"Black Yoshi and The Birds Episode 1" or alternatively "The Flock", is the first episode of The 7-Part Black Yoshi and The Birds Series.


The Angry Birds come to get revenge on Black Yoshi for killing their mother.


Four birds are born and throw themselves at the house to break the bricks down.

After they successfully manage to break the windows, the birds invade and destroy Black Yoshi's room.

Meanwhile, we see Black Yoshi relaxing with sunglasses on and drinking Yoo-Hoo. After finding his scratched Call of Duty, Black Yoshi finds the four Angry Birds sitting on his bed.

Big Red, leader of the Angry Birds, explains their motives to Black Yoshi. They want revenge for what happened to their mother, Skittles. Black Yoshi claims he is innocent, and blames Shrek for the crime. The Angry Birds show video proof on YouTube, which shows that both Black Yoshi and Shrek were involved.

Big Red agrees to a truce if Black Yoshi allows them to stay. Big Red also tells Black Yoshi that there is another bird, a gay one, is arriving at the house. Black Yoshi tells them that is alright, seeing as Mario, Toad, Woody, and Shrek are already gay. Big Red tells Black Yoshi that he doesn't understand, and that he will see just how bad the new bird is once he meets him.



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