"Black Yoshi and The Birds Episode 3" is the 3rd episode of Black Yoshi and The Birds.


The Birds finally go to sleep after Tony sleeps in the closet, but Mario doesn't like The Birds sleeping in his house so he tries to kick them out. Taliban and The Birds don't like that very much.


Black Yoshi informs the birds that he can sleep a lot better with Tony in the closet. Mario gets home from work and finds Black Yoshi and the Angry Birds.

Mario tries to keep the birds from staying at the house, but Black Yoshi insists and introduces them all to Mario. Mario tells Black Yoshi that he owns the house and doesn't want them to stay.

One of the birds gets really angry and Mario's hat comes off. Big Red and the other two birds start laughing at him and making fun of him. Mario leaves the room, embarrassed, and they all go to bed.

Outside, the pigs prepare their attack on the house. They try to break in but they can't find a way to get in through the door or the windows.

When the pizza delivery man stops to tie his shoe, the pigs sneak in the pizza box and get transported inside. Shrek drops off the pizza in the kitchen, and the pigs escape.

Meanwhile, Tony tries to sneak into Black Yoshi's room at night. He wants Black Yoshi to go to the bathroom with him because he is scared. After Tony is forced to go to the bathroom by himself, he is locked out of the bedroom. He manages to crawl into bed with Toad, who mistakes him for Mario in his sleep.



  • This is the first time Shrek doesn't eat cheesecake.
  • The is the first time we see Taliban explode.
  • This is the second time Mario's hat comes off. The first is Mario's Hair.
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