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"Ooh folk!"
— Black Yoshi's catchphrase
— Black Yoshi begging Mario for a new Call Of Duty game.

Black Yoshi is the secondary antagonist of the SuperMarioLogan franchise. He is a stereotypical black gangster who is one of Mario's friends and Yoshi's cousin. He was thought to be the anti-heroic deuteragonist of the series (serving as a replacement for Mama Luigi due to the character's voice actor leaving), but, truly, he is the secondary antagonist of the series, causing more trouble than his worth to his friends.

Black Yoshi is shown to be one of the stupidest characters of the series, rivaled by Jeffy, although he is more psychotic than anything. He is often seen playing Call of Duty in the living room and saying "BAP BAP BAP." He is also known for demanding Mario for new Call of Duty games that come out every year and money (since he does not even have a job) and never pays him back. And in Black Yoshi's Job Interview!, Black Yoshi says he can't get a job because he can't read & pay attention, It appears he might have ADHD.

Black Yoshi is a villain, but sometimes, he is an anti-hero.


Black Yoshi, as his name describes, is a black Yoshi. He wears a gold chain around his neck. He wears red shoes with white soles and shoelaces and will carry a gun whenever he decides to kill someone, which usually happens many times.  

During some episodes, is shown to have access to a whole variety of weapons including a nuke he used on Toad in Toad's Mistake 2. However, he is usually seen with his gun, which happens to be a Nintendo Entertainment System Zapper.  

He is shown to be stupid and senseless. He often makes statements that make no sense and has a tendency to lie and steal a lot. He even stabs Mario in the back sometimes. He never seems to learn his lesson after something bad has happened to him.  

He is mostly seen playing Call of Duty on Mario's PlayStation 3 (and later Mario's Xbox One) and wishes to never be disturbed or play Two players Mode as he will beat up or kill anyone that tries to do so.

Black Yoshi playing Call of Duty

Black Yoshi playing Call of Duty.


Since his debut in Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures, he has been one of the most liked characters on the channel. He mostly appeals to the older age group with his love for online shooters and hip hop. 


Black Yoshi is often seen playing Call Of Duty in the living room. In Black Yoshi and The Birds, he teamed up with the Angry Birds. He has appeared in the Bowser Junior's Summer School series, attending the same class as Bowser Junior. However, it is unknown how he got there.

In the episode The Call Of Duty Problem, he wanted to kill Bowser Junior and then he shoots his brand new Xbox One and then he takes Thomas because he kept insulting everyone on Call of Duty.

He is shown to be very stupid in new episodes, such as in Black Yoshi's Money Problem! where he borrowed $5,000 from a loan dolphin, and he spent all the money on things he didn't need. It was revealed that he dropped out of school in 4th grade. He constantly asks Mario for things including Money, Call of Duty games, Kool-aid, fried chicken, etc. He once tried to sell Kool-aid for $500 which was stopped by Brooklyn T. Guy, and scam people for $1.4 million on GoFundMe in Black Yoshi's Scam! Even if Mario offers to buy Black Yoshi the new "Call of Duty" game and nothing more, including additional map packs, Black Yoshi will get upset and not show appreciation. He never seems to have any capacity for empathy and never learns from his wrongdoings. Compared to Jeffy, however, he is more of a psychopath.

He also refused to pay back the dolphin and just played Call of Duty like nothing has happened. He even told the police that Mario and Bowser robbed a gas station, (even though he told them to do it). Bowser then shoots the cop and kills him.

He was panned in the episode Black Yoshi's Blank Check! for backstabbing Mario and wasting money. His reception has regained positive reviews with Black Yoshi The Assistant!.



Black Yoshi is a ghost in the Luigi's Mansion series.

White Yoshi

White Yoshi is the alternate incarnation of Black Yoshi that appeared in Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures. He is usually playing Animal Crossing on his Wii instead of Call of Duty. He returned in The Burger!.


