik's Cube! It can do anything, like making wishes come true, make foods and more.

    Junior: Wait! It can make wishes come true?

    Cody: Uh-huh!


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  • Junebug25

    Alright guys. In the spirit of Christmas, I chose this to be my next idea for an episode.

    So the episode starts out with Goodman coming by Mario's place to collect his house payment as normal, and orders Mario to let him inside. Goodman begins to act like his usual self, being disrespecrful and indecent in any way possible, which understandably irritates everyone, especially Mario who actually has his payment ready. This doesn't stop Goodman's rude behavior, and he prepares to threaten Mario once again. 

    Suddenly, he pauses in his sentence and passes out on the ground. In shock, Mario calls a doctor to see what happened to Goodman. The doctor, Brooklyn T. Guy of course, checks his pulse, and confirms that he's dead. An autopsy is done and sh…

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  • 2epicworlds

    So i’m Going to be using something new so I don;t new to read the comments to tally up votes. I’m going to use strawpoll. If you don’t know or haven’t heard what it is then I will tell you. Strawpoll is a website where you create polls for people to vote in and it is not hard to make one ether. I’m going to use strawpoll now because it is easier to tally, I’m having trouble making polls here, and it is more convenient for me and hopefully it will be for everyone else. So anyway that is all! And this link will give you an idea of what will be like in the future

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