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"Black Yoshi's In Trouble!" is the 100th episode of SML Movies.


Black Yoshi is in trouble with the law, and needs to change his life around.


The episode starts off with Mario answering his front door and finding Officer Goodman with Black Yoshi. Goodman explains that Black Yoshi has been caught stealing inactive gift cards and his bail totals up to $5000.

Mario pays Goodman (using a credit card Black Yoshi stole) and notifies him that Black Yoshi has a court date the following day and must convince the judge that he can turn his life around.

If Black Yoshi fails to do so, the judge would put him in jail for the next 25 years-life. Goodman also recommends Mario that the monkey behind him behaves. Black Yoshi gets offended until Goodman points out Donkey Kong behind them.

Afterwards, Black Yoshi begins playing his video games again pretending to think that Goodman is messing with him, but Mario starts arguing with him that he is a bad person and needs to get his life on track.

Black Yoshi then takes off Mario's hat and starts making fun of his baldness which makes Mario go to the bathroom and begins complaining about Black Yoshi and his hair.

Mario then states that he would 'give his soul" to have his hair back which makes Craig the Devil appears wanting his soul. However, Mario starts saying bad things about him (because he is Christian) but then asks him to take Black Yoshi to Hell and show him what happens when he spends his life as a criminal.

The Devil accepts (because Mario complimented his hair), and visits Black Yoshi and takes him to Hell and raps why Hell is a horrible place. Black Yoshi doesn't mind Hell and enjoyed the rap but then starts to freak out when The Devil explains that all of Black Yoshi's favorite things in life are not in Hell.

The Devil takes Black Yoshi back to the over world and he promises that he will be a good person and starts asking Mario to help him change his life around. First, Mario brings in Toad so Black Yoshi can learn how to be nice and share his Call of Duty with him. Mario brings Black Yoshi and Toad to his kitchen to share Black Yoshi's chicken (which Black Yoshi viewed as torture). Afterwards, Mario explains that Black Yoshi needs to get a job so he can pay his child support.

The next day, Black Yoshi gets a job at McDonald's. However, his experience with Tyrone as a customer turned bittersweet, due to Tyrone being broke, which made Black Yoshi hate his job.

At the court, Screwball gets sentenced to 30 days in prison for child molestation. The reason why he got a low sentence is due to his remorse being shown for his crime. Black Yoshi then appears in court and convinced Judge Goodman that a guy like him is able to turn his life around and was free to go.

Black Yoshi resumed playing his video games and explains to Mario that his court date went well but he quit his job and is gonna spend the rest of his life playing Call of Duty. Mario leaves the room in frustration that Black Yoshi would never change.



  • Black Yoshi reveals his three favorite things in life in this video: Call of Duty, Grape Kool-aid, and KFC Fried Chicken.
  • This marks Donkey Kong's first appearance since Bowser Junior's Playtime Problem. (He also happens to be named Clyde in this video for some reason). It's likely the character wasn't actually Donkey Kong and was simply a different character portrayed using DK's plush.
    • This video also marks Donkey Kong's first appearance in an SML Movie.
  • "F**ked" is censored.  
  • It is revealed that Craig has a talent for rapping and Hitler has a talent for rap music.
  • Mario meets Craig The Devil for the first time and has a full interaction even though he really met him but didn't say a lot to him in The Big Thanksgiving.
  • This video reveals that Goodman has a card reader in his mouth.
  • This is the 100th SML Movie.


  • Officer Goodman brings Black Yoshi to Mario's House at night and notifies him that Black Yoshi's court date is the following day. However, Black Yoshi gets a job at McDonalds and tells the customer that breakfast has ended 3 hours ago which would not be possible because it has not been the following day when Black Yoshi returns from work and Mario reminds Black Yoshi that his court date was still the following day.
  • At 13:33 in the video, you can barely see in the bottom-right corner of the screen, the ear of one of Logan's cats.


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