In the episode "Jeffy's Lunch Money!" Black Yoshi locks Jeffy in the closet while he's asleep, and then Black Yoshi disguises himself with a Jeffy costume, so he can trick Mario into giving him "his lunch" money.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Call of Duty
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Best Buy
  • Black Friday
  • Grape Kool-Aid (He pronounces it as "Purplis Kool-Aid")
  • Kool-Aid cupcakes
  • Crimes
  • Killing people
  • Lying
  • Stealing
  • Money
  • Xbox One & 360
  • Seeing Toad nude, or killing him
  • PlayStation 4 & 3
  • Jeffy
  • KFC Fried Chicken
  • Popeyes
  • Energy drinks (mainly Monster)
  • Drugs
  • Black girls
  • Tyrone Calvin Nutkiss
  • Shrek
  • Woody
  • Watermelons
  • Guns
  • Doritos
  • Mario (sometimes)
  • When a new Call of Duty game is announced
  • Quadruple XP Weekend
  • Saying "Ol folk"
  • Delilah (formerly)
  • Goomba Bro


  • People who destroys his Xbox/PS4
  • Everyone wanting to get their hands on his Call of Duty games
  • Toad sticking his finger up his anus
  • Mario raping the heck out of him
  • Toad
  • Lack of money
  • Giving away his money
  • Jail
  • Laws
  • Lack of KFC
  • Lack of grape-flavored Kool-Aid drinks
  • Going to jail
  • Police
  • Children
  • Going to hell
  • The Loan Dolphin's threats to him
  • Seeing Mario mad at him
  • Jeffy (for destroying his Xbox One) (only in dream)
  • CharlieBrown678
  • Mario interrupting him while playing Call Of Duty
  • Cheesecake
  • Bowser Junior (mostly in older episodes)
  • Skittles
  • Joseph
  • Cody
  • The Wii
  • The Wii U
  • Nintendo
  • Mario refusing to buy him the new Call of Duty
  • Cherry Kool-Aid
  • Getting tortured (as seen in Black Yoshi The Assistant!, the first time he got tortured)
  • Paying Mario back
  • Antarctica
  • The jungle
  • Mario refusing to give him money
  • Working
  • Fisher Price Corn Poppers (with the balls inside)
  • Sharing




The two first met in MLSDA, Mario tried making friends with Black Yoshi for Yoshi's sake but quickly realized that the gangster was nothing like his friendly cousin. The two's already tense friendship becomes hostile when Black Yoshi earns Peach's affection, accidentally kills her, and then tries sending Mario to jail. After proving his innocence, Mario tries kicking him out for all the trouble he's caused and unlike his cousin, he'd done nothing but be a nuisance. This opinion quickly changes when Black Yoshi saves Mario from Zombie Peach only to be killed by Bowser, where Mario mourns him. Black Yoshi's death becomes one of the reasons why Mario embarks on an adventure to change the past.

In main series, it's unknown how the two met or why Black Yoshi lives with him as since Yoshi was a MLSDA-exclusive character, he could never have introduced them. The two constantly get on each others nerves and Black Yoshi causes nothing but trouble for Mario. The two were shown to have a stable friendship at the beginning but after they move into the apartment it's become apparent that their friendship has become more hostile than friendly. Despite his low respect for Mario however, Black Yoshi truly does think of Mario as his best friend and helps him out whenever he can. A prime example of this was when he was the one who brought Mario and Rosalina together when Mario was still moping over Peach. As repayment for hooking him up with Rosalina, Mario helps Black Yoshi when his girlfriend leaves him by setting him up on a dating website. Then Black Yoshi taught Mario to fight when Mario believed Rosalina's ex-boyfriend came to visit, Mario believed he would take Rosalina away from and decided to challenge the boxer.

Black Yoshi is known to constantly ask Mario for money, even going as far as mooching from him. He also asks Mario to buy him a new Call of Duty each year, even if he says he won't. Even if he says he won't ask for money, he will stupidly ask for it anyway. Mario usually refuses to give him money and suggests for him to get a job. Based on Black Yoshi's constant stupidity and how he constantly takes advantage of him, it is unlikely Black Yoshi is really Mario's best friend, even if he claims so.


