"American Idol Mario Edition Episode 1" is the first episode of Logan's original American Idol Mario Edition series.


Mickey Seacrest starts introducing the viewers to American Idol and the judges: Tony the Tiger (who has never seen a mouse), Princess Peach ((Abdul), which isn't her last name), and Mario. The first competitor is Hot Potato, who sings "Hot Potato". The judges gave him 2 yes's and 1 no from Mario.

The next competitor is Timber Creek, who sings "Apologize" by Timbaland. Mario gives him a no because he sings like a dead raccoon, Peach gives him a no and Tony gives him a yes. Timber Creek goes away sad.

The next competitor is Luigi who sings "You Are My Brother" All 3 judges say no and Mario forces his brother to get out of the stage, but Tony wants Luigi to sing it again, irritating Mario.

The next competitor is Goofy who sings "Party Like a Goofy". Mario gives him a no, while the others say yes, as Tony says that he is going to "Hollyfood"

The next competitor is a Goomba who only makes Goomba sounds. Despite this, all three judges say yes and that he's going to Hollywood.

The last competitor is Mr. Pig who has a cold, but nevertheless, he sings "Animal Crackers" by Shirley Temple. Mario starts laughing at him and says no, while the others say yes.

Mickey Seacrest closes out the video by saying goodbye to the viewers.



  • The video is a parody of the American TV show, American Idol.
  • This is the first appearance of Mr. Pig.
  • This video is the 30th SuperMarioLogan video.
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