"Black Yoshi and The Birds Episode 7" is the finale of the Black Yoshi and The Birds series.


The last episode of Black Yoshi and The Birds!


Previously on Black Yoshi and The Birds...

Big Red meet Female Big Red when she accidentally reveals the pigs' plan. Black Yoshi turns up to the front door looking for them but he is knocked unconscious and dragged away.

Now back to where we left off...

Black Yoshi was in hostage to meet the pigs leader, Mr. Pig. He orders Black Yoshi to kill the Angry Birds, but he denied that request. Mr. Pig has ways of making Black Yoshi kill the birds. Later, Big Red answered the door, and it was Poof. Mario came to see who's out the door. Big Red told him that something's wrong with Poof's apartment or something. Mario doesn't accept Poof to stay here.

Next, Mario went to find Black Yoshi, then Mr. Pig was here. Mario asks Black Yoshi about his car was stolen. Black Yoshi tells Mario about Mr. Pig's orders. Mario wants the birds dead too, because he's reasoning why the birds don't want to be in the house anymore. If Mario kill them, Mr. Pig will give Mario some piggy friends to help. Mr. Pig will still keep Black Yoshi as hostage until Mario kills the birds.

Then, Mario went to find the pigs until King Pig came. The rest of the pigs are here as well. Mario was puzzled of how the pigs are usually look (which is offensive). King Pig tells Mario what happened when they got Ebola. King Pig introduces Mario, the new recruit, Greg. Mario tells the pigs that that birds should be killed, and King Pig couldn't agree more. King Pig wants Mario to lure the birds to an ambush.

Poof, Toad, and the other birds are playing Operation. Mario came in the room with an excuse which is the leak in the living room. Mario lured the birds to a trap. Greg is shooting the minigun. Big Red wants Poof to beat the "poof" out of the birds. Greg tries to shoot Poof in mid-air, but failed. Big Red wants Blue to turn 3 of themselves and go after Greg. One bird hits Ray, the second bird missed the stupid one, and the third bird hits Greg. Now King Pig is shooting the minigun. Speedy missed King Pig. Big Red has no choice but to use the Mighty Eagle. Big Red threw the can of tuna in front of King Pig. The Mighty Eagle just came out of nowhere and beat all the pigs. Taliban thinks it was cheating.

Black Yoshi was still being held hostage by Mr. Pig. Taliban blew up Mr. Pig. Mario heard the explosion from the room. Mario explained Big Red why he and the other birds wanted to be killed. But Black Yoshi and Big Red thinks that Mario wasn't being logical. Big Red and the others are gonna leave in the morning.

Black Yoshi gives the birds their final goodbyes. Black Yoshi mentioned about his entire family. He said there's going to be 5 of them.



  • It is revealed that Greg the Pig is from Wisconsin.
  • This is the final episode of Black Yoshi and The Birds.
  • This is the only video in which Mr. Pig has a major speaking role.
  • Black Yoshi reveals at the end of the video that his family is coming over, it's unknown that there will be a future series.
  • This marks the first and only appearances of Poof and The Mighty Eagle to date.
  • This marks the final appearances of Big Red, Speedy, Taliban, Blue, Tony, Chad, Poof, The Mighty Eagle, King Pig, Ray the pig and Greg the Pig.
  • Some fans got very upset about Mario's behavior in this episode.
  • This is the only episode to have a custom thumbnail.


  • Big Red mistakes Toad for a bird.
  • Big Red says that are seven birds, but there are six birds originally.
  • When The Birds are fighting The Pigs, Toad can be seen laying on the ground.
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