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"Angry Birds Rap" is a song sung by the Angry Birds, and it is about the Angry Birds introducing themselves.

They sing this rap song when Black Yoshi asked who they are. This song was sang on the first episode of the Black Yoshi and The Birds series.


We’re the Angry Birds!

(We’re the Angry Birds!
Squawk! Squawk! Angry Birds! Angry Birds!)

[Repeat twice]

Big Red: We’re the Angry Birds and we are runnin’ this town,

They call me Big Red and I
always frown.

People love to hate, ‘cos
we fly like jets

If you talk smack, then I’ll bite
your neck.

Speedy: They call me Speedy, ‘cos
I fly too fast

You better watch out homie or
I’ll bite your ass.

I’m second in command ‘cause
the others are whack

And I talk too fast; people
think I’m on crack.

Blue: They call me Blue, ‘cause I
stay depressed

I’m suicidal and my mom says
I’m a mess.

Sometimes I feel like just
cutting myself.

I go to rehab, ‘cos my mom
says I need help.

Taliban: They call me Taliban, ‘cos
they know I’m the bomb

I killed my dad and I tied up
my mom.

I’m a risk taker and my catch
phrase is “C’mon man let’s do it”

If you’re not a Taliban then
you’re stupid.

We’re the Angry Birds!

(Angry Birds! Squawk! Squawk!
We’re the Angry Birds! Angry Birds!)

[Repeat twice]

A Movie Spoof of "The Angry Birds Movie"