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"Black Yoshi's Girlfriend" is the 9th video of SML Movies.


A drug dealer bullies Pink Yoshi. Black Yoshi shows up in his car. Black Yoshi comes to save Pink Yoshi. The drug dealer offers Kool-Aid to Black Yoshi. Black Yoshi turns it down. They are about to fight before the drug dealer gives Black Yoshi Pink Yoshi. The drug dealer leaves and Black Yoshi drives away. Black Yoshi runs over the drug dealer, puts him in the trunk, and locks him. Black Yoshi has a conversation with Pink Yoshi. Pink Yoshi shoots the drug dealer with Black Yoshi's gun. They both go into Black Yoshi's house. Pink Yoshi hangs outside of the house when Black Yoshi walks in. Black Yoshi calls for Mario. Black Yoshi tells Mario to get out of the house because of his girlfriend. Black Yoshi lures Woody out of the house with shrimp. He then gets Shrek out of the house. Both Pink and Black Yoshi go into Black Yoshi's room. He shows his girlfriend everything he has and she is impressed. Tony the Tiger comes in the room with "balloons" (condoms) and Black Yoshi tells him to leave. He does.


Main Characters

Secondary Characters

Minor Characters

  • Peach (mentioned)
  • Jeff Gordon (photo only)


  • The Drug Dealer: Shot in the face by Pink Yoshi.


  • This video marks Pink Yoshi's first appearance.
  • This SML Movie also marks the first SML video to feature mature content. The mature content is the strong use of hardcore cuss words and sexual jokes.
    • The video even includes a warning about the content before the video starts, because it was made during the time SML was more family friendly.
  • The song Black Yoshi was listening to in his car was the SML Theme Song.
  • "Bitch" (x2), "n*gga" (x7), "dumbass", "ass", and "fuck are censored with there being twelve bleeps in total, making this the fourth most censored SML video.
    • Only "Chef Pee Pee's Kids" (13), "Bowser Junior's AirPods!" (14), and "Chef Pee Pee's Lottery Ticket" (33) have more censored swear words.
  • The video was originally uploaded on November 9, 2010, but it then got taken down due to copyright. However, it was brought back on May 27, 2011.
  • This is the true first video to feature Lovell.


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