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"Black Yoshi's Job" is the 45th episode of SML Movies.


Black Yoshi needs some money to preorder the New Call Of Duty!


When the new Call of Duty game is announced, Black Yoshi is desperate to buy it. When Mario refuses to pay the bill for him, Black Yoshi is forced to earn his own money elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Bowser is watching a Charleyyy and Friends episode where Charleyyy has chicken pox; he starts getting itchy before clucking like a chicken. Bowser then feels itchy himself, and immediately thinks he has chicken pox. He then proceeded to tell Chef Pee Pee about it, resulting in the latter cutting his hand.

Bowser then realizes someone has to watch his son. Meanwhile, Black Yoshi wants a pre-order of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. But Mario, not keen on giving any more money to him, suggests him to go find a simple job and earn some money for himself. Then, as he angrily leaves the living room, Mario suddenly turns to Bowser, who is offering a babysitting job for Bowser Junior while he was away. Originally wanting to give $100 to Black Yoshi for his job, the payment is later bumped up to $500 as in addition to the new game, Black Yoshi also wants to renew his Xbox LIVE membership and buy some more Kool-Aid. Despite opposition from Chef Pee Pee, Bowser and Black Yoshi gladly agree with the deal for the latter to care for Junior while the former is away.

While with Black Yoshi, Bowser Junior starts by having Black Yoshi play dinosaurs with him. As usual, Junior takes almost all of the dinosaurs while his guest only has a weak little dinosaur to begin with. But this time, Black Yoshi decides to use his "handicap," which happens to be a 17 Glock. He proceeds to shoot the dinosaurs using the gun, winning against Junior despite only having a small "level 1" dinosaur.

After losing the dinosaur "game" for seemingly the first time ever, Junior decides to play trains with Black Yoshi. But this ends up causing a quarrel between the two when Black Yoshi settles with Thomas the Tank Engine, even though Thomas has always been Junior's favourite train and can't ever go into the hands of another character besides him. Eventually, it gets to the point where Black Yoshi threatens to shoot the train set with his "handicap" unless Junior agrees to play with the "The Ugly Red One," causing his host to quit playing trains and seek another toy to play.

Junior then decides to play "doctor" with Black Yoshi, using a Doc McStuffins doctor set. While Black Yoshi criticizes Junior's choice because he doesn't have a medical degree, the son of Bowser responds that it's all "pretend play." He then imagines that Black Yoshi has been shot and needs a bullet to be extracted out of him. Later, Toad shows up and greets Junior, only to be shot dead by Black Yoshi's "handicap." Now panicked and unable to help extract the bullet from Toad (he isn't prepared to extract a "real" bullet), Junior runs off crying about his friend's "death."

When Black Yoshi finds Junior crying on the dinner table, he tells Junior about playing "doctor" because the latter wanted to, until Junior reassures him that he wanted to play "pretend doctor" rather than "real doctor." Afterwards, Junior wants to quit playing with Black Yoshi until his babysitter suddenly invites him to watch his "Call of Duty" gameplay.

Upon watching the match, Junior is thrilled about Call of Duty and eventually shows the urge to play it. However, Black Yoshi won't let him do so, resulting in Junior getting beaten up and tied in some wires while Black Yoshi continues his gameplay.

Later, Bowser and Chef Pee Pee arrive home with the former telling the latter he doesn't have chicken pox, and Chef Pee Pee stating that he now has a "pizza cutter" for a hand because of what happened earlier. Bowser questions Black Yoshi upon finding his son tied up, and Black Yoshi reaffirms that they were just playing Cops n' Robbers with Junior as a "robber." Once the two leave, Black Yoshi ends the video by saying that he already paid his money via PayPal and Quickstarter.



  • Toad: Shot in the chest by Black Yoshi and bleeds to death.


  • It is revealed Black Yoshi's old gamertag was BlackYoshiDaKilla.
  • This video marks CharlieBrown678's first appearance, despite that CharlieBrown678 is actually Joseph.
  • This is Doc McStuffins' first appearance in an SML video.
  • Black Yoshi using his "handicap" is a reference to a controversial feature in some competitive games where if a person is over-ranked compared to another player, the over-ranked player gets a "handicap" or weakness, or the under-ranked player gets a buff. That way, the under-ranked player has a better chance of winning. People complain that this feature takes the fun out of competitive games, as there no motivation for practicing or "getting good" to increase your rank.
  • A jab at Call of Duty is made during the Call of Duty alert, in which the announcer comments that "there's absolutely nothing different compared to the last Call of Duty, but we're gonna make a ton of money." This is a reference to a common criticism of Call of Duty where a new one is released every year but with minimal changes in gameplay compared to the last game, a tactic commonly employed by companies such as Activision and EA, usually resulting in increasing sales due to the way trends work.
    • From this point on, this is a running gag that happens every time a Call of Duty ad comes on in SML videos. Some examples include: in "Black Yoshi's Scam!", in an ad for the fictional "World War 2 on the Moon", the announcer comments that the developers are "running out of ideas," and in "Black Yoshi's Call Of Duty Loan!", where the announcer comments that the developers of Black Ops 4 "stole from Fortnite and replaced it with CoD graphics."
  • This episode was uploaded 3 years after "The Bird", and 5 years after "Luigi's Secret".
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