American Idol Mario Edition. Episode 6 is an episode of SML's American Idol Mario Edition Series.


The video starts with Mickey Seacrest introducing the viewers to the judges: Tony The Tiger, Peach, and Mario. (Who was upside down) Tony starts to question Mickey why he sounds like Mario. Mickey said that he doesn't know.

After that, he introduces the first semifinalist, which is Woody. He starts singing a song about shrimpos (parodying "Glamorous" by Fergie), and he gets two yes's from the judges (Peach didn't have any chance to vote) and advances.

The next semifinalist is Minnie Mouse. Tony keeps mocking her, preventing her from singing, making her quit the competition.

The next contestant is Goofy, who suddenly forgot what he was singing. All 3 judges gave him a no.

The last contestant is Mr. Pig, who decided to sing "Animal Crackers" again (but this time in a modern version of it) again after a little talk with Mickey Seacrest, who reveals that he was a bum throughout the show all along, because the judges don't know him and leaves the show. After singing the song, the judges gave him 1 no and 2 yes.

The video ends with Mario announcing the two finalists: Woody and Mr. Pig.


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