Delilah was Black Yoshi's girlfriend for roughly 5 years. The two first met in Black Yoshi's Girlfriend when Black Yoshi saved her from a Drug Dealer who was about to kill her. Black Yoshi kidnapped the Drug Dealer and after offering Delilah a ride, allowed her to kill the Dealer. Black Yoshi quickly established control in the relationship, by informing her that she was his girlfriend, if she broke up with him she'd be thrown onto the streets, how he'd be her pimp and make him money and then ordered her to make him food.

Delilah accompanied Black Yoshi when he went to Summer School though she never spoke one line throughout the whole series. Black Yoshi was kind enough to introduce her when Jackie Chu called attendance in Summer School. In Summer School 2's show and tell event, Black Yoshi used her and his copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts as his show and tell, calling her beautiful and cute to in front of the class, showing he admired her beauty at least. In Summer School 4 he brought her a piece of Joseph's gum when she asked, showing a degree of kindness at least.

After 5 long years, their relationship came to an end in Black Yoshi's Girlfriend Problem! It is revealed that Black Yoshi has become even more neglectful and violent. Delilah sighs as Black Yoshi plays Call of Duty and ignores her though she finally catches his attention with an extremely loud sigh. When Delilah tells him that she's hungry, Black Yoshi spins it around and tells her to make him something to eat. Delilah tells him that she doesn't want to only for him to backhand her, cruelly telling her that he thought he heard extra mustard, before resuming to play CoD. This final act of cruelty is the last straw and Delilah tells Black Yoshi that she's leaving him and she runs out of the apartment.

When Black Yoshi chases after Delilah to go buy biscuits as she leaves, Delilah finally stands up to him and tells him to get hims own as she's leaving him. When an incredulous Black Yoshi asks who she's leaving him for, Delilah introduces Popeye, who is much kinder and very protective of her. After he failing to pick a fight with the gangster, Delilah takes Popeye and leaves for good.

Two weeks later, Black Yoshi is shown to have broken down over Delilah leaving him. Eventually he is set up by Mario on a dating website (perhaps as repayment for hooking him up with Rosalina) to help replace Delilah, though it turns out to be a disaster when the woman he starts dating is revealed to be a man. After the experience, Black Yoshi confides in Mario that he's over Delilah and being single isn't that bad, showing that he has no intention of ever getting back with her.


Black Yoshi is shown to label Rosalina as a "hoe", he is shown to be attracted towards her in Mario's Turtle Problem!.


Black Yoshi unofficially had a strong hatred for Jeffy. He was pissed off after he threw his Xbox One off of a three-story balcony in Jeffy's Mistake!. He then tied Jeffy up and put a grenade in his mouth. When Mario for some reason tried to talk him out of obliterating Jeffy, Black Yoshi tried being reasonable and tried to get his busted Xbox One replaced, and conceded to let Jeffy live if he could. Since this obviously didn't work, he was all but ready to blast Jeffy to death. Then it was revealed to just be Mario's dream

While Mario still questioned the ethics of killing Jeffy, reminds Mario that Jeffy hasn't done anything worthwhile in life besides breaking other people's things, and therefore they wouldn't be losing anything of value, and Mario concedes this point and lets him blow the retarded sack of excrement to Hell. However, this was a dream from Mario, so it is unknown how much Black Yoshi really hates Jeffy.

In Jeffy's New Shoes!, Black Yoshi wanted the Bumblebee Shoes, and upon learning that Mario bought them for Jeffy, he got angry. Then he tried to steal Jeffy's Bumblebee Shoes, while Jeffy slept, tried to steal them, but failed, then enrolled in Jeffy's School, to steal his Shoes, and then succeeded in stealing his Bumblebee, telling him to fight with Bully Bill.


Black Yoshi and Shrek have been shown to be great friends, such as in Toad Is Cool, where he and Shrek teamed up as rap partners to take down Toad and Ray Cheesy. In The Bird, he and Shrek teamed up to kill Skittles because she was annoying them.


Black Yoshi despises Toad. He beats him up a lot and kills him, like when he sold his Call Of Duty in Toad's Stupid Idea, and when he scammed Black Yoshi for his Glock and possessions in Black Yoshi's Bad Deal.

