Anthony Fitzgerald Miller is a former SML and Titototter cast member. He was officially introduced in a Meet the Cast video on the SuperLuigiLogan channel, but he was involved in SML since March 2016. Logan confirmed in an SML Reviewer, Dabhdude, and Flamey Cat Stream that he has been laid off since he doesn't have much roles in videos. One of Anthony's videos on his channel also mentions that he is a former member of the SML cast. Athough he returned in The Monster!.

Anthony is also into poetry, he wrote a story when he was 17 years old. 

His first active video was The Alien!

Anthony also has a YouTube channel called KirbStomp (formerly TriTriTri).

Around April 2017, Anthony was considered no longer a SuperMarioLogan cast member. This was because Logan did not need the characters that Anthony played. This was said on a video on Anthony's channel that is now deleted. It is unknown if he will come back or not, but for now, Anthony has a new book and loves to do character impressions. On October 22, 2017, he returned in The Monster!

Somewhere after February 20, he was fired or left the SML cast, possibly for siding with Chilly in the breakup drama or because of how Anthony and Lovell were enemies and hated each other.

Currently, he works with Tito and Chilly Jimenez on the KirbStomp and Titototter.

Due to the Alien character regaining recognition as revealed in one of the BTS videos for Mario Sells Jeffy!, Anthony might likely return to the SML crew. However, this is not the only piece of evidence for said event possibly happening in the end. As seen in the background of some recent Titototter and KirbStomp videos, some things in his house are seen either wrapped up in foil or packed inside crates, meaning either Tito/JJ or Anthony are soon to move out. Signs of interactions between Anthony and Tito (or any member of the Jimenez family for that matter) have been far less prominent as of recently. KirbStomp hasn't had any plush uploads since Chilly returned for vlogs around the time "KS Movie: Not the MaMa" was uploaded. Anthony is also absent from all recent post-SML Chilly vlogs, none of which take place inside his house, meaning Tito and JJ's relationships with him are becoming weaker. However, none of the aforementioned information confirms Anthony's return to the SML crew, but rather only suggests it.

Character Roles

Anthony has took on the roles of some one time characters or characters with minor roles. He has also took part with voicing main/recurring characters characters in Titotter and voices some of characters in his own channel, Kirbstomp.


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