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"Black Yoshi's Scam!" is the 302nd episode of SML Movies.


Black Yoshi scams people out of a million dollars!


The video starts off with Mario watching the Spaghetti and Meatballs Channel, then the channel goes to commercial. An ad for a new Call of Duty called "Call of Duty: World War 2 on the Freakin Moon". Mario freaks out, hears a loud noise, and goes outside, which turns out to be Black Yoshi's friend, Tyrone, in an airplane, spelling "Mario Please" in the sky. Mario returns inside the house before Black Yoshi enters and asks if Mario got the note in the sky. Mario denies Black Yoshi's request for money.

Mario then asks him to do something like a Lemonade Stand. But Black Yoshi says that they drink Kool-Aid and not Lemonade. Mario then told Black Yoshi to sell his Kool-Aid and Black Yoshi said that's a good idea.

He then puts up a Kool-Aid stand for $500 a cup because the game cost $500. However, Tyrone, Bowser JuniorJoseph and Cody were unable to buy his Kool-Aid and Brooklyn T. Guy came and told him that he needed a business license to sell the Kool-Aid for $500. But, Black Yoshi, however, thought he was saying "biscuit license" when he was actually saying "business license". He said that he would shut his stand down if he doesn't have a license. Black Yoshi told him to try the Kool-Aid. The policeman tried the Kool-Aid and he said that it tasted like normal Kool-Aid to him. Black Yoshi then said it had drugs in it. The policeman then shuts the stand down since Black Yoshi didn't have a business license.

Mario then asks Black Yoshi how his Kool-Aid stand went and he said it was terrible and that the popo guy shut it down. Mario then wonders how and Black Yoshi says that he told him that he needed a biscuit license to sell the Kool-Aid and that he wasn't trying to sell any biscuits. Then Mario asks if he said "Business License". But Black Yoshi said he said "biscuit license".

When the news reveals Sally Hopkins had been funded millions of dollars because of her cancer via the website GoFundMe. Getting an idea from this, Black Yoshi creates his own GoFundMe page, setting a goal for one million dollars and explaining that he needs the new Call of Duty using poor spelling and grammar. A disappointed Black Yoshi reports to Mario that he isn't receiving any money. Mario explains that Sally was sick and GoFundMe only donates to people who are sick or need help. After Black Yoshi receives $1.4 million for faking sick, the news confirms that Black Yoshi is sick for having flesh-eating bacteria, p***s aids and the inability to read.

Mario is dismayed by Black Yoshi's ploy and tries to convince Black Yoshi to return the money because he is not sick. Goodman and Brooklyn T. Guy stop by the house, not only to discuss Goodman's elephant asshole suit but to see if Black Yoshi is sick or lying. If Black Yoshi is lying, the company will be renamed as GoFuckMe and Black Yoshi won't get the money. After Mario stalls the Brooklyn Guy, who is sucked into taking a bath, Black Yoshi appears sick, as if he's in a coma. The Brooklyn Guy eventually, however, finds out Black Yoshi was faking sick, as first Black Yoshi speaks to him, and Mario claims it was a miracle. Black Yoshi eventually removes the bandages when The Brooklyn Guy wants to look at the p***s aids. Mario then reveals the truth when they’re caught out, but calls off arresting Black Yoshi and suggests giving the money to people who are sick and actually need the money. Black Yoshi is dismayed by Mario's generosity but feels better after Mario plans to buy him the new Call of Duty in November. However, Mario won't buy the map packs, so Black Yoshi leaves to consult Tyrone.



  • This is the third 2017 video where Mario appears without Jeffy, the first being "The Couch!" and the second being "Toad's Mistake!".
  • This episode was uploaded 1 year after "The Cat In The Hat", and 3 years after "It All Comes to an End".
  • The spaghetti and meatball channel could be a reference to SMG4, where the show's variant of Mario is obsessed with spaghetti. It could also just be the fact that Mario loves spaghetti and meatballs in the video games.
  • The SML question is recycled from "Loch Ness Monster!".
  • Brooklyn Guy bathes in the house again in Jeffy Learns Manners.
  • This video marks the debut of Goodman's $100,000 "elephant asshole" suit.
  • According to Lovell, the scene where Black Yoshi opens up the Kool-Aid stand was a hard scene to film because an African-American neighbour was outside at the time, and Logan did not want him viewing the Kool-Aid stand as racist.
  • This is the first time that Joseph doesn't mention his dead mom since mid-2016.
  • The "I DONT FEELZ GOODZ!!!!!!!" GoFundMe page started by Black Yoshi was actually real. It was able to be viewed for a while, though it eventually got deleted.
  • Black Yoshi's middle name was revealed to be Yoshi, as seen on his GoFundMe.
  • The Spaghetti and Meatball Channel had the exact same intro as the space channel did in "Bowser Junior Goes To The Sun!".
  • This is the first and only appearance of Sally Hopkins.


  • The Spaghetti and Meatballs Channel airs "nothing but spaghetti and meatballs 24/7", however, it then airs a commercial meaning it doesn't air spaghetti and meatballs 24/7.
  • While Pookie writes "Mario Please!" in the sky, you can see a triangle being the airplane drawing out the texture/text.
  • At 6:48 it says "Compton, California" when Logan is from Florida. This could be due to the fact that Black Yoshi was born in Compton.


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