Mr. Pig

Mr. Pig and Black Yoshi became friends after Mr. Pig was revealed to be from the ghetto. They started playing Call of Duty, eating animal crackers and drinking Kool-Aid together.

Chef Pee Pee

Black Yoshi and Chef Pee Pee are friends. Unlike Bowser and Bowser Junior, Black Yoshi asks Chef Pee Pee nicely to make him food, which isn't seen when Black Yoshi usually interacts with the other characters.


Black Yoshi and Goodman are arch-enemies. Goodman is a cop and Black Yoshi is a criminal. Usually, Goodman tries to arrest Black Yoshi but he always outsmarts him. This was in older episodes.

Bowser Junior

Black Yoshi and Bowser Junior used to be enemies, but are mostly neutral now. Junior kept being a racist jerk to him and cheating in dinosaurs when he was babysitting him, but Black Yoshi gave Junior his comeuppance. When Junior kept ruthlessly insulting everyone on Call of Duty, Black Yoshi blasted Junior's Xbox and took his Thomas as punishment for what he did.

In Black Yoshi The Assistant!, Junior, Joseph, and Cody already bought the new Call of Duty Lecagy Edition, and Black Yoshi was too late. He then stole the game from Junior (note: Junior and his friends are too young for Call of Duty anyways), as Junior made him his assistant, leading to Black Yoshi getting tortured for the first time. Junior even wore is shoes and neck chain, and when Junior told Black Yoshi to wipe him, he just shot him with his “Pistol”, and got his shoes and neck chain back, and finally played the new Call of Duty. But however, in The Bake Sale! and in Black Yoshi's Scam!, they seem to get along quite well.

Pookie (Tyrone Calvin)

Black Yoshi is friends with Tyrone Calvin, who he calls "Pookie". It is unknown how they became friends but Black Yoshi unintentionally got him arrested by helping Mario look gangster so that he could get someone arrested for a reward, unaware that it was Pookie.

CharleyBrown678 (Joseph)

As a running gag in the series, Joseph hates Black Yoshi because he annoys him while he's playing Call Of Duty, and won't leave him alone. This was best shown in The Call Of Duty Blackout, where CharleyBrown678 hired the rat to take out Black Yoshi's power so he wouldn't annoy him while playing Call Of Duty. Once Black Yoshi finds out, he goes to his house and shoots him. However, in Bowser Junior's Summer School 4, he seems to be friends with him. But that was before Black Yoshi found out that he is CharleyBrown678, so it is excusable.

Brooklyn Guy

Black Yoshi's relationship with Brooklyn Guy (the current cop and at first a part-time police officer) isn't that good either. Black Yoshi usually gets in trouble with Brooklyn T. Guy, and is seen at GameStop paying stuff to him. He was arrested by him on Black Friday for stealing things from Best Buy, but in The Call Of Duty Blackout, Brooklyn T. Guy thanked Black Yoshi for killing his unnamed son, who had been annoying everyone. Recently, in Black Yoshi's Call Of Duty Loan!, Black Yoshi didn't pay Brooklyn T. Guy, back, and Brooklyn T. Guy threatened Black Yoshi.



Weapons: Black Yoshi has a wide variety of High-Tech weapons at his disposal which all includes:

  • Nintendo "NES" Gun: Used to kill Zombie Peach, Zombie Mama Luigi, and Officer Goodman.
  • Glock 17: An upgraded version of the Nintendo Gun, prefers power over speed and has access to one more Bullet Type.
  • Glock 17 with Laser Sight: A Variant of The Glock 17 used by Tyrone in Black Yoshi's Blank Check to play "Real Life Call of Duty" with him.
  • Crossbow: a Unique weapon that fires Arrows, not bullets, have a very high piercing rate, Used to destroy the Call of Duty: Black ops 3 Wii-U in 's Call of Duty Black Ops 3.
  • M4 Carbine with Foregrip and Holographic Sight: A fully automatic Assault Rifle with a foregrip and Holographic Sight that bought with his Huge amount of Money in Black Yoshi's Blank Check!, used to unintentionally kill Tyrone when they were playing "Real Life Call Of Duty" Bowser Junior was also shown to have an M4 Carbine with a Foregrip but an ACOG Sight in Home Alone 2 where he was about to kill the Brooklyn Guy with it until Bowser and Chef Pee Pee came home.

