”American Idol Mario Edition. Episode 2" is an episode in SML's American Idol Series.


The video starts with Mickey Seacrest introducing the next competitor, which is Bowser, who sings "Let My People Go". Tony the Tiger tells him to sing it again, but Mario stops him. All three judges say no to him.

The next competitor is Wario, (Whose friends call him "The Sexy Face") who sings "Home On The Range". All three judges say no to him because his singing was terrible, and Wario annoys them by singing again.

The next competitor is Woody (who has been shot by a dart gun by some kids), who sings "Got Me a Brand New Toolbox" Mario gives him a no, while the others say yes, and he is going to Hollywood.

The next competitor is Toad, who doesn't know what he is going to sing. when he comes up to the judges, Tony says to him that he hates him, and he decides to sing "Buy U A Drink", but gets interrupted and eaten by Tony The Tiger, so he was out.

The next competitor is Mr. M&M who sings "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", but Tony dismisses him and gives him a no, while others gave him a yes.

The next competitor is Daisy Duck (Who Tony says has a furry butt) who sings "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson, but Tony keeps on making fun of her butt. All three judges gave her a yes.

The next competitor is Minnie Mouse (who Tony The Tiger says that she looks like Mickey Seacrest). She starts singing "Because of You" also by Kelly Clarkson, but Tony keeps interrupting her by saying that she has a diaper on, when she really isn't wearing one on, making Minnie frustrated. She asks that if she could warm up, then she starts singing again. Two of the judges gave her a yes, except for Peach because she was interrupted by Tony The Tiger.

Mickey Seacrest ends the video while him introducing the characters that made it to Hollywood: Hot Potato, Mr. M&M, Woody, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Goomba, and Mr. Pig.


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