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If your looking for Bowser in his adult form, See here
Baby Bowser

Baby Bowser was the baby form of Bowser that appeared in SML's MALSADA Season 3 Episode 3. Baby Bowser was raised by Margaret. He lived with Baby Mario and Baby Luigi.

His mother didn't feed him, so he made a deal with Baby Mario that if Baby Bowser would help, Baby Mario would let him have some cookies. But Baby Mario lied to Bowser, which is why Bowser always hated Mario.


Little is known about Baby Bowser's personality. From what adult Bowser has said, it can be assumed Baby Bowser was somewhat smart, and had a little bit of common sense, pulling good grades. Since he looks similar to Bowser Junior, he had the same type of strict parent situation as Bowser Junior, and has some sort of a like of sweets (asking for cookies), it can be assumed Baby Bowser has a similar personality as Bowser Junior, since they're both father and son.


  • Baby Bowser is a similar plush as Bowser Junior, except he has no bib.
  • When Baby Mario lied to Baby Bowser, Bowser's deep hatred for Mario started.
  • Baby Bowser seems much more intelligent than his older counterpart.
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