Bullets/Projectiles Nintendo Gun:

  • Normal Bullets (9mm) (9x19mm Parabellum): Normal everyday pistol round, Has a very fast firing speed but doesn't have much damage which requires multiple shots to kill somebody. (Used on Electrician's Son, Zombie Peach, Zombie Mama Luigi it was unknown if either the Armor Piercing Round or 9mm killed Officer Goodman in Black Yoshi's Money Problem!.
  • Armor Piercing Round: Has more Damage but lacks speed making it single shot (Used on Toad in Toad's Mistake 2).

Glock 17:

  • Normal Bullets (9mm) (9x19mm Parabellum) Normal everyday pistol round, Has a very fast firing speed but doesn't have much damage which requires multiple shots to kill somebody. (Doofy The Dragon owns the same gun and often uses the gun and the 9mm to end his life, Usually by shooting himself through his head.
  • Incendiary/Explosive Round: Arguably the most powerful bullet as it has the power of the Armor Piercing Round but will explode when it hit something, It will incinerate whatever it got caught in or at least catch it on fire. (Used to destroy the Xbox One that Bowser Junior owned in The Call Of Duty Problem)
  • Armor Piercing Round: Has the same aspects as the Nintendo gun and is used on Toad in Toad's Mistake 2


  • Arrow: Not a Bullet but a Projectile with a Very Sharp tip fired at high speed, Strong enough to Punch through a Wii-U

M4 Carbine:

  • 5.56x45mm NATO: Unlike previous rounds, The 5.56x45mm NATO is an Assault Rifle Round and an Intermediate Cartridge and is comparable to a .223 Remington and is shown to be strong enough to kill Tyrone with a Single Round to the Head.

Explosive/High Tech Weaponry:

  • Laptop: A Portable Laptop used to control The High Tech Weaponry, Either to call in an AC-130 and telling it where to shoot or to Summon The Tactical Nuke
  • AC-130 (Attack Cargo 130): A Heavily armored Gunship that Fires various Deadly/Devastating Rounds to kill Ground Troops, When Deployed a Voice Scream "ENEMY AC-130 ABOVE!".

1. 20mm M61 Vulcan Minigun/Railgun for close Support,

2. Bofors 40mm Explosive Round to raise some hell.

3. Howitzer 105mm Explosive Round to decimate large groups of Enemy

  • Tactical Nuke: The last resort weapon and the most powerful weapon, Black Yoshi used the Nuke when all of his attempts to kill toad failed, When deployed a Voice Scream "TACTICAL NUKE! IT'S ALL OVER!!!" (Used to Disintegrate Toad to Smithereens.)
  • Hand Grenade: He got it from Loan Dolphin in Black Yoshi's Mistake!. He didn't really use it, but then Mario accidentally throws it to his brand new Xbox.

Gamer Tags

Black Yoshi has had a number of gamer tags in which many were reported:


Criminal Record

Murder: Black Yoshi has killed a lot of people.

Theft: Black Yoshi steals things which is one of the crimes that he commits the most.

Assault: He abuses people by hitting them.

Scamming: In Black Yoshi's Scam!, he scams people out of a million dollars.

Death threats: He sometimes threatens to kill Mario.

Attempted murder: In Black Yoshi's In Trouble!, he tried to kill Toad.

Kidnapping: In Jeffy's Lunch Money!, he kidnapped Jeffy in a closet, so he could impersonate him just to try and get the lunch money.

False imprisonment: In Jeffy's Lunch Money!, he imprsioned Jeffy in a closet while kidnapping him.

Impersonating: In Jeffy's Lunch Money!, he impersonated Jeffy, so he could get the lunch money and also Brooklyn T. Guy at the end of Jeffy's Lunch Money.

Poisoning: In How Black Yoshi Stole Christmas!, he poisoned the milk to cause Santa Claus to die.

