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"Behind the Scenes" (or BTS) is a series of videos revealing the truth behind SML episodes. The videos used to be uploaded on Chilly, but now are uploaded on Lance Thirtyacre.


Video Upload date Episode Notes
Bowser_Junior's_11th_Birthday!!_(SECRET_DELETED_SCENE) September 28, 2019 Bowser Junior's 11th Birthday! · As seen on the thumbnail there was a scene that was removed in the final video.
SML_Movie_Jeffy's_Puberty!_(Behind_The_Scenes!) October 8, 2019 Jeffy's Puberty! · It was revealed that this video took way too long to film. That can be seen in the description.

SML Movie The Maid BTS (NEW VOICE ACTOR - Rebecca!)

October 29, 2019 The Maid! · A new voice actor has joined the SML Crew: Rebecca.
SML_Chef_PeePee's_Date_(Behind_The_Scenes!) November 22, 2019 Chef Pee Pee's Date! TBA