"Black Yoshi and The Birds Episode 2" is the 2nd episode or Black Yoshi and The Birds.


Black Yoshi opens the door and is introduced to Tony. Tony feels left out and complains because nobody notices him. Black Yoshi explains several rules and restrictions that apply to the birds, especially Tony.

He tells him that he can't wear makeup and especially cannot touch him. Black Yoshi tries to make Tony act civilized when he is inside the house.

Black Yoshi agrees to find Tony a place to sleep far away from all the normal people in the house. When they return to the room, they find that the Angry Birds completely restored the room.

Black Yoshi starts complaining about Tony to Big Red, telling him to do something about the gay bird.

After the rest of the birds refuse to sleep with Tony, they force him to go sleep in the closet.

Meanwhile, a group of Bad Piggies has a secret meeting devising a plan against the Angry Birds.



  • This marks the first appearances of King Pig, Ray the pig and Helmet Pig.
  • Speedy is the only Angry Bird that doesn't speak in this episode. The reason for that is unknown.
  • This is Tony's First physically Appearance.


  • At 1:47 to 2:00, Lovell's face can be visible at the door.
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