"Black Yoshi's Blank Check!" is the 215th video of SML Movies.


Black Yoshi receives a blank welfare check from the government. What he does with it is very very irresponsible!


This video starts with Black Yoshi playing Call of Duty. Mario then comes and tell Black Yoshi that he needs to pay the bills. Black Yoshi says he doesn't need to do that, but Mario shows him video proof. Black Yoshi says that's not him, but Mario doesn't believe him. Black Yoshi is waiting for his welfare check and he get a blank check.

While Mario goes to find the number, Black Yoshi writes 1 million dollars and cashes it in. Mario finds the number and Mario sees Black Yoshi with a dump truck and a million dollars. Mario yells at and tell him that it's a frivolous move but Black Yoshi didn’t care. Mario then tell Black Yoshi to use it wisely. However, Black Yoshi parties with Pookie (Tyrone) and Sasha.

Mario says that they are not Black Yoshi's friends but he insisted that they are. Mario asks Tyrone what Black Yoshi's name is and Tyrone says Black Crocket. Then, Mario sits on the couch and hears a noise. It turns out that Black Yoshi bought a car. Later, Tyrone and Black Yoshi decide to play "Real Life Call of Duty".

However, Tyrone gets shot in the head and Mario freaks out. The Brooklyn Guy (Police Officer) shows up at the house. Mario tells Black Yoshi to hide the money, Tyrone's body, and Sasha. Answering the door, Brooklyn Guy tells Mario that he received reports of gunshots and he must search the apartment. But mario says there's no need for a search and he only dropped plates.

But Brooklyn Guy tells Mario that plates don't sound like gunshots, and I still need to search the apartment. When entering the apartment, Sasha is still seen on the chair, then Mario shoos her off. The first thing Brooklyn Guy notices is that the lamp is on the floor (from the gunshots). Mario says that he dropped it, and that's what caused the noise. Brooklyn Guy reminded Mario that he said he dropped plates. Mario says that plates and lamps are the same thing. Brooklyn Guy then notices the couch is odd looking. Mario said he spilled a drink on it a year ago. But when Brooklyn Guy got closer, he noticed it was puffed up in the center.

Mario said he deformed it by sitting on it for years. Then Brooklyn Guy notices the couch stuffed with money and sees Tyrone's legs under the couch cushion. Brooklyn Guy tries to investigate but Mario tells him that it's a couch with legs and the money is loose change. But that doesn't stop Brooklyn Guy from looking. Then Mario says that his uncle has a sleep disorder that requires him to sleep under a couch cushion with money and shouldn't be disturbed. Brooklyn guy doesn't believe the story, and lifts the couch cushion. Brooklyn Guy then finds Dead Tyrone with stolen money. Mario says that it's Black Yoshi. However, Black Yoshi doesn't appear making the Brooklyn Guy thinks he's not real. The Brooklyn Guy also sees Sasha, who is a prostitute and Mario gets arrested. Black Yoshi then cheers that he's rich.



  • This is the second time Mario gets arrested.
  • This is the second time we see Tyrone die. The first being Chef Pee Pee Quits! Part 2.
  • This is Black Yoshi's first appearance since The Purge!
  • Black Yoshi uncharacteristically backstabs Mario in this episode.
  • The "I'm Tyrone" is a reference to the meme with the same name.
  • This is the third time this season where Mario appears without Jeffy, the first being Mario's Hobo Problem!, the second being The 1UP!.
  • This is the second episode in Season 8 to be panned by reviewers.
  • Black Yoshi made Tyrone and Sasha his friends by giving them thousands of dollars.
  • All the money used in this episode were play money.
  • In this video, all swear words are uncensored.
  • This video had Black Yoshi panned until Black Yoshi The Assistant!


  • The money in Black Yoshi's dump truck is $10,000 a stack, and in the dump truck there are hundreds. To make $1,000,000, you would need 100 stacks.


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