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— Banzai when he told Bully Bill off for saying he didn't steal Jeffy's bike. -Jeffy's Bike!

Banzai Bill is the father of Bully Bill, and the secondary antagonist in Bowser Junior Learns Karate! He was called to beat up Bowser when he was about to tell Bully Bill about Junior's Golden Thomas. Then, the Brooklyn Guy came with an officer outfit, but Banzai and Bully Bill beat him up. He also appears in Jeffy's Bike! in which he tells Bully Bill off.

In Jeffy's New Friend!, he and his wife are revealed to never actually have cared for Bully Bill, so Mario lets the young bully stay for awhile, considering Banzai and his wife's bad parenting, and the fact that Mario and Rosalina thought that him and Jeffy needed to get along. However, this video is non-canon, so it is unknown if Bully Bill is, in reality, neglected and/or not cared about by Banzai and the unknown mother.


  • He is considered to be very strong since he beat up Bowser, who is also one of the strongest characters in the SML universe.
  • He is the only Mario character in SML to be canonically played by Tito.
    • Since Tito got kicked out by Logan and possibly left SML and Banzai Bill won’t be in videos anymore.


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