"American Idol Mario Edition. Episode 3" is an episode of SML's American Idol Series.


The Hollywood version of the video starts with Mickey Seacrest introducing the judges: Mario, Peach, Tony The Tiger, and his four children: Sally, Tony Jr., An unknown sibling, and Bob.

The first contestant is Hot Potato and he brought his father to the show, and he is always very proud of his son, and that his mother would be the same if she wasn't dead. Hot Potato gives him a hug. He starts singing the same Hot Potato song from the first episode. Mario, Peach and Tony's children (except for the unknown sibling, which gives him a "maybe" because he couldn't talk) gives him a no while Tony The Tiger gave him a yes, making his father very disappointed in him.

The next contestant is Woody, who brought his wife, Sandy, and his pet dog, Scruttles. When he comes up to the judges, he starts singing about shrimp puffs and then he starts talking about the camera and his wife. Mario asks him if that was part of the song and he says yes. Mario tells him that his wife is ugly and gave him a no, as for Peach, Tony The Tiger and his children, they gave him a yes.



  • Unfortunately, on December 11, 2017, this episode was deleted for violating YouTube community guidelines. The video was reuploaded by dabhdude on his SML reuploaded channel.
  • This video also was reuploaded on SMLArchive's channel.
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