"Black Yoshi's Bad Deal" is the 27th episode of SML Shorts.


Black Yoshi wants the new PS4, but will he get one?


At the beginning of the episode, Black Yoshi decides to rob a Best Buy for a PS4 that he wanted. Mario tries to stop him but to no avail, to which he gives up, saying that he won't bail him out of jail if he gets caught.

Then as Black Yoshi was going to walk out the door, he encounters Toad, who had a PS4 box. When Toad goes in, Black Yoshi begs Toad to trade his PS4 to him.

Toad them says that he wants Black Yoshi's Glock. Black Yoshi was hesitatant at first but decides to give it up, even though his gun has been in his family for generations as he claims.

Then after Black Yoshi and Toad make their trades, Black Yoshi opens up the box only to see that there is nothing inside. Black Yoshi starts yelling at Toad for not trading him the PS4 and scamming him.

Black Yoshi attempts to take back his Glock in a struggle only for Toad to win the struggle. Then Black Yoshi says that Toad has got to get him something since that there was no PS4 and he traded off his Glock.

Toad then says that he has got a Xbox One. Toad brings the Xbox One box up on the table while Black Yoshi takes back the gun in case it's another rip-off. Toad hands it to Black Yoshi and he opens up the box, only for nothing to be inside again.

Black Yoshi, filled with rage inside, asks him about the controllers. Then Toad hands him a Xbox One controller, which is actually a keychain.

Black Yoshi, now filled with more rage, yells and puts him in the box and shoots Toad dead with his Glock off-screen.



  • This video was recorded 2 months before it was uploaded, just like Bowser Junior's Playtime 2.
  • This is the first SML Short of 2014.
  • This the first SML Short to feature a custom thumbnail.
  • Presumably the reason why Black Yoshi put Toad in the box and closed it a bit is so that no one can find the blood.


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