No Weapons Allowed is the first episode of the Baby Shrek series.


This is the first episode of the Baby Shrek series! This series takes place through the childhood of Shrek's son.


The episode starts off with Shrek and Shrek Jr waking up. They then eat cheesecake. Junior then disappears.

Shrek then finds Jr with a butcher knife. He tells Jr not to play with knives.

Then Jr disappears, this time, Shrek finds Jr in a donut box with a hammer. Shrek watches Jr very closely.

Then Mario comes and they have a conversation. Then Jr disappears for a third time, Mario and Shrek look for Jr and see him with a gun.

Jr then shoots Shrek, then Mario gets help from Black Yoshi and it turns out the all the stuff Jr took were Black Yoshi's.

Black Yoshi then gets the gun and lies about not having bullets. Mario then gets shot by Black Yoshi.

After the SML Lesson, we see Shrek asking Jr if he can get his Coke. Jr then gets Woody's knife. Shrek then calls Woody.



  • For some reason the YouTube video is simply named "Baby Shrek Episode 1".
  • This video was deleted due to Shrek Feeding cheesecake to Shrek Jr. after a false claim that it violated YouTube's community guidelines, which also caused Logan to end up with a community guidelines strike. The same day, YouTube retracted the strike and put the video back up.
  • Logan has said that he might get back to the Baby Shrek series eventually, but he doesn't have any good ideas at the moment.
  • The video got taken down by YouTube, and Logan was given a community guidelines strike, according to Logan in a Chilly vlog. It was retracted the same day.
  • This video revealed that Shrek's full name is Shrek Safe Cheesecake III.
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