"The War" is the 4th episode of Black Yoshi and The Birds.


Toad wakes up and finds Tony in his bed. After Tony introduces himself, Toad flips out and worries about what happened in the night. When Tony complains about how nobody likes him, Toad says that he likes "her" a lot (implying he thinks he is a girl).

Toad says that he wants to be more than friends, and Tony agrees to be his girlfriend (despite a current long-distance relationship). Toad and Tony break into Black Yoshi's room and wake up the birds.

Toad tells Black Yoshi that Tony is his girlfriend, leaving Black Yoshi confused, saying "there's too much gay in this house." Black Yoshi leaves saying he is going to go see his girlfriend, trying to explain how Tony is not a girl.

After Black Yoshi leaves, the pigs arrive ready to torture the birds. The king pig agrees to take the fight outside. Toad joins the Angry Birds in the epic battle.

All the birds besides Big Red, Tony, and Toad sacrifice themselves to destroy the pigs. Big Red believes the battle is over, but the main pig still stands behind them...



  • This is the first time we see an SML character break a door.
  • Greg the Pig makes a slight cameo at the end of the video.
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