Vandalism: Black Yoshi has shot at and/or destroyed some of Bowser Junior's playthings, such as his XBox One, some dinosaurs, and a Fisher Price corn popper (to take out some balls so it wouldn't annoy him).

Harboring a fugitive: He hid the Kool-Aid Man, a wanted fugitive at the time, from the police.


  • Black Yoshi has committed the third most murders out of any SML character.
  • Black Yoshi makes his Purple Kool-Aid Fried Chicken By cutting up watermelons,then put the chicken in egg yoke,then put the chicken in flour to make it cover in flour,then put the chicken in Purple Kool-Aid,then put the chicken in the pan,then repeat the process again,then put all of the chickens in the pat and let it cook for 3-10 minutes and finally dump all of the Kool-Aid all over the chicken,then put watermelon on top of the chicken (1 watermelon per each piece of chicken).
  • Although Black Yoshi is still considered a main character as of 2018, his appearances are infrequent, while he gets his own videos even less often. This is because his videos tend to get very few views compared to Jeffy videos and Bowser Junior videos.
    • This is also the case with Shrek, although Black Yoshi does appear more often than Shrek.
  • In newer videos, Black Yoshi uses significantly more slang than he used to. He ends many of his words with an unnecessary "z" and will occasionally replace the "y" sound with "iss(iz)". For example, his GoFundMe page is titled "I DON'T FEELZ GOODZ" and he often refers to Call of Duty as "Call O' Dutissiz".
  • Black Yoshi has killed Toad more times than he's killed anyone else.
  • Black Yoshi's favorite video game console is the PlayStation 4 (PS4).
  • Black Yoshi has access to the most weapons of all the SML characters.
  • Black Yoshi was created as the replacement for Mama Luigi after he died.
  • Black Yoshi usually Pronounces Bowser as "Boozer."
  • Black Yoshi usually calls people he just met or people whose name he doesn't like to say "Folk".
  • Black Yoshi likes Call of Duty and "Black Man or Grape" Koolaid.
  • Black Yoshi's Phone Number Is 555-OOH-FOLK.
  • It was revealed in Black Yoshi's Girlfriend that he had a Chrysler Concorde.
  • Black Yoshi appeared for the longest on the SuperMarioLogan Theme Song.
  • He was the announcer for the SuperMarioLogan Theme Song.
  • He has an unknown ex-wife.
  • Black Yoshi's gun is actually an NES Zapper, an accessory for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
  • He may also have children, as he was forced to pay Child Support in Black Yoshi's in Trouble.
  • Black Yoshi is YouTuber Dafawfulizer's Favorite Character.
  • Black Yoshi was born and raised in Compton. This is a reference to the N.W.A. album Straight Outta Compton.
  • It is revealed in Black Yoshi's Girlfriend that he does drugs.
  • It is possible that Black Yoshi is dyslexic because in Black Yoshi's Job Interview!, it reveals that Black Yoshi has trouble reading and focusing.
  • Black Yoshi is shown to be portrayed as a stereotype for black people, as he has obsessions such as Kool-Aid, Call of Duty, and Fried Chicken. He also speaks in a ghetto way, as that is also a racial stereotype for black people.
  • He always asks Mario to buy something he wants but when Mario buys something else, smashes it. When he gets the right thing from Mario, he instantly loves it.
  • According to Black Yoshi's GoFundMe page, his last name is Yoshi.
  • Black Yoshi was the second oldest student in the summer school series, being born in 1992. The oldest was Shrek.
  • He is illiterate (cannot read or write), and can only read things that are written the way he pronounces them.[2]
  • His favorite fruit is watermelon; he even eats the seeds which are his favorite part of it.
  • He can count up to 18.[3]
  • He dropped out in 4th grade.[3]
  • He can't read and he doesn't know the alphabet.[4]
  • He can't swim. [5]
  • In The Christmas Special! Mario gets Black Yoshi some Money Green J's but Black Yoshi never wears it in that video nor any other video.
  • In Jeffy's Lunch Money!, it's revealed that he lost his virginity at the age of 14 while he was in Virginia.
  • It's revealed in a character Q&A, that the reason his shoes are bigger than his feet is because he stole the shoes from a kid at a playground.


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