"Black Yoshi and the Birds Episode 6" or alternatively "Persuaders", is the 6th episode of Black Yoshi and The Birds.


The Angry Birds try to figure out their plan while the pigs try to bomb the house. Toad suggests a rap battle, but Big Red dismisses his idea.

Black Yoshi returns and the birds tell him about the army of pigs. Black Yoshi doesn't worry about the pigs (who his originally mistakes for the cops) and tells them he can easily defeat them if necessary.

Big Red convinces Black Yoshi that the pigs are a problem. Meanwhile, the pigs hire a female bird to distract Big Red while they sneak inside and get ready to destroy the birds. After watching the birds play cards, Black Yoshi gets ready to go to his room and hears a knock on the door.

Black Yoshi notices the Female Big Red and lets her inside. Big Red admires her greatly and Black Yoshi goes to his room. The girl convinces Big Red to go somewhere else and leaves the door unattended. The pigs sneak inside. Big Red prepares to get in bed with the girl when she accidentally reveals the pigs' plan.

Black Yoshi turns up to the front door looking for them but he is knocked unconscious and dragged away.



  • This marks the first and only appearance of Female Big Red to date.
  • This is the least viewed Black Yoshi and the Birds episode, and one of the only videos on SuperMarioLogan to have less than a million views as of January 2021.
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