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Big Red Jr. is a character in SuperMarioLogan. He is most commonly known for being in the SuperMarioLogan series, Black Yoshi and The Birds


Big Red was born on May 19, 2011 he and his brothers never got to see his mother Skittles because she was killed by Black Yoshi before Red was born making his father take care of him and his brothers during his childhood while he was playing outside a bee stunk him making his face swoll his father claimed it was puberty.

He, along with his brothers, are mad at Black Yoshi. He is the leader of the Birds. He is a basic red Angry Bird with a deep voice.


  • Despite Logan having the outer space plushies for all the Angry Birds characters, Big Red is the only character to have his outer space form appear in an SML video.
  • In the Angry Birds series, his real name is just "Red".
  • He is the son of Skittles.
  • Big Red has not appeared in 7 years, and it's unknown if he'll make another appearance, possibly in The SuperMarioLogan Movie! However, he did make a background cameo in one 2018 